Chapter 143-1: CEO

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The change in this situation made everybody gasp, just what is this man thinking!?

Zhao Hongyan felt her butt being covered by a fiery hand, that hand even massaged her butt with content, pinching her soft flesh several times. This caused Zhao Hongyan to feel incredibly ashamed, made her knees go mysteriously soft, and she even lost the strength to resist!

The area was filled with employees from Yu Lei International, there was her husband and brother-in-law right in front of her, yet this man touched her butt, what made things worse was, she didn’t even have the strength to break free!

Zhao Hongyan felt her heart leaping up to her throat, this was more stimulating than sitting on a roller coaster. She was afraid that someone in the surroundings would notice the anomaly, but she still faintly enjoyed it, and craved for more……

When a person goes beyond what their heart can handle, they usually see their truest self. At this moment, Zhao Hongyan’s heart bashfully realized that she didn’t reject Yang Chen’s undue actions, because her lower part already begun to feel moist……

Could it be that I’m truly a fickle woman?

This question was filled with ethics and morality, causing Zhao Hongyan to forget the awkward scene in front of her and sink into battle with her thoughts.

Yu Hui saw the woman whom he had yearned so much for in Yang Chen’s arms, and even had her buttocks touched. He was so angered that he clenched his teeth, and said to his silly elder brother, Yu Guang, “Dage(Elder brother), what he’s doing is simply looking down on you. Looking down on you is equivalent to looking down on our whole Yu Family, we can’t tolerate this!”

Yu Guang was only furious over Yang Chen’s brazenness before, but after hearing his brother’s explanation, he was immediately overcome by anger as well, “Yang Chen! Is this a provocation towards our Yu Family!?”

“So what if that’s what it is?”

“You dare say that again…… Do you know the consequences!?” Yu Guang glared and asked.

Yang Chen was lazy to continue talking. With a smile, he stretched out his other hand to lightly pinch Zhao Hongyan’s clean and smooth chin.

Zhao Hongyan was in a dazed state, and didn’t make any resistance, allowing Yang Chen free reign over her chin. Her head was raised slightly and her exquisite face was faced towards Yang Chen, she stared at him with dreamy eyes, but who knew what she was thinking of.

In the next moment, everyone was once again shocked beyond belief.

They saw Yang Chen lower his head without any hesitation, and he directly kissed Zhao Hongyan!

It didn’t matter whether it was the Yu Family brothers or the employees present, when they saw Yang Chen kiss Zhao Hongyan, their lips became to move a little, and they were immersed in the fierce kiss.

Zhao Hongyan mind was simply empty, in the instance Yang Chen kissed her, his fervent breath was like lightning that zapped her convoluted mind, totally cleaning out the thoughts in her mind in an instant!

Inside her heart, there was only one thought left which made her skip a beat. He kissed me! He’s kissing me! He has kissed me!

When her brain crashed, Hongyan was simply unable to control her body, before she knew it, Yang Chen had already invaded her lips, gone past her teeth, and entwined with her tongue, mixing their saliva inside.

Their tongues made various soft sounds of alluring sounds of entanglement, this was a rather sexy and romantic sound, in concert with this scene, many young men and women found this incredibly romantic, there were also people who started applauding in cheers.

Yu Guang and Yu Hui, the two brothers had faces that turned dark and pale, they stood there, speechless.

After some time, Hongyan had dazed eyes that were unfocused, her body was soft like water, and only then did Yang Chen slowly loosen his grip on her, releasing his beautiful puffing colleague.

Zhao Hongyan hadn’t come to her senses yet, and continued to look at Yang Chen with her mouth half-open. Her alluring mature beauty made many male colleagues develop intense jealousy towards Yang Chen.

“I…… I……. I want to see your superior! Yu Lei’s leader! Right now! I strongly request that this shameless and vulgar degenerate be chased out of this place! A person like him should be locked up in a cell!” Yu Guang angrily roared, the veins on his forehead began to show as he pointed a finger at Yang Chen while trembling!

“Who wants to see me……”

The clear voice was suddenly heard at this moment, all of the present Yu Lei employees revealed nervous expressions, and they respectfully turned around to look at the incoming person.

Lin Ruoxi who wore a black dress walked alongside her secretary, Wu Yue and several executives of the company. Stepping on those shiny silver-gray heels, she gracefully walked over to the resting area with a dignified and emotionless expression, as if she was a fairy who wasn’t tainted by this mundane world.

“Hello Boss Lin!”

A bunch of onlooking employees immediately greeted with a slight bow, they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, it could be seen from this what terrifying levels of prestige Lin Ruoxi has reached.

Lin Ruoxi coldly swept a glance at them, “I’m not paying you guys wages for you to linger around.”

Once these words were spoken, it was like everybody got injected with stimulants as they fled in all directions, some squeezed into elevators and some ran up stairs, either way, they tried to leave as quickly as possible. In their eyes, Lin Ruoxi may be a incredibly beautiful woman, but when a beauty becomes their source of bread and butter, this beauty may very well be the devil instead.

The Yu Family brothers were also shocked by the appearance of Lin Ruoxi, they never would’ve expected that the CEO of such a huge company would be this young lady. Furthermore, that frigid temperament made them feel weak all over.

Zhao Hongyan who was held in Yang Chen’s arms suddenly returned to her senses after seeing Lin Ruoxi’s seemingly accidental gaze, it was like her body was electrocuted as she broke free from Yang Chen. She lowered her head while blushing. All she wanted to do was escape from this place, but she was too afraid and didn’t dare make a move.

Her moist and seductive eyes quietly turned to Yang Chen. This man had made her life miserable, yet she somehow couldn’t get angry with him, she felt like she was going crazy…… Copyright 2016 - 2024