Chapter 142-2: Have an affair

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“You……” Yu Guang was evidently no expert at arguing at such a pace, he angrily stamped his foot down, then turned around to haul up Zhao Hongyan who was seated with a hurt expression. He pointed at Zhao Hongyan’s nose and scolded, “Slut! Hurry and say it to everyone here! Bring out the truth!”

Zhao Hongyan felt wronged as tears filled her eyes and she asked, “What do you want me to say?”

“You’re still trying to adamantly deny it? Say that you have a shameful and filthy relationship with this wild man, so that I can divorce you justly and honorably!” Yu Guang haughtily said.

“Ah Guang… I’ve said this many times, Yang Chen and I are innocent. Don’t be like this, what happened isn’t like what you think……” Zhao Hongyan implored, “Can we go back? I will slowly explain to you, I really didn’t do anything to let you down, will you please believe me?”

“Shut up! Little Hui saw it with his own eyes, you came up with many ways to lie to me and have fun in a bar, these are all evidences! You still dare deny!?” Yu Guang glared at her, “You finally know how shameful you are? You don’t dare to spout it out now!?”

“Ah Guang! You’ve already lost enough face today, our Yu Family can’t handle this loss of face, let’s leave!”

Zhao Hongyan stretched out her arm to pull Yu Guang’s hand, but her grip forcefully thrown off by Yu Guang, causing her to lose balance and fall onto the ground!

Yu Guang grimly smiled and said, “You still dare claim to be a part of my Yu Family? Our Yu Family only has open and righteous people, how can there be a slut like you who commits adultery with vulgar men!? Today, I want to expose the shameless vixen you are in front of your company’s people, so as to avoid others from receiving harm from you after I divorce you!”

Zhao Hongyan’s expression was dead. In the instance where she was swung to the ground by Yu Guang, other than the pain in her knee, her heart also felt like it had shattered. She sat on the cold, hard ground in a daze, and her tears began flowing without her knowing.

On the other hand, Yu Hui who had been watching the show had a nefariously pleased smile, as if Zhao Hongyan’s current appearance made him feel comfort and pleasure.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, walked up, bent down, and wanted to help Zhao Hongyan up.

Yu Guang whose humiliation turned into anger saw this, and immediately shouted, “Can everybody see this!? This is the ironclad evidence! This adulterous couple finally showed their true colors, and they still refuse to admit it!”

At this time, numerous employees of Yu Lei International felt that Zhao Hongyan was incredibly pitiful. Majority of them were women after all, who looked at matters with empathy and a big heart. This so-called chief editor of a major publishing house seemed to have an extreme and eccentric personality, everybody couldn’t be bothered about him anymore.

“Get up, it’s not worth it for you to be sitting on the ground for him, and he’s not worthy of your tears.” Yang Chen ignored Yu Guang’s hooting, he spoke softly to Zhao Hongyan.

Zhao Hongyan raised her head, it was the first time she appeared in front of Yang Chen without any makeup, her tear-stained face had less sexiness than before, but contained more purity.

Exchanging gazes with Yang Chen, from that pair of bright eyes, Zhao Hongyan finally saw something that was dignified, earnest, yet warm……

“Thank you.” Zhao Hongyan pulled on Yang Chen’s hand and stood up while wiping away her tears.

Yu Guang sneered repeatedly, “Good, good, good, a good silly couple, I knew from the very beginning that you’re a fickle vixen, and shouldn’t have married you! Luckily, it still isn’t too late, I will divorce you after this!”

It was at this point that an observing employee couldn’t help but say, “Mister, don’t you know that according to law, a divorce requires bilateral agreement? This isn’t the olden times where a husband can just write a letter of divorce to get rid of his wife, we’re now in a lawful society, alright?”

“That’s exactly right, who hasn’t made mistakes? As a person, you’re being too harsh, and have made such a ruckus.” Several ladies began to show support for Zhao Hongyan.

Yu Guang arrogantly swept a glance at them and said, “What do you people know!? When a woman who marries into our Yu Family makes a mistake, she has to get lost! Whether she wishes to or not, she has to leave!”

“That’s right, Ge, these people are just employees who have no intelligence, how can they compare with our family?” Yu Hui fanned the flames.

Yu Guang looked at his little brother with satisfaction, “Little Hui, it’s all thanks to you for being quick-witted this time, otherwise, who knows how much longer I will be cheated by this woman? That would be truly be letting down the ancestors of my Yu Family.”

“I’m not sure what this so-called Yu Family is, but I don’t think it’s something that’s worthy of me finding out.” Yang Chen shook his head and said.

“Our Yu Family isn’t a thing!” Yu Guang solemnly corrected him.

Yang Chen smiled, “That’s up to you, if you say it isn’t a thing, fine. However, I have to tell you something, I indeed have an affair with your wife.”

When these words were spoken, it wasn’t just Yu Guang who was stunned, all of the employees who were speaking up for Zhao Hongyan were also stunned. Yu Hui who knew the truth revealed a doubtful expression, while the most shocked was Zhao Hongyan herself!

“Yang… Yang Chen, you… what nonsense are you spouting!” Surprised, Zhao Hongyan’s cheeks blushed as she pulled on Yang Chen’s sleeve.

Without waiting for Zhao Hongyan to say anything more, Yang Chen suddenly stretched out his arm, pulled Zhao Hongyan’s soft body into his embrace, and skillfully held onto the woman’s hips with one arm. They were as close as they could be! Copyright 2016 - 2024