Chapter 128-1: Baby in the tummy

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Wang Ma couldn’t help but beam with joy when she saw that the couple had returned home in the same car. She took it as the couple having their misunderstanding cleared and that they became a harmonious couple. Welcoming them at the door she said, “This is great! You look much more like husband and wife.”

Lin Ruoxi deliberately changed the topic by saying, “Wang Ma, don’t think too much. It’s just that my car broke down.”

Wang Ma’s lips stiffened when she heard these words. She couldn’t help but shake her head bitterly and softly mutter “It’d be great if the car breaks down every day,” as she returned to the kitchen to work.

Lin Ruoxi pretended not to hear a thing as she carried her bag up the stairs. Halfway up, she heard Yang Chen call out to her.

Hmph, you finally want to explain things to me? Lin Ruoxi feigned indifference as she turned around and asked, “What is it?”

Yang Chen pointed at the fashionable monochrome clock on the wall, “It’s about time to eat, what are you going up for?”

Lin Ruoxi heard this reason and couldn’t help but feel unresigned and asked, “Is there nothing else?”

“Is there something else? What would you like to hear?” Yang Chen was puzzled.

Actually, this wasn’t Yang Chen’s fault. In fact, causing a car to deform from a barefooted kick had been insignificant and a small matter in Yang Chen’s mind. Therefore, he never would have thought that Lin Ruoxi would be brooding over this matter.

Yet Lin Ruoxi took it as Yang Chen refusing to explain to her and feigning ignorance. She bit her lip while glaring at him, and dashed upstairs with loud thuds.

Yang Chen scratched his head. He felt that this woman was turning more and more incomprehensible.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t come down late when it was time to eat. While eating she looked at some documents and nibbled on her food. This made Yang Chen wonder if she just swallowed her food without even remembering to chew it.

Wang Ma seemed to be very used to this way of eating from Lin Ruoxi. She didn’t mind it at all. With a very satisfied smile on her face, she would occasionally added dishes onto Yang Chen’s bowl.

Yang Chen felt like he had the responsibility to correct this female workaholic’s bad life habit, so he snatched away the documents in front of Lin Ruoxi and put them by his side.

“What are you doing, quickly give them back to me!” Lin Ruoxi was in the middle of looking through the document seriously and having it snatched away put her in a bad mood.

“You have to concentrate on the meal. If you keep multitasking like this, you might get indigestion and stomach problems. You work in the day, and when you come back at night you continue working, aren’t you tired?” Yang Chen lectured.

Lin Ruoxi creased her brows. She knew that this habit was bad for her body as well, but she didn’t really pay heed or cared about it since childhood. Furthermore, she wasn’t very happy about the way Yang Chen was lecturing her, so she stubbornly said, “I don’t need your teachings, return me the documents.”

“I’ll return it to you after the meal.” Yang Chen replied.

Lin Ruoxi thought: Fine then, I won’t eat. what can you do about that!

But just as she had this thought, she heard Yang Chen say: “If you don’t finish two bowls of rice, I’ll shred the documents.”

Lin Ruoxi was immediately filled with rage, with a flushed face she shouted, “How can you be like this! I usually eat only one bowl of rice, why must I eat two bowls!?”

“If you don’t eat I’ll shred it right now.” Saying that, Yang Chen raised the document, and pretended to do the tearing action.

Lin Ruoxi complained to Wang Ma who was nearby, “Look at this Wang Ma! Yang Chen is bullying me!”

Wang Ma pretended not to hear a thing. Her gaze swerved to an empty corner, obviously refusing to put her hand into this.

This time around, Lin Ruoxi was afraid. She definitely wouldn’t succeed if she tried to snatch it back, and it may even get damaged in the process. Furthermore, this fellow could do anything. Although another set could be printed, if this copy got shredded, the annotations that were written on it would be gone as well. She would have to start from scratch again. How could she possibly allow it to get shredded!?

Forcibly holding back her anger, Lin Ruoxi could only grudgingly open her mouth and say, “I’ll eat, so you’re not allowed to tear it.”

Yang Chen revealed a very satisfied smile. He smoothly grabbed some steamed fish and calmly said, “Have more fish, it will replenish your amino acids and will be beneficial to the baby in your tummy.”

Lin Ruoxi blushed, she indignantly shouted, “What drivel are you spouting!? Whose tummy has a baby!?” She was about to collapse, how can this man shamelessly say such words!

“Oh…… there isn’t one now, but there will be in the future. You should store the nutrients first.” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Keep the nutrients first!? You think I’m a camel!?

Lin Ruoxi looked at the fish meat in her bowl. Once she thought about how this meat was delivered to her using this fellow’s chopsticks, she didn’t feel like eating it. She was about to throw away the fish meat, when she noticed Yang Chen suddenly raise the document again and prepared to tear it……

“I’ll eat!”

Seeing this stubborn woman finally begin to eat the rice and fish, Yang Chen was rather pleased with himself. While feeling proud of himself, he added more food onto Lin Ruoxi’s bowl.

Lin Ruoxi had given up resisting. She stuffed the dishes into her mouth like she was eating bitter Chinese medicine, while her pair of watery eyes appeared to be full of grievance.

Yang Chen felt that this side of Lin Ruoxi was a lot more interesting than how she usually was. He imagined that if the employees of Yu Lei International saw their ice-cold CEO reveal the expression of a bullied little girl, their mouths would all be hung wide open. Copyright 2016 - 2024