Chapter 127-2: I forgot to tell you

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Without waiting for Lin Ruoxi to reply, Yang Chen fiercely stomped on the throttle. The M3 bursted forward like an arrow!

The Maserati also shot out at the same time. The two cars both used V8 engines, and both engines were around 4L, though the Maserati’s was slightly higher. But since the Maserati had been through modifications, the speed of their initial acceleration couldn’t be compared.

Once the two cars got onto the expressway, they immediately sped up rapidly. The white and gray streaks were like dragons in the dusk, fiercely weaving through the traffic!

Lin Ruoxi could only feel a burst of intense g-force, she couldn’t help having her body pressed up against the seat. Although she wasn’t one who drove slowly, she wouldn’t drive over 140km/h. Usually, she only drives around 50km/h or 60km/h in Zhonghai, how could she possibly ever experience the true power of a sports car!?

Although the two cars had maximum speeds that could go over the frightful 300km/h mark, this was after all an expressway. While madly stepping on the accelerator, the biggest test was to control the car.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the relaxed Yang Chen who drove quickly. The speed of the car kept getting faster and faster. Lin Ruoxi carefully glanced at the speedometer, and saw that the needle was pointed at the bright red numbers which was 200. She nearly screamed!

200!? This mad man is driving at 200km/h on an expressway with a 90km/h speed limit!?

The cars in the surroundings were constantly overtaken, and it was practically hard to look at other cars. Due to the disparity in speeds, many cars in front also had the awareness to make way.

There was only the Maserati at the side which also wildly shot forward, but as the RPM of the engine kept rising and the car hit 200, 205, 210…… The young man’s forehead began to sweat, he was having difficulty dealing with the road condition.

No matter how good a car, it still depended on the road. When the man noticed that his speed was giving him problems with dealing with the traffic, he began to develop fear inside, and severely restricted the speed of the Maserati!

On the other hand, Yang Chen didn’t seem to mind at all, only when the M3 roared to 240km/h did Yang Chen stop accelerating. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear lever, he constantly overtook the cars in front. He continuously shuttled through the cracks in traffic, like nimble lightning.

Lin Ruoxi felt like her heart was going to leap out of her chest. The ridiculous speeds they were going at made her feel like her surroundings was the one that slowed down. Although she felt that it would be a great disappointment to herself, she still softly spoke with a requesting tone as she couldn’t bear it anymore, “You…… Drive slower……”

“If I slow down he’ll overtake.” Yang Chen happily said, “Like I said, I don’t like to give away my wife.”

“Look forward! Don’t look at me!” Lin Ruoxi noticed Yang Chen turn his head, and was immediately so frightened that she shouted.

Yang Chen had never thought that Lin Ruoxi would have an insecure look like this, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Ruoxi felt like she lost face, and rashly supplemented, “I…… I’m not afraid, I’m just worried that you’ll have your license revoked, you’re speeding way too much!”

Yang Chen’s expression was rather queer in response. He sighed, and embarrassedly said, “Darling Ruoxi, I forgot to tell you this, I don’t actually have a license at all, so I’m not afraid of it being revoked……”


Lin Ruoxi could only feel the sky spin and the earth rotate, and shut her eyes bitterly. She felt like she would really go crazy if she looked at this man one more time.

After another five or six minutes passed, Yang Chen stopped at the parking spot at the third exit on the expressway. Two minutes later, the silver-gray Maserati appeared.

The young man kept his word. He didn’t run away after seeing the disparity between them in driving skills and guts. Although he was unhappy and depressed, he still lowered his window and said, “I lost, go ahead and kick.”

Yang Chen didn’t reject this. After walking a circle around the Maserati, he chose to kick the car’s hood, right on the trident logo.

The young man wasn’t worried at all. He yawned and didn’t even care to look. Kick wherever you like, can a human’s kick even damage steel?


An intense sound followed, and the man felt as if the car had collapsed. He was so frightened that his face paled!

Looking at the head of the car which got kicked by Yang Chen, the man nearly peed in his pants!

The Maserati’s originally brand new front hood, was now deeply caved in!!

“You must be cheating! Do you have weights tied onto your leg!?”

The man loudly yelled. His car had been kicked to such a shape and he wanted to cry. But when he saw what Yang Chen was doing, he was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat……

He saw Yang Chen sit on the bonnet of his car and put on his shoe on the leg he used to kick his car; he had specially taken off his shoe to kick it earlier!

Even Lin Ruoxi who was sitting in the M3 covered her mouth with her beautiful eyes wide open. She had watched Yang Chen take off his shoe and stomp on the car with her own eyes. She originally thought that Yang Chen was just fooling around, and didn’t expect such a terrifying outcome. She couldn’t help but feel a little doubt inside, other than knowing several foreign languages, what else was this man hiding?

Yang Chen leisurely put on his shoe, smiled at the man who was frightened to the point of being speechless, then returned to his car. Like nothing had happened, he continued the journey home.

Along the way, Lin Ruoxi glanced at him from time to time, she felt like asking yet didn’t want to. Seeing that Yang Chen didn’t have any intention of explaining anything to her, she refused to lower her pride to ask him questions. In the end, she could only sulk and shut her eyes, but the questions she brooded over gradually increased instead…… Copyright 2016 - 2024