Chapter 143-2: CEO

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Yang Chen bitterly smiled and rubbed his nose speechlessly. His original intention was to mess around with the Yu Family brothers’ plans, and that idea has been blown to bits by Lin Ruoxi’s sudden appearance. What made things worse was the murderous aura from Lin Ruoxi, it seemed that she had witnessed his hot kiss with Zhao Hongyan!

In front of his wife, in his wife company, kissing his colleague. If his wife was someone else rather than Lin Ruoxi, that person would have torn him to pieces with her teeth and claws!

“I am Yu Lei International’s CEO and Chairman, Lin Ruoxi. May I help you?” Lin Ruoxi just glared at Yang Chen for a moment, then ignored him and turned to question the Yu Family’s brothers.

Yu Guang finally returned to his senses, he forcibly stood upright, “I am Guang Hua Daily and Righteous Magazine’s chief editor, the Yu Family’s eldest son, Yu Guang. This is my brother Yu Hui. Your company has a man named Yang Chen who has committed adultery with my wife, Zhao Hongyan. He even did filthy things that would anger both humans and gods in public! As the CEO of the company, I believe that you, Miss Lin, should fire them both!”

Adultery? Lin Ruoxi indifferently swept a glance at Yang Chen, then her gaze lingered on Zhao Hongyan’s face for a few moments. She felt powerless inside, she thought. This girl is indeed pretty, this fellow has high standards.

Although I know that this man probably plays around a lot, this woman is also someone who has a husband, can’t he control himself!?

Earlier, she and several executive-level employees were inspecting the offices, and bumped into this matter. Even if she wanted to dodge this incident, she had no opportunity to.

Lin Ruoxi felt bitterness and anger. Back then, it was she herself who set the rule of not interfering with each other’s private lives, furthermore, she hadn’t been fulfilling her duty as a wife, so she didn’t have the nerve to control Yang Chen’s life in that aspect. She could only close one eye to his actions, even if she was angry, she could only hold it in.

After some thought, Lin Ruoxi asked Wu Yue who was in the middle of speedily typing into her phone, “Secretary Wu, does our company have any rule that involves a ban on relationships between employees?”

“Boss, we have no such rule!” Wu Yue straightforwardly replied.

“I’m so sorry then, this matter is none of my business. This is a matter between the employees, please deal with this privately.” With that said, Lin Ruoxi planned to leave.

How could Yu Guang let this matter end like this? He took this answer as Lin Ruoxi intentionally sheltering Yang Chen and Hongyan, so he fiercely said, “Miss Lin, your way of handling this is irresponsible! As an entrepreneur, you should shoulder the responsibilities of society, when something immoral and abnormal like this happens, you should deal with this harshly! If you don’t do a thing and leave these two be, I will definitely post your company’s dirty culture in my magazine! I’ll let the whole world know that Yu Lei International is supporting this pair of adulterers!”

Lin Ruoxi’s pretty face frosted over as she turned back, “Mr. Yu, can I take it that those words are a form of threat?”

“If Miss Lin insists on looking at it that way.” Yu Guang was very complacent, he believed that Lin Ruoxi was definitely afraid now. After all, a large company like this was most fearful of having their reputation ruined.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly turned to Wu Yue who was in the middle of searching something, “Wu Yue, have you finished searching?”

“Boss, according to the data, Guanghua Daily and Righteous Magazine are political publications which are over thirty years old, founded by the Yu Family. The main publishing content is directed at the southern areas of Huaxia’s government. The whole brand is valued at 5.65 million Huaxia dollars, Yu Family’s assets’ estimated total is 12 million Huaxia dollars.” Wu Yue was like a rapidly operating AI, she understood Lin Ruoxi’s character and had prepared early, so she managed to quickly report the information.

Lin Ruoxi nodded, she then signalled Wu Yue with her fair and slim hand.

Wu Yue understood what Ruoxi meant, and immediately took out a cheque book from the briefcase, and handed it over to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi took out a fountain pen which she always brings with her, and wrote on the cheque book.

The Yu Family brothers had no idea what Lin Ruoxi was doing, but they had nervous expressions. Despite the fact that this ridiculously beautiful woman has been silent, her charisma was enough to make the two men feel fear.

Zhao Hongyan breathed a sigh of relief, she was originally worried that because of her, Yang Chen would get fired. Now, it seemed like the CEO had no such intention, she carefully looked at Yang Chen who was beside her, and was surprised to see that this fellow still had a relaxed smile on his face! Oh my god! His skin is too thick, isn’t it!?

At this time, Lin Ruoxi was done writing on the cheque, she lightly tore it off, and handed the rest of the cheque book to Wu Yue.

“This Swiss bank cheque is from my private account, it has zero relation to the company’s finances. The denomination is Huaxia dollars, and the value is 20 million. It’s about 4 million more than the total value of your newspaper, magazine, and total family assets combined. It can be withdrawn or transferred at any Swiss bank branch. If Mr. Yu intends to report this day’s matters, I don’t mind doing a hostile takeover of your newspaper and magazine. Although we only handle fashion publications, for my company which has assets over 90 billion, it’s no big deal having a small political magazine company under us. Don’t doubt my resolution, in front of absolute capital, you have zero chance of victory.”

Done speaking with them, Lin Ruoxi passed the cheque to Wu Yue who was beside her, “Secretary Wu, if you see something that you shouldn’t see, then use the method I described.”

“Yes, Boss.” Wu Yue firmly placed the cheque into the briefcase, this casual gesture was a huge investment of 20 million!

Yu Guang and his brother were both ashen, their legs trembled speechlessly as they helplessly watched Lin Ruoxi walk off with her bunch of executives. If their companies were truly bought over, then even if they had the money, they couldn’t possibly create another magazine that had the same level of prestige in several years. When that happens, they would be heavily consuming without any income, they didn’t even dare to think about the consequences!

Just as everybody thought this matter had come to an end, Wu Yu who had followed Lin Ruoxi for a short distance suddenly turned back and walked to Yang Chen and Hongyan. Like a machine, she said, “Boss Lin wants to see both of you, report at her office in five minutes.” Copyright 2016 - 2024