Chapter 135-1: Real Battlefield

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Zeng Xinlin was too lazy to bother about Yang Chen bored expression. He just sighed, his young face that had been through hardship bore maturity that was not found in peers of his age. “That’s right, war. I was directly appointed to the southwest’s 32nd Division’s Battle Operations Platoon half a year after I entered the army. This was because I had some foundation in martial arts and was exceptional in training. To simplify things, we’re the special forces that specialized in engaging high level combat. Everyday we crouch at the frontier of the southwest border. It was either to fight with drug smugglers and human traffickers, or deal with border disputes by fighting those other countries at the southwest border.

Now that I think of it, for me to be able to sit here alive without losing an arm or a leg is truly a blessing. Ruoxi, do you know, there was one time I was fighting with the Indian army in a canyon. Their reinforcements came much earlier than we anticipated, and they had arrived with an artillery squadron. Back then, my company only had about eighteen people, while the enemy had at least a hundred. We depended on the few machine guns on our backs to forcefully repel them.

The Indian army is famous for having no guts, but that doesn’t matter when they were just firing bullets. As our route for supplies is further away, weapons weren’t being deployed as quickly as theirs. Once they fired their artillery, we could only retreat. The division headquarters ordered us to, under no circumstances, retreat out of the canyon. Back then, our company commander panicked. He carried explosives on his body, went into the forest, and camped there. When they weren’t paying attention, he covertly threw the explosives into their ranks and managed to blow up two of those bastards’ artillery guns!”

Although it was a simple narration, Zeng Xinlin was extremely engrossed in it. This made Lin Ruoxi feel like she was present in the scene. She felt rather excited by the crisis at that time and asked, “Was your company commander discovered by them?”

Zeng Xinlin emotionally replied, “How could he not be discovered, our company commander was directly shot into a bee’s nest by those Indian monkeys. There weren’t even any dregs of his bones to be found……”

“How pitiful……”

“It wasn’t pitiful at all. As a soldier, avoiding death is fortune while death is fate.” Zeng Xinlin forthrightly smiled and said, “Ruoxi, you may not know this, but back then our whole company went mad. After watching our company commander die, we all hid in the forest. We took advantage of the fact that the hundred over people of the Indian army were having a headache over their loss of the two artillery guns. We directly charged into the core of their formation, striking all of them from the forest!

I remember back then that there was a bullet that flew past my ear, and I felt a scorching pain. I watched the two comrades who were beside me fall, but even in death, they held tightly onto the gun’s trigger, unwilling to let go. There was one who had his eye blown off, his state of death… I still see it in my dreams.”

As if Lin Ruoxi also felt the infectious passion of that battlefield, she asked, “Did you guys get revenge for your company commander?”

“We did. We fought for over half an hour in that small battlefield. In the end, there was only two of us who walked out of the forest alive. The others all died… as for the enemies, they all died…….” Zeng Xinlin made a long sigh before he said with a heavy tone, “Back then we no longer cared about life or death. There was only one thought on our minds, to take revenge for our company commander. With a wounded body, I forgot everything. Now that I recall it, those days were truly unforgettable……”

Zeng Xinlin’s voice was low and hoarse, as if he was completely immersed in those memories of fresh blood, while Lin Ruoxi who was seriously listening revealed a disappointed and frustrated expression.

“Have you said enough? Can you stop f*cking spouting bullshit?”

Suddenly, the silent Yang Chen raised his head and coldly gazed at Zeng Xinlin.

“What did you say!?” With widened eyes, Zeng Xinlin asked in a displeased tone.

Lin Ruoxi was just immersing herself in that scene which made her feel admiration and respect, but Yang Chen’s sudden vulgar words made her very unhappy and she reproachfully asked, “Yang Chen why are you like this! Why are you speaking to Senior in such a tone!?”

Yang Chen slowly got up from the sofa, and sneered, “Why can’t I say what I said? What this Senior of yours spouted was total bullshit!”

“Mr. Yang, even if you’re Ruoxi’s husband, I can’t let you sully the honor of us soldiers! You must give me a reasonable explanation!”

“Explanation? Are you fit to know?” Yang Chen sneered, and turned away to leave.

Lin Ruoxi stood up and shouted, “Yang Chen stop right there! You have to explain yourself! You’re not allowed to be this rude to my senior!”

Yang Chen made a long sigh and he turned around to look at Lin Ruoxi. This look made Lin Ruoxi feel a chill even in her bones.

She had never seen Yang Chen reveal such an expression. One of desolation, sorrow, despair, emptiness, darkness, as if it was a bottomless abyss, the kind that makes others feel haggard…..

Lin Ruoxi was dumbfounded.

Zeng Xinlin didn’t notice this. At this moment he had already stood up with his muscular chest stuck out. He stared at Yang Chen with a fierce gaze. In his opinion, this mediocre man who could not compete with him on any grounds had actually become Lin Ruoxi’s husband. He wasn’t willing to accept this. However, he knew that being irritable and unreasonable would face extreme disgust from a woman like Lin Ruoxi, so he decided to slowly make Lin Ruoxi side with him.

However, doing things slowly didn’t mean that he could endure this “insignificant” man’s provocation!

Yang Chen closed his eyes, the complicated gaze of his faded away. All that was left was an expression of jest. Facing Zeng Xinlin who appeared heroic and just, he said, “Senior Zeng, please allow me to speak honestly. Those so called hot-blooded battlefield career stories of yours are just like a child playing house in my eyes, it was just a fairy tale to make yourself feel good.”

“What did you say?!” A blaze had been lit in Zeng Xinlin’s eyes.

Yang Chen was absolutely fearless, he smiled and said, “You know nothing about what a battlefield is, you have never seen a real battlefield before.”

“Are you saying that you’ve seen one before, Mr. Yang?” Zeng Xinlin replied with disdain. Copyright 2016 - 2023