Chapter 162-2: Towel

Mo Qianni saw Yang Chen happily chatting with Jane as they walked over, and felt discomfort in her heart, but she still smiled towards Jane on account of etiquette.

Jane had noticed Mo Qianni who was by Yang Chen’s side a long time ago. With her perspective as a Westerner, Mo Qianni’s looks weren’t too outstanding, this is because Jane came into contact with too many beauties on a day to day basis. Comparatively, the graceful and subdued confidence in an Eastern woman like Mo Qianni was more worthy of her attention.

Jane who had superior observational skills noticed the bitterness in Mo Qianni’s eyes, and immediately understood something. She gave Yang Chen a playful smile.

“Teacher, you’re finally back, let’s go to the restaurant.” Li Guangxun invited Jane into the car with a wide smile.

Jane beautiful brows creased, “Little Li, since you’re researching an important project, you should leave the research facility after you complete your research. I will come back to inspect the fruits of your research after lunch.”

Li Guangxun responded with an “ah,” but once he heard that Jane wanted to inspect the fruits of his research again, he was immediately filled with vigor. He didn’t feel discouraged by the fact that he couldn’t have a meal with his respected teacher, and instead ran back into the research facility excitedly.”

Li Muhua amiably suggestied, “Miss Jane, my uncle has already been working really hard for the past few months, it won’t be a bad idea to let loose occasionally.”

“Apologies, when it comes to academics and teaching, I never listen to anybody’s opinion.” Jane spoke politely, then got into the car.

Li Muhua couldn’t speak a word in return. Although he felt anger inside, he knew that this definitely was someone he mustn’t provoke, so he could only force a smile and order everyone to set off.

To welcome Jane, Li Muhua chose a famous Western-styled restaurant in Hong Kong that was close to the sea.

The restaurant’s design used inspiration from gothic churches, it had a lengthened body, towering tips, and elaborately carved pillars. It was very well executed.

The painted glass windows expressed a grievous yet serene mood, but when the bright and beautiful sunlight shone through the windows and into the restaurant, the old Eastern style internal decor mixed with it to form an interesting unity.

They walked over to a round table that faced the sea, took their seats and ordered a slew of dishes. While waiting for the server to bring the food, Li Muhua who was still fearful of Yang Chen summoned up courage to ask as the host, “How are you acquainted with Mr. Yang, Miss Jane? Could it be that the two of you had once worked together?”

This question embodied what had been bothering the others, especially Mo Qianni. She had difficulty believing that Yang Chen was acquainted with a woman like that. After all, the two’s character, manner of speech, and bearing was too different.

“We just bumped into each other several times while we were overseas. Mr. Yang helped me with some trouble, and we became acquainted.” Jane spoke in a vague manner.

The others now understood and believed that Yang Chen did manual work for her. In Li Muhua’s opinion, Yang Chen might have helped Jane get rid of somebody, as he knew that Yang Chen’s martial prowess was exceptionally terrifying.

They chitchatted for a while, and when the server served the dishes, the originally relaxed Yang Chen suddenly straightened up……

Sitting on Yang Chen’s left was Lu Tao, and he was going to be the first to be served. He had already picked up his knife and fork as he stared at the main course in the server’s hands, ready to gorge himself.

The server held a large tray on his left hand and a white towel on his right as he elegantly walked over with a smile.

Yang Chen suddenly got up and stood between Lu Tao and the server.

“Mr. Yang, is something the matter?” Lu Tao asked with a baffled tone. He hadn’t had time to eat breakfast and was hungry.

The others also revealed puzzled expressions, and only Jane seemed to have realized something. She slowly stood up.

The server asked Yang Chen with a smile, “Sir, may I help you?”

Yang Chen pointed at the white towel on the man’s right hand and said, “I want that towel of yours.”

The server courteously smiled and answered, “There’s a napkin meant for guests at your seat.”

“I want the one you have.” Yang Chen said with an insincere smile.

A blank look was shown in the server’s eyes, but he still nodded in the end and reached the hand that held the towel towards Yang Chen, “Sir, you may take it if you want it.”

“Thank you.”

As he said that, Yang Chen smacked his hand onto the server’s right arm at lightning speeds!


At practically the exact same time, a gunshot was heard from the server’s right hand!

The towel was torn from the shot, and a revolver appeared in the server’s hand. The bullet that was just fired was aimed at Yang Chen’s chest, but due to Yang Chen’s sudden attack, the bullet was shot towards the ceiling!


Cries sounded all over the restaurant as guests fled in disarray, hid under tables and behind walls. After all, a shooting incident was too terrifying for the ordinary masses!

In a blink of an eye, the whole restaurant was in chaos. The server who failed to shoot Yang Chen took a step back, intending to take aim and shoot at Yang Chen again!

How could Yang Chen possibly allow him to do that? Without giving him the chance to take aim, Yang Chen had already moved behind him, and smacked the back of his neck. The server was knocked unconscious on the spot.

“Just… just what’s going on!?”

Li Muhua furiously shouted, he only brought a few bodyguards and they were all downstairs. The fatty Lu Tao was already hiding under the table in fear.

Mo Qianni’s face was pale, she subconsciously moved to Yang Chen’s side, and he covered her with his body. He said to the others, “Be careful, this attack is overly simple, he should have accomplices……”

Without waiting for Yang Chen to finish talking, a slightly plump couple who were still hugging each other in fear suddenly stood up. They each held a revolver, and took aim at Yang Chen and Li Muhua with killing intent! Copyright 2016 - 2024