Chapter 135-2: Real battlefield

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Yang Chen took a deep breath, and said in a calm tone, “There’s sandy yellow soil and silt everywhere. From top to bottom of your body, other than blood, there’s only sweat, there’s no water or food. There isn’t even a complete body around you. Some are missing arms and legs, some are missing heads, and some are missing hearts.

There are artillery shells that hit your trenches, and if you slightly lift up your head, there might a round that just happens to smash into your head. You’re stuck where you are, unable to move. You never know if you’re going to lose a leg or an arm in the next second, you might not even know how you die.

When you see anything alive on the opposite side, no matter what it is, your first reaction is to shoot. Who cares if it’s a civilian! A soldier! Or your own people! Humanism can go f*ck itself! No civilian casualties on the battlefield can go f*ck itself! As long as it’s something on the opposite side, it has to die!

When you see that the comrades you’ve spend days and nights with lie beside you, see your commanding officer and brothers torn into pieces by artillery shells, you won’t feel any sorrow or joy. In fact, you won’t feel any of that, all you will feel is just one thing! The relief that the one who died wasn’t you!!

In the moment when you can’t even save your own life, when you can’t tell you’re going to live or die, who the f*ck has the spare time to care about the life of someone else! Revenge? That’s something fools do! If you can’t win, retreat! If you can win, make sure you can survive first! If a person survives, they can have anything, but if a person dies, then all of it is f*cking nonsense!”

Towards the end, Yang Chen was practically shouting. His fierce tone didn’t just make Lin Ruoxi moved to the point of being speechless, even the brave looking Zeng Xinlin felt a chill down his spine……

Just what kind of killing floor is that! What kind of hell on earth is it?

“Only heartless killing is a battlefield. Everything you’ve said was bullshit, the kind that’s shown in movies to elementary school children.” Yang Chen walked out of the house in big strides after he finished speaking.

He needed to buy a pack of cigarettes as soon as possible. He wanted to drive along the expressway once as the berserk feeling in his heart felt stiflingly uncomfortable.

When he walked out of the door, Wang Ma, who just returned from shopping, happened to see Yang Chen. Before she called out to him, Yang Chen quickly got into the car and drove off with the car roaring.

Wang Ma found this rather strange. She walked into the villa and was instantly stunned.

Lin Ruoxi and Zeng Xinlin both stood in the living room. They were in a daze, as if they had lost their souls……

Yang Chen drove to the closest convenience store and bought a pack of the cheapest and most shoddy cigarette. After putting one into his mouth, he got back into the car, started it up, and drove towards the highway circling the city at high speeds.

The traffic on the highway at night was extremely low. The M3 was like lightning in the night, roaring while constantly weaving past other cars to overtake them.

After more than a dozen minutes, Yang Chen had smoked three cigarettes, and felt a lot better inside. He randomly found a road to get off the highway and looked for an empty space to park his car.

Getting out of the car, Yang Chen looked at the bright moon hanging in the sky, smiling in a self-depreciating manner. He had actually gotten into such a bad mood just from Zeng Xinlin’s lame speech, it was truly not worth it. It seemed like despite his temperament becoming much calmer than before, he was still far from the stage of being able to controlling his emotions. Especially when it came to sensitive topics, it was still hard for him to restrain himself.

After calming his thoughts, Yang Chen finally noticed where he parked. He looked around him and was stunned. It was actually the area with the streetside stalls where he had come with Mo Qianni twice. Nearby the river were several bright lights, indicating that the business of the streetside stalls were as flourishing as ever.

Having drunk so much alcohol and dumping a pile of words because of Zeng Xinlin, Yang Chen felt hungry. He suddenly thought of the Sis Xiang’s roadside stall where he ate with Mo Qianni, and slowly walked in that direction relying on his memory.

Two minutes later, Yang Chen arrived at Sis Xiang’s roadside stall which hadn’t gone through much changes. Sis Xiang had a forehead full of sweat and wore a red apron. Seeing Yang Chen walk over, she immediately recognized him and passionately greeted, “Isn’t it Little Yang? You must be hear to look for Ni-zi!”

Yang Chen was puzzled by Sis Xiang’s greeting, but following the direction Sis Xiang pointed, he surprisingly found Mo Qianni, wearing a white dress with black polka dots, sitting in the corner of the roadside stall. She was alone with a table of dishes, leisurely pouring a drink with high alcohol content for herself.

Mo Qianni’s posture was very graceful. Although she was eating at an ordinary and crude roadside stall alone, it all seemed so effortless to her. It was as if she was drinking aged wine that costed thousands while eating top-grade caviar that was more expensive than gold.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but think of a saying: A lady as lonely as smoke. Copyright 2016 - 2023