Chapter 153-2: TEASER

“Little bastard… stand up, don’t kneel anymore.” Li Deshen deeply sighed like he had aged several years, but his wrinkled face revealed a gratified smile.

“Dad, if you don’t let me go, I will not get up.” Li Muhua willfully said.

Li Deshen helplessly smiled, “I’m old, but my mind is still clear. I know that even if I don’t let you go now, you’ll definitely find a way to force your way there. You may not make me worry about you as much as your brother, but you still make me worry. Nevermind… I’ll listen to you, you may go.”

Li Muhua finally breathed a sigh of relief, he stood up and said, “Thank you, Dad. I will get someone to prepare the 20 million, and personally send it.”

“Aye……” Li Muhua reached out and grabbed onto Li Muhua’s hand, he gripped it tightly, “Remember, as long as one lives, one will still have everything, don’t do anything rash!”

“I understand.”

When everybody watched this scene, they all felt happy yet sad for them. For Li Deshen to have such a son was indeed the fortune of the Li Family, but it was a pity that this criminal did such a terrifying thing, forcing the Li Family to take such a risk.

At the same time, many people lamented, why is it that the Li Family’s child, Li Muhua’s elder brother Li Mucheng couldn’t help even a little bit, yet had to create more trouble!?

“Everybody, please return to your posts, minimize the effect this matter has made. Make sure not to let the guests panic, pretend as if nothing happened!” Li Muhua loudly commanded all of the Li Family employees present.

The employees agreed in unison, they were very clear that the best thing to do right now was to pretend nothing had happened. Otherwise, if the guests panicked, the criminal may very well detonate the bomb!

After these employees left, Li Deshen brought his bodyguards and left the tea room. He trusted his son and left everything to him. This was obviously a message to Li Muhua that he has to live! Because he is needed for the future of the Li Family!

Li Muhua took a deep breath to calm his mind, then calmly said to Yang Chen and the others, “Everybody, I never thought that this time’s collaboration would attract so much trouble. I can’t think of any other perpetrators, the criminal this time may also be a ploy of the Xu Family. Although I don’t know why they are doing this, unfortunately, they’ve succeeded.”

“Boss Lin, you can’t really be going, right!? This is clearly marching off to death without even knowing how you’re going to die!” Lu Tao may be afraid, but he was no moron, and attempted to dissuade Li Muhua.

Mo Qianni nodded, with creased brows she said, “I think it’s better if you notify the Hong Kong police, or something like the Flying Tigers, sending the money like this without any conditions attached will not help at all. You might even become the hostage of the criminal, and they will continue to extort money.”

“You guys should stop making irresponsible remarks.” Yang Chen said while comfortably stretching his waist, “In our current circumstance, we simply can’t take risks. Whether it is confirming the existence of the bomb or retreating from Twilight Villa, those ideas are all based on the precondition that the criminal does not know precise information of our location. Right now, it seems like the criminal obviously has a spy to report our every move here, perhaps that person is even amongst us, and is able to secretly inform the criminal at any time. As long as we do anything that goes against the wishes of the criminal, everybody will die an ugly death. Therefore, having Young Master Li send the money is the only solution.

Li Muhua bitterly smiled, “Mr. Yang’s analysis is very accurate, we have no other choice.”

“However, Li Junior you need not worry.” Yang Chen casually called Li Muhua “Li Junior” and said, “Since the criminal is so bored as to extort money, that means he doesn’t have much interest in our lives. Otherwise, he’d be asking for hundreds of millions, we wouldn’t even need to send the money, since it’s simply impossible to prepare so much money at a moment’s notice, we might as well wait for death to come.”

“I think so too, it would be best if the criminal wasn’t sent by the Xu Family. That way, things won’t be too dangerous for me. They would probably leave by the sea after taking the money, after all, Jinzewan is close to international waters.” Li Muhua followed up with his analysis and said, “To be honest with everybody, I’m a genuine black belt in Taekwondo. If there aren’t many of them, and they don’t carry powerful firearms, it wouldn’t be easy for them to harm me. After all, I can also carry a weapon.”

With that said, everyone present returned to their senses. They never thought that there was so much to analyze regarding this matter.

Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen weirdly, the latter was currently drinking the tea that had already cooled down, without a shred of arrogance or impatience……

Looks like Ruoxi didn’t choose him to be a representative for the talks solely because of interpersonal relationships…… Mo Qianni faintly smiled while thinking.

Since the next move has been settled, other than Li Muhua, the remaining people dispersed. Everyone else returned to their room to await for news, after all the criminal has said that if he notices many people escaping, he will detonate the bomb. Who knows just how many was many to the criminal? It was better not to test the limit.

Yang Chen and Mo Qianni walked towards their rooms together, when they were on the corridor to the guest rooms, Yang Chen suddenly stopped. With a smile, he said, “My mind is still too clear for me to fall asleep, I’ll go to the bar in the resort to have a few drinks before sleeping, you can go back without me.” With that said, he turned around and walked away.

Mo Qianni turned around to gaze at Yang Chen’s figure from behind, a tinge of suspicion was revealed in her eyes. Copyright 2016 - 2024