Chapter 134-2: Senior

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Great! Coming to my house and asking who the man of the house is!

Yang Chen noticed that this man wasn’t as friendly as he appeared to be. He was probably a little prouder than anybody. Casually taking out his keys to the house, Yang Chen said, “A man who holds the keys to the house, who would you say he is?”

Zeng Xinlin revealed an understanding expression, “Could it be that you’re Ruoxi’s elder or younger brother? I’ve never met you before, so please do not take offense.”

He slightly creased his brows. Seeing the pretentious expression on Zeng Xinlin’s face, Yang Chen finally understood that this fellow had skin that was at least as thick as his.

At this time, Lin Ruoxi indifferently looked at Yang Chen, then turned to say to Zeng Xinlin, “Senior, this is my husband Yang Chen.”

Zeng Xinlin’s expression slightly changed, but he calmly glossed over it with a smile and said, “Oh, so it’s Ruoxi’s husband. Ruoxi, you’re too much. Why haven’t you told me that you’ve gotten married? You made such a decision without waiting for me to return, and didn’t even give me a chance to toast to your wedding.

Lin Ruoxi had a rather guilty expression, “Sorry, we only gotten married recently, and there was no opportunity to inform you. However, we only signed the papers, and the wedding hasn’t been done yet. When the time comes, we’ll invite you Senior.”

“The wedding hasn’t been held?” Vigor was exposed in Zeng Xinlin’s eyes. With a profound look, he swept his gaze over Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, and said, “That’s great, don’t forget to call me when that happens, I will definitely prepare a huge gift. After all, our relationship isn’t ordinary.”

When Yang Chen heard this, he felt uncomfortable inside. It was fine that he wasn’t being taken seriously, but why must this man attend the wedding? What do you mean by the relationship between the two of you being not ordinary? Can it be unordinary?

Since he understood that this fellow was another love rival, Yang Chen no longer remained polite. He walked over to Lin Ruoxi’s side, and sat beside her on the same sofa. The sofa reverberated several times before calming down.

Lin Ruoxi frowned, she still wasn’t used to Yang Chen coming this close to her. Because of this, she shifted a little away from Yang Chen.

This little detail was seen by Zeng Xinlin, and a light shone in his eyes. He seemed to have figured out something, and his expression relaxed.

“I wonder what kind of big post Mr. Yang has?” Zeng Xinlin asked in a nonchalant and amiable tone.

Yang Chen poured a glass of water for himself, drank a mouthful, then said, “It’s no big post, I just work as an idle person in the company my wife runs.”

Zeng Xinlin’s expression became even more confident, he said with a smile, “That’s great too. I wish I could work in a place where I could see Ruoxi everyday. Thinking back, those days in university when I was able to see Ruoxi often were truly unforgettable.”

Lin Ruoxi felt somewhat uneasy, she picked up her teacup and quietly drank the tea without saying a word.

No matter how great Yang Chen’s character was, he would still feel a little jealous from hearing such words. Considering how this guy was so close to Ruoxi during university, it seemed like this fellow held more threat than Xu Zhihong. However, since Zeng Xinlin didn’t take the initiative to attack him, he couldn’t pettily attack Zeng Xinlin. Thus he just quietly drank his water while listening to the two of them chat.

Zeng Xinlin had recovered his original calm expression and no longer looked at Yang Chen. He spoke with nostalgia, “In the past, when I was still a research student, Ruoxi was still an undergraduate. The professor wanted me be a teaching assistant in her class. The first thing I noticed upon entering the lecture hall was Ruoxi reading a book. I was very curious as to why this female student was reading the textbook for students taking their master’s degree. After that, I chatted with Ruoxi, and it was like I found my soul mate. This brought about those two beautiful years of memories in the university. Now that I think of it, I believe that may have been fate.”

“Senior, what’s past has past, there’s no need to mention it anymore. Earlier, weren’t you saying that you returned Zhonghai to start a new company?” Although Lin Ruoxi was oblivious to many emotions, even she could feel the abnormal mood, so she calmly changed the topic.

Zeng Xinlin calmly smiled and replied, “That’s right. Although the old man wants to hand me the family business over at Yanjing, I plan to start my own entertainment and media related company. Speaking of that, it’s rather close to the fashion industry which your Yu Lei International focuses on. When the time comes, you have to take care of me, your senior, alright?”

“Senior is more talented than me, you’ll definitely be able to do fine.” Lin Ruoxi methodically stated, yet it sounded very sincere.

“That may not be. Three years ago, you dropped out of school to become Yu Lei International’s CEO. No matter how it’s put, you had gotten on the right track of business. On my side, I was forced to go to the southwest to serve in the army by the old fogeys. Because of this, I haven’t done any proper work for the past three years. All I had to do was take care of those guns and cannons, the things I learnt in the past has all been forgotten.” Zeng Xinlin lamented.

Lin Ruoxi recollected, “At that time, I heard some students say that you went to serve in the army. Although I didn’t believe it, it’s unexpected that you actually went.”

Zeng Xinlin began to reminisce, he squinted his eyes, and his face which was originally full of manliness seemed to elevate to the next level of manly charm, “Ruoxi, you have got no idea. Although our country seems peaceful and prosperous, the borders have never been safe. Let’s just say that in the three years I spent in the southwest, there were at least six hundred days where there were exchanges of fire between those countries. It’s hard to say how many people died, but eating a bullet or two was a common occurrence.

The rumbling battlefield filled with smoke. To Lin Ruoxi who had lived in the city since childhood, it was something that couldn’t be more unfamiliar to her. On the other hand, veteran soldiers made majority of ladies face them with adoration. Even the chilly Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask in curiosity, “Senior, is it very messy in the southwest? You even went to war?”

Yang Chen who sat beside Lin Ruoxi was astonished to find out that Lin Ruoxi was interested in something like that. He couldn’t help but make a slightly bitter smile. What was even interesting about such a matter?

Once he thought about things like wars, Yang Chen felt jittery inside. He felt like taking a smoke, but he soon realized that the cigarettes in his pocket were expended a long time ago. He could only remain seated in a dejected manner on the sofa and continue listening to Zeng Xinlin’s deep speech. Copyright 2016 - 2023