Chapter 146-1: (Withheld till next part)

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After a day had passed, it was finally Wednesday. Yang Chen grudgingly welcomed the day of the business trip.

While eating breakfast in the morning, in a rare event, Lin Ruoxi spoke a few words. However, she was simply instructing him about the work arrangements he had to do when he reached there. As for words like ‘have a safe journey’ or ‘wish you all the best’, this woman still wouldn’t say such things.

Lin Ruoxi’s secretary, Wu Yue had already arranged everything. It was a 9AM flight, they would reach Hong Kong around lunch time, and would be received by Hong Kong’s Muyun Corporation.

As for Zeng Xinlin, after finding out that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t personally making the trip, he sent Changlin Media’s Vice Chairman, Lu Tao, for the trip instead. Zeng Xinlin would be overseeing their trip from Zhonghai. Like Lin Ruoxi, he would be waiting for the observatory talks to end before Muyun Corporation would come to Zhonghai to sign the contract. He even phrased it nicely, saying that this meant ‘unconditional trust’ in them.

This change angered Yang Chen to the point that his teeth were itching. This ‘senior’ guy s clearly going against me! He is going wherever Lin Ruoxi goes, what is he playing at! Is he trying to stick to her like gum!?

However, Yang Chen wasn’t the CEO, so he didn’t have the guts to tell Lin Ruoxi that he had decided not to go at the last minute. Otherwise, she would shoot that icy-cold, bone-piercing gaze at him, and she might really freeze someone to death with that gaze. Thus, he could only brace himself to go into battle.

Someone had once said that there was no man who was afraid of his wife in this world, there were only men who loved their wives. Yang Chen felt that these were definitely self-consoling words of a man who was afraid of his wife… After he parked his car in the carpark of the airport, Yang Chen pulled a small leather suitcase and arrived at the domestic departure hall.

The natural lighting was good inside the majestic airport lounge, and Yang Chen easily managed to find Mo Qianni who arrived earlier.

She was wearing a pink shirt, a white jacket, and a blue and white embroidered muslin skirt, with red peep-toe sandals for her fair, slender legs. Her originally waist-length hair had been cut much shorter, and she had a pair of large, light-colored sunglasses on.

Even though a part of her pretty face was covered, she still managed to provoke gazes from a large number of men in the resting area. For some women, it’s only necessary to look at her temperament to identify her beauty, this was also the reason why Yang Chen managed to recognize her just from a glance.

“Department Head Mo, have you eaten?” Yang Chen nonchalantly gave her a lackluster greeting, and walked towards Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni shot a glance at him, but the expression of her eyes couldn’t be seen due to the shades. She calmly nodded, and didn’t say a word.

Yang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like Mo Qianni was only treating him a little colder than before, but wasn’t intending to be at heads with him. After thinking for a bit, they were going to Hong Kong for business this time, and it wasn’t Mo Qianni’s style to let her personal matters interfere with business.

At this point, a slightly short and plump middle-aged man walked over from an inconspicuous corner, smiling like Maitreya. He wore a dull gray suit and red tie, and stretched a hand out towards Yang Chen, “You must be Mr. Yang, I am Changlin Media’s Lu Tao, and have been awaiting you.”

Yang Chen shook his hand simply, “I’m not a plane, what are you waiting for me for?”

Lu Tao had wanted to say a few more courteous words, but he didn’t get angry even after getting walled by Yang Chen, “Since Mr Yang’s a straightforward man, I’m going to dispense with courtesies. I hope we can cooperate happily on this trip to Hong Kong.”

Mo Qianni saw this, she creased her brows but didn’t remained silent.

Lu Tao also brought a young female assistant, her looks were average, but she had a slim waist and round buttocks. As there was still some time before boarding, the two of them greeted Yang Chen and then left to go somewhere else, as for what they were going to do, only they knew.

After waiting for the two of them to leave, Mo Qianni suddenly said to Yang Chen in an indifferent tone: “You shouldn’t speak to Lu Tao like that. This time, Changlin Media is our partner in this collaboration. Even if you don’t like Zeng Xinlin’s people due to some personal reasons, you have to maintain a cordial facade on the surface.”

Yang Chen took a seat on a soft chair, he smiled and said, “Just like how you treat me?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Mo Qianni quickly turned away.

“Let me put it to you this way, whether we collaborate or not, I don’t care at all, it’s best if that fellow with the surname Zeng gets lost.”

“But other people care! This time’s collaboration affects the status of us Yu Lei, Changlin, and Hong Kong’s Muyun Corporation’s place in the country, and even the world!” Mo Qianni discontentedly said.

Yang Chen nodded, “That’s right, you know that, and I know that too. Zeng Xinlin should know that even better. Thus, even if we’re against cooperating with each other due to our personal grudges, the general plan has been laid out for us. It won’t change because of our feelings. Anyway, I’ve already gone up against that Zeng guy, why act as if nothing’s the matter? If I were to treat his people cordially, they would only think that I’m going to try something sneaky. Isn’t that right, Miss Mo?”

Mo Qianni didn’t continue speaking, she considered Yang Chen’s perspective and it seemed to make sense. However, she naturally refused say that out loud, so she just sneered and ignored Yang Chen. Copyright 2016 - 2023