Chapter 145-1: Successor

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Wu Yue who wore an old-fashioned suit very quickly walked in with her phone and briefcase. She didn’t even look at Yang Chen or Hongyan at all, and directly bowed to Lin Ruoxi and asked, “Boss Lin, is anything the matter?”

“Help me make some calculations. Zhao Hongyan’s track record for the past three years and her salary for the past three years compared to the PR Department as a whole.”

Wu Yue immediately opened her laptop, and after rapidly typing on the keyboard for a while, she said, “Zhao Hongyan’s track record for the past three years was 1.56 million, 1.73 million and 2.1 million, her pay including bonus averages at 200 thousand a year, and she’s considered above average in the PR Department.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded, “Help me write a contract, for Zhao Hongyan’s next ten years of wages, cut her bonus by half, the company will pay 1.5 million directly to her bank account as a special funding, you decide the specific conditions.”

Wu Yue knit her brows, “Boss, please allow me to present my point of view.”

“Huh? You disagree?” Lin Ruoxi asked.

“Yes, as a staff in Public Relations, ten years is too long, rarely are they able to constantly increase or maintain orders and business deals. Especially young ladies, as they age, there would be an obvious dip in the amount of business they do, a contract like this is too risky.” Wu Yue expressionlessly answered.

Before Lin Ruoxi got to answer, Yang Chen couldn’t hold back as he laughed and said, “Hey, airport runway(flat chest), is your brain made with circuits? Previously I thought that you just had a below average figure, it turns out that your brain is also lacking? The company isn’t yours, the money spent isn’t yours, is 1.5 million a lot to this company? If she doesn’t have an emergency, would she sign a slave contract like this for ten years?”

“Yang Chen, stop it! What Secretary Wu said is also the truth.” Zhao Hongyan quickly intervened. Although Yang Chen’s words touched her heart, she didn’t want to make things difficult for Lin Ruoxi.”

Wu Yue coldly glanced at Yang Chen, “I’m judging the matter as it stands, and I’m just considering the company and CEO’s interests.”

“Enough……” Lin Ruoxi had a headache as she looked at these two, she sighed and said, “Wu Yue, do as I say, I believe Hongyan.”

Wu Yue didn’t say anything more, she nodded, then left the room.

Zhao Hongyan stood up with red eyes, and solemnly bowed to Lin Ruoxi while saying “Thank you.”

“You need not thank me, I just hope that I would be able to eat glutinous rice balls made by Mr. Zhao in the future.” Lin Ruoxi said with a smile, “There must be many other things you have to settle today, you need not go to work. If the Yu Family refuses to let go or tries to make a fuss, you can contact me, I will have a lawyer settle that for you.”

The greatest kindness is providing help in dire straits. As Zhao Hongyan walked out of the office while forcefully holding back her tears, she turned back to look at Lin Ruoxi, in that moment, only she could understand the emotions contained inside her.

Lin Ruoxi saw that Yang Chen still lingered her office while looking at her with a slight smile. This made her feel uneasy, so concealing it she asked, “Is something the matter?”

“I just never expected that our family’s little Ruoxi had such a genial side. Your performance today was lovely and deserving of praise.”

“If you’re thinking of spouting such nonsense, would you please leave this place as soon as possible and not interfere with my work?” Lin Ruoxi was too lazy to bother with him, she turned back to the computer screen.

Yang Chen didn’t mind what she said, he shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave.

He took a few steps, and Lin Ruoxi shouted at him from the back……

“Yang Chen.”

“What’s up, unwilling to part with me?” Yang Chen turned and said.

“Loveless marriages, will they all end up like them?” Lin Ruoxi lowered her head, and asked like she was talking to herself.

Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, he then pondered over this and said with an evil smile, “It won’t, at least ours won’t. Darling Ruoxi, if you want to go to clubs and bars, you can just call me, I’m very open-minded, we can play together……”

“Get lost!!!”


After leaving the CEO’s office, Yang Chen didn’t intend to get to work immediately. So many things happened earlier, if he went back to the PR Department, he would be jabbed with a whole lot of questions. Yang Chen didn’t want to undergo torment, so he decided to go back tomorrow when everybody’s interest weakens.

He would have to leave Zhonghai for a few days starting from Wednesday, so he thought that he should visit Rose. He hadn’t seen this woman who willingly became his mistress for a while. Although he knew that Rose would be busy during this period of time, as dealing with West Union Society’s disorganized troops takes time, the main reason was because he had too little time to spend with her. The guilt he had towards her has constantly been increasing and never decreased.

He drove to ROSE bar, and it was as empty as ever during the day. Several waiters slept on the tables, and when they noticed Yang Chen enter, they immediately got up and greeted him.

Yang Chen waved his hand at them, then walked directly walked to the corridor. In the middle of the corridor, he noticed several Red Thorns Society bodyguards guarding the place.

On the wall of the corridor, there was one more door that had appeared, that door blended in with the background, and it was difficult to notice it, it was the first time Yang Chen noticed this himself.

The bodyguards noticed Yang Chen walking over, and immediately shouted, “Hello Yang-ge.”

Yang Chen pointed at the dark path behind the door, “What’s over there?”

A bodyguard answered, “It’s a basement the president ordered to be made, for dealing with brothers and enemies who commit crimes.” Copyright 2016 - 2023