“Are you thinking of stealing a car?”

Mo Qianni found the situation hopeless, but before she could stop him, Yang Chen had already walked over to the nearest black Lexus.

“Hey! You must be kidding!?” Mo Qianni forced a smile and asked.

Yang Chen rubbed his chin, made a circle around the car, and seemed to have verified something. He suddenly reached out his hand and struck the window with a hammer strike!


The sound of glass breaking was heard and a large hole suddenly appeared on the car’s window!

“Did you see that?” Yang Chen pointed at that the window that he easily shattered, “This Lexus model has a fairly weak alarm system, as long as one doesn’t mess with the lock, it won’t make any alarm sounds.”

As he said that, under the Mo Qianni’s stupefied and cute gaze, Yang Chen casually unlocked the car by reaching inside, then opened the driver’s door and entered.

Mo Qianni nearly fainted, Yang Chen’s conduct and deeds were way beyond an ordinary person’s ethics, laws, and morals. His way of thinking wasn’t something an ordinary lady of society like her could understand.

“Quickly get on.” Yang Chen gestured her to come over, and unlocked the door to the passenger seat.

When Mo Qianni got into the car, Yang Chen had already stripped a piece of plastic off the area below the steering wheel, and was fiddling with the insides.

After mentally preparing herself, Mo Qianni didn’t get as shocked this time. Rather puzzled, she asked, “What are you doing now? Can you start the car by doing that?”

“You don’t say?” Yang Chen rolled his eyes at her and continued to fiddle with the wires inside the car, “Without a key, special methods have to be employed.”

The moment he spoke, the dashboard of the Lexus suddenly lit up, then the engine roared. The car had been started!

Ignoring Mo Qianni’s shocked expression, Yang Chen proficiently adjusted the seat, then prepared to drive off.

“Hold on!” Mo Qianni seemed to have thought of something, and advised, “There are definitely people from the villa keeping watch. Even though it’s a short distance away from the public roads that surround the villa, if we drive out like this, the headlights will definitely be noticed by them!”

“At least you’re smart.” Yang Chen praised while giving Mo Qianni’s nose a tap, causing the latter to blush.

“How are we going to leave then?”

“Who says lights must be on when driving at night?”

“Do you mean…”

Ignoring Mo Qianni’s gaze as if she was looking at a crazy person, Yang Chen laughed and turned off the car’s headlights. The car was just like it would have been during the day, without a single light on!

Next, Yang Chen switched gears and smoothly drove the car out of the car park. He began to drive the car towards the roads surrounding the villa!

Looking at the darkness ahead of her, Mo Qianni couldn’t even see three meters ahead, thinking about how Yang Chen intended to drive all the way to Jinzewan like this, she was so terrified that she begun thinking about jumping out of the car!

“Are you mad? If you drive like this, we’ll end up falling off the mountain!”

Yang Chen shot her a glance in the dark and said, “If you trust me, obediently sit there and keep quiet. Although I agreed to bring you to Jinzewan, you have to comply with all of my orders. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that I won’t knock you out and throw you to the back seat.”

When he said this, Mo Qianni immediately reacted by shutting her mouth, she grudgingly mumbled to herself a little, but still put on her seat belt and obediently kept quiet.

The black Lexus didn’t have any lights on, like a specter at midnight, galloping across the pitch-black mountain path, yet its speed wasn’t slow at all.

Luckily, there were very few cars on the mountain path at this time, so even though the headlights weren’t switched on, the speeding car didn’t cause any big disturbance. There was only the occasional car passing by, and the driver would just think that they were seeing things.

Gradually, Mo Qianni realized that her worries were unnecessary, because Yang Chen didn’t have any problems staying on the road while driving in this black car without light, as if this was day instead of night!

While sighing a breath of relief, Mo Qianni had another question, “Hey, Yang Chen, do you know the way to Jinzewan?”

“I do.”

“Why would you know that, isn’t it your first time in Hong Kong?”

“Remember this, whenever you listen to me speak, out of ten sentences, eleven are lies!”

“It’s a total of just ten sentences, how can there be eleven sentences of lies? If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it.” Mo Qianni said in a depressed manner.

“When you start from zero, there’d be eleven numbers when you go to ten, you don’t even know such a simple math principle.”

As the two of them chatted, the car had already gone down the mountain, Yang Chen naturally turned on the headlights as well, since it wouldn’t be suspicious to have his lights on at this point.

The car was driven through small roads towards Jinzewan. The flow of cars gradually lessened, and Yang Chen once again turned off the car’s lights.

Soon after, there was only one vehicle driving towards Jinzewan. Yang Chen smiled and said, “Seems like we aren’t late, the one in front should be that brat named Li Muhua.”

Mo Qianni went from her initial panic and worry to excitement and fun. Secretly tailing someone like this made her feel totally different from the norm, but as they were about to arrive at Jinzewan, she began to worry about their safety, and couldn’t help but ask, “How are we going to go over? Are we going to send the money alongside Li Muhua?”

“Silly chick, if I wanted to go alongside Li Muhua to send the money, why would I turn off the lights and secretly tail him instead of letting him notice me?”

Mo Qianni was called a silly chick again, but she didn’t get angry, she just felt that the two of them had become a lot closer. She sweetly smiled, and no longer spoke.

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