Chapter 145-2: Successor

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This ‘dealing’ naturally wouldn’t be anything nice, it’s honestly a place for killing, torturing, and interrogating.

Yang Chen didn’t find this strange at all, he was just dissatisfied with the location of it, as it was so close to her bedroom. Always killing people over here would make the atmosphere dark and gloomy.

“Yang-ge, would you like to enter? You can meet the president at any time without prior notice, this is the president’s instruction.” A bodyguard politely asked.

Yang Chen waved, “Never mind, it’s boring to kill.”

Yang Chen was afraid that his mind go crazy after seeing bloody scenes, when that happens, he would need Rose to knock him out again, isn’t that self-torture!?

The bodyguards didn’t think much of it as killing was indeed uninteresting, so they just nodded.

But right at this time, a small figure dressed in white ran out of the passageway, with one hand covering her face and her head lowered. Like a breeze, she charged out of the door and ran out of the corridor while sobbing!

Although he only caught a glimpse, Yang Chen was still able to clearly identify who this girl was, it was the young lady, Chen Rong.

Seeing Chen Rong run away in tears without even noticing him, Yang Chen was puzzled, so he asked a bodyguard, “What’s up with Rongrong?”

The bodyguard forced a smile and replied, “Today, the President brought Miss Chen down so that Miss Chen could personally kill a few West Union Society members……”

Yang Chen was speechless. Although he knew that Rose intended to nurture Chen Rong, she didn’t expect that she was going to have Chen Rong do killing so soon. Having a naive girl from the countryside pick up a weapon and kill a person was something that would push the limits of any person’s tolerance, despite knowing that the person to be killed was bad.

After all, once you kill someone, you’ll be on a path of no return.

A little confused inside, Yang Chen thought over whether it was mistake for him to bring Chen Rong here previously, and whether he had let down Chen Bo who had just quit his job not too long ago.

After smoking a cigarette in the corridor, Rose finally stepped out of the passageway. She wore a black dress, causing her fair skin to seem all the more clean and smooth, like a queen of the night stepping out of the darkness, nobly and gracefully.

Rose’s face showed slight exhaustion, but when she saw Yang Chen standing at the door, she immediately smiled, stepped up, and hugged Yang Chen. She didn’t care if her subordinates were present, and gave Yang Chen a kiss.

“Miss me?” With arms holding Yang Chen’s neck, Rose asked.

Yang Chen nodded, “I just smoked, don’t kiss me, I smell.”

“The smell of smoke is still better than blood.” Rose’s eyes revealed weariness.

Yang Chen stroke Rose’s smooth long hair, “Even you still aren’t immune to seeing blood, yet you had Rongrong participate so quickly, isn’t this too harsh?”

At this point, the surrounding subordinates and bodyguards had all left, there was only the two of them left in this empty corridor.

Rose helplessly smiled, “I asked her many times, she’s certain that she is willing to walk this path.”

“But killing people……”

“Rather than killing people in the future, why not kill today. It’s better to do it when she doesn’t fully understand the world and its rules, if we wait a few more years, it would become harder for Rongrong to do it. Right now, she will just find killing disgusting, and will feel afraid, but if we wait a few more years, she will think that it’s against human rights, against society’s values…… If she kills people then, she will crumble.” Rose explained.

Yang Chen creased his brows, “She has already killed?”

“She did, three of them, all of them were minor gang leaders in West Union Society. I demanded three shots on each of their bodies, and she did it, which made me very surprised.” Rose said in a casual tone.

Yang Chen sighed, “Congratulations, you have a promising successor.”

Rose caressed Yang Chen’s face, “Hubby, do you think I’m very cruel and selfish? Sometimes, even I think I’m brutal, I even noticed earlier that Rongrong hated me for a split second……”

“I can only say that doing those is still miles away from what I consider brutal. As for Rongrong hating you, that should be normal, otherwise she’d truly be a monster.” Yang Chen honestly said.

“She’s truly outstanding. Though she seems weak, she matures really quickly, and will gradually become stronger than anyone. She’s very intelligent, and can catch hints quickly, there are also many things that don’t need to be said for her to understand. More importantly, she’s very clear as to what she wants, and when it comes to important decisions, she won’t break from pressure. Only a person like this can lead a gang onwards.”

Once Yang Chen imagined the delicate narcissus-like Chen Rong becoming a secret society’s boss, he felt a headache, he hugged Rose’s soft body and pushed her against the wall, then stroked her well-developed body.

“Darling Rose, don’t talk about those anymore, I’m going to leave to Hong Kong for a business trip the day after tomorrow, it may take a week. I’m here to say goodbye.”

Rose had already become a ripe and juicy peach, being massaged and teased by her lover like this, she immediately became aroused and stammered while gasping delicately, “Not here… go… let’s go to the room.”

“We’ll go to your room when we’re done here,” Yang Chen smiled evilly and started to undo the sash around Rose’s waist. While doing that, he started to push his covered but erect lower half between Rose’s legs.

Feeling the flesh on her chest being enveloped and kneaded by a large hand, Rose’s body started to tremble, “Uu… but… but there’s the smell of blood… on my body… I… I’ll go take a shower first…”

“I like the smell of blood on your body…” Yang Chen growled lowly as he nibbled Rose’s plump, captivating red lips…

Not long after, the muffled sounds of a man and woman entangled together resounded down the hallway. Copyright 2016 - 2024