Chapter 163-1: I knew this would happen

Hitmen aren’t scary, what’s scary is not being able to expect that these people are hitmen!

That middle-aged couple had been sitting a few tables away from them from the very beginning, they spoke softly and ate like ordinary customers.

The two wore clothes that were like those of any other upper class family in Hong Kong, they didn’t seem any different from others. Their looks were so ordinary that there were no distinctive traits about them!

However, it was unfortunately inconspicuous people like these two that were the core of this assassination attempt!

At the point between life and death, everybody held their breath, the killers who were disguised as husband and wife had ominous glints in their eyes, and were about to shoot Yang Chen and Li Muhua!

*Bang Bang!!*

After two consecutive gunshots, the restaurant was in uproar once again. The guests who were fleeing out of the restaurant no longer cared about what was going on, all they knew was that they had to quickly escape from this terrifying place!

Li Muhua had already closed his eyes in preparation for death, he wasn’t Yang Chen. There was no time for him to flee, and there was no chance that he could deal with the two hitmen.

However, when the gunshots were heard, Li Muhua was astonished to find out that he wasn’t hurt at all……

Huh? They missed?

Opening his eyes, Li Muhua saw a scene that made his back grow cold.

He did not know when it happened, but there was a hole of blood in each of the hitman couple’s foreheads with smoke emitting out of them, a bullet had pierced through the space between their brows.

The two hitmen had their eyes wide open as they fell onto the ground, with the guns in their hands still in a position ready for firing.


Jane who had been calmly watching from where she stood held a Swiss-made pocket pistol that was just fired. This pistol was a mere five centimeters long, but possessed formidable power at short distances.

At that critical juncture earlier, it was Jane who had calmly killed the two hitmen, quelling Li Muhua’s fear for his life.

Li Muhua felt the bones all over his body become as heavy as lead as he limply sat on the floor. He who had once again treaded on the line between life and death nearly crumbled.

Mo Qianni was also frightened to the point that she broke out in cold sweat. Seeing that Jane had “saved” Yang Chen, she felt both grateful and admiration. She felt like she didn’t even have the authority to feel jealous of a woman like that.

“Are you alright?” Yang Chen gently asked while caressing Mo Qianni’s pale face.

Mo Qianni felt sweetness inside. After a dangerous event like this, instead of Jane, he showed care to me first, this means that in his heart, I’m at least as important as Jane.

This made Mo Qianni realize that she was having groundless fears. If Yang Chen was a man who cares about my family’s background, why did he help me over and over without any demands? Even an ultra beauty like Jane who was both intelligent and beautiful probably wasn’t treated specially by him.

I am myself, why compare with others? Mo Qianni was once again filled with endless confidence, and brilliantly smiled, “With you here, I know I’m safe.”

Yang Chen didn’t understand why this woman suddenly became so happy. While failing to understand, he nodded in relief.

“What the hell is going on!? Why are there people trying to kill us again!? Isn’t Li Mucheng dead!?” Lu Tao who was frightened by what happened got up and shouted.

Li Muhua took a deep breath, with a fire in his eyes he said, “It’s Xu Zhihong. As expected, he won’t let us become allies so easily.”

“Xu Zhihong!?” Lu Tao’s mouth twitched, and he scolded, “How abominable! This is definitely a competing method that can’t get any more vile! What do we do now, if we return to Zhonghai, would we be in even more danger!?”

“We won’t.” Mo Qianni immediately pacified as she analyzed, “If we return to Zhonghai, Xu Zhihong definitely wouldn’t dare to make a move. Due of Hong Kong’s special social environment, many unrighteous methods can be done and gotten away with, but think about it, the Xu Family is just one of the five strongest families in Zhonghai. Any move they make that can be used as a reason to suppress each other will be used. After all, in terms of politics and military, the Xu Family is no match for the other families. They definitely wouldn’t dare to make use of any illegal methods to compete with us there, as it wouldn’t be in line with their interests as a whole.”

Li Muhua approved of this view as he said, “That’s right, Miss Mo’s analysis is very accurate. But even in Hong Kong, the Xu Family better not think that it’d be so easy to hire hitmen to kill us. For the next few days, I definitely won’t allow anything to sully our mood.”

At this time, the bodyguards hastily ran to Li Muhua’s side. After being reprimanded by Li Muhua, Li Muhua ordered, “Immediately mobilize our elite brothers, if any mishaps happen in the coming days, you guys should prepare for the consequences! Also, contact Hongxing’s Mr. Jiang, I want to borrow his power to monitor all underground hitmen who has entered or left Hong Kong.”

After making his orders, Li Muhua turned around and bowed to Jane who was calmly drinking red tea, “Thank you for saving my life, Miss Jane.”

Jane gracefully put down the teacup, like a classic noble she said, “You need not thank me, I am just carrying out some manual labor. The one who had noticed and warned us of accomplices was Yang Chen.”

These words reminded everybody about that and they looked towards Yang Chen in bewilderment. Why was he able to notice that server was a hitman so easily, and why did he understand the way assassins work so well?

Yang Chen rubbed his nose. Jane is too much, she’s so low-profile that it has become a habit pushing things to others, isn’t this just creating more trouble for me?

“I just have better short-term memory than others. In general, a server in Western-styled restaurants will not be swapped after a table is assigned to them, for the sake of their tips. The server was a different person from the one earlier. Furthermore, the towel he held wasn’t draped over his wrist like it should be as is customary, and was instead covering his hand. I learned that from watching many detective shows, and because I was in danger a few days ago, I became more attentive to such details.”

Fact was with his years of experience, he could sense danger just from the killing intent on others. However, this was also because the hitmen Xu Zhihong sent weren’t good enough, a true expert wouldn’t leak their killing intent so easily.

Li Muhua who knew that Yang Chen was no ordinary person didn’t ask anymore questions, he was afraid that he would anger Yang Chen if he asked too many questions, so he spoke a few words of gratitude and let this matter pass. Copyright 2016 - 2023