Chapter 154-1: (withheld)

Yang Chen obviously wouldn’t really be so bored as to drink alcohol. Without even mentioning the fact that he couldn’t immerse himself in alcohol due to his mental condition, Yang Chen was already too intrigued by the current situation. Others may not be able to see some things that Yang Chen could see, in his eyes, there were too many things worth of thinking over and suspecting. There were even many details that were filled with all kinds of deep meanings, how could he go for a drink during such a splendid time like this?

After turning through several corners in the empty walkway, Yang Chen walked towards a small exit at the back of the villa. If he walked out of the small door there, he would arrive at the outdoor car park behind the villa.

In a huge building complex like this, it was only natural that there would be many exits, it wasn’t possible for it to only have one large entrance, so Yang Chen easily found this door.

However, Yang Chen didn’t rush to leave, he instead turned around slowly and talked to the empty corridor, “Miss Mo, tailing somebody is a bad habit, especially when it’s a beauty tailing a married man.”

After holding it in for a moment, the blushing Mo Qianni coldly walked out from a corner, she angrily said, “It’s your fault for deceiving me, you obviously wanted to flee on your own!”

“Flee? I never said I wanted to flee.” Yang Chen slowly walked towards Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni suddenly understood, “I got it, you want to go to the warehouse at Jinzewan’s pier, you want to go to the place where Li Muhua is going! Am I right?”

“Very smart, but what does that have to do with you?” Yang Chen answered her without concealing anything.

“I can’t let you go, it’s too dangerous!” Mo Qianni anxiously said.

“But you have no way of stopping me.” Yang Chen shrugged with a smile.

Mo Qianni watched as Yang Chen got closer and closer, then subconsciously took two steps back, “Then you should bring me with you, I can’t let you go to such a dangerous place alone!”

Yang Chen was pretty curious, so he asked, “You know that it’s dangerous, why do you still want to go with me?”

“I… I’m worried about you.” Mo Qianni spoke so softly like she was whispering, her face was incredibly red under the light.

She couldn’t allow Yang Chen to go to such a dangerous place alone. Although she knew that such words were too straightforward and that it was basically laying her feelings out in the open, at such a critical juncture, Mo Qianni could no longer care about being reserved!

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, he never expected that Mo Qianni would blurt out how she felt inside so directly, and how she’s worried about him. Could he continue treating her with a tough attitude?

Yang Chen couldn’t do it, so he gave up his initial plan of knocking Mo Qianni unconscious.

After maintaining silence for a while, Yang Chen sighed, then gently smiled, “I was originally planning to knock you out and throw you back into your room, but I have a soft heart that can’t resist a woman’s sweet words, especially those that come from a beautiful woman. Since you want to go with me so much, I will let you.”

“You… you actually wanted to knock me out?” Mo Qianni was so angry that she nearly teared up while glaring at him.

“Duh, you’re worried about my safety, while I’m also worried about yours.” Yang Chen replied.

Mo Qianni was immediately speechless. Her heart beat several times quicker, then she turned her delicate eyes to another direction and pursed her lips, forbidding herself from revealing a joyful smile

It was as if the ambiguous feeling between them had received a true response, and it seemed pointless to speak more. It was better to just maintain the unclear sweetness between them.

“Hey, silly chick, is there a need to be this happy? Are you still coming?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Mo Qianni promptly returned to her senses, “Of course I’m coming, but you have to take care of me.” With a pitiful expression, she was like a bullied lady, and didn’t look like a tough and successful career woman anymore.

Yang Chen gestured with his fingers to beckon her, and Mo Qianni quickly followed him.

When they walked to the small exit, there was already a bodyguard in black standing outside, clearly to stop any guests from leaving without permission.

“Bro, come in for a moment.” Yang Chen beckoned the bodyguard with a smile.

The bro in black quickly entered, with an amiable smile he asked, “Is anything the matter, mister?”

“Aye, please be unconscious for a while.”

Without waiting for the bodyguard to react, Yang Chen chopped the back of his neck at lightning speeds, and the man in black immediately fainted onto the ground.

Mo Qianni was so shocked that her mouth gaped open, she looked at Yang Chen with a cute expression, “Were you intending to knock me out like this earlier?”

“Make a guess.” Yang Chen winked at her, then walked out of the door.

In the cover of the night, the car park was so quiet that the only sound that could be heard was the wind blowing against the trees, several flamboyant high-end cars were parked there.

Mo Qianni found the place pretty chilly, she hugged her arms and asked Yang Chen, “Are you planning to go with Li Muhua? We don’t have a car.”

Yang Chen evilly smiled, pointed at the cars in the car park and said, “Who says we don’t have a car, aren’t all of these cars?” Copyright 2016 - 2024