Chapter 128-2: TEASER

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After eating, Lin Ruoxi fumingly went upstairs to continue working.

On the other hand, Yang Chen laid on the sofa watching the news. The contents of the news shown everyday in Huaxia were practically the same. There would be news about other countries having hardship, battles and natural disasters.

The point being that many people died. Then there would be news about how hard the Huaxia’s leader is working, empathizing with the common people, the government employees dripping with sweat, striving at their jobs. Then at the end would be news about the rapid progress everyday, the people living happily and peacefully. Basically; the people in Huaxia are the most blessed.

The reason why Yang Chen liked watching these was very simple, the news overseas simply wasn’t as interesting as the news here.

Wang Ma who was in the middle of wiping the table happily said to Yang Chen, “Young Master, Miss’ habit of not paying attention to her meals is something she had since childhood. Old Mistress and Mistress didn’t discipline her well, I never expected that Young Master would discipline Miss today.”

Yang Chen laid on the sofa and yawned. With a smile he said, “Actually, we’re all adults, we understand things, it’s just difficult to put down face.”

“Miss often forgets about everything else when she’s working. Young Master, if you see anything inappropriate, please point it out. I can see that Miss is only angry on the surface. She definitely doesn’t hate Young Master in her heart, perhaps she’s even happy about it.” Wang Ma said with an enlightened expression.

Yang Chen didn’t understand this. Seeing that the news program came to an end, he was about to change the channels to watch a blind date program which has become very popular recently. He wasn’t that interested in watching the woman in this program, he instead felt that the bros featured were really awesome, they were a lot more interesting than the “political reports” of some stand-up comedians’ .

Right at this time, the phone rang. Yang Chen glanced at his phone and as he expected, it was Li Jingjing who called.

“Hello, Jingjing?”

On the other side of the line, Li Jingjing called out “Big brother Yang” and became silent for a while. Then with some hesitation she asked, “Big brother Yang, the mail we received today was sent by you, right?”

Yang Chen revealed a slight smile. It seems like Rose had already sent the stuff to Old Li’s home. Since Old Li and his wife didn’t know how to make use of such technology, they could only wait for Li Jingjing to return home before watching what was on the flash drive.

“You can think of it that way, I asked a friend to have it sent.” Yang Chen didn’t hide anything.

Li Jingjing peacefully sighed, “I always believed that although Group Leader Zhang may be overly proud sometimes, his character shouldn’t be bad, but I never thought that he was that kind of guy…… The woman in the recording is our school’s Vice-Principal. Everybody’s usually fearful of her, I never expected that she……”

“There’s also Jiang Shuo’s father, Jiang Meng, your Head Director, Principal, Vice-Principal, and Level Head all participating in such things. If these things were to be shown in your school, I reckon that the ratings would be pretty good.” Yang Chen joked.

Li Jingjing believed that Yang Chen would do as he said, and said in a panic, “Big brother Yang, please don’t! If you do that, the reputation of the school would be damaged, and nobody will trust our school. In actuality, most of the teachers and students put in a lot of effort in their work and studies, I don’t want to waste everybody’s efforts.”

This girl’s mind was truly innocent at such times, Yang Chen helplessly smiled, “Jingjing, I’m not the paparazzi, why would I expose this for no reason? I gave your family that information as a form of consultation, so that your parents wouldn’t trust Jiang Shuo and his father too much.”

Li Jingjing breathed a sigh of relief, chuckled and said, “Big brother Yang, you have no idea. When the video was played, both my dad and mom were shocked silly. They were too embarrassed to watch. When my mother realized that the one inside the video was actually Group Leader Jiang, she raged. If it wasn’t for the fact that my dad held her back, she would’ve smashed my new notebook into pieces.”

“You should keep that video. You can choose to send it to them anonymously, that way, they wouldn’t do anything to you. There is no need to make a fuss, who doesn’t have dark secrets?”

Li Jingjing softly complied, she obviously consented to this viewpoint. To be honest, before she saw that video, the innocent girl had never seen a sex video. She never thought that her first time watching would be one that stars an acquaintance. Furthermore, it was the Jiang father and son along with the famous Priestess Miejue of the school. The three were like a “hamburger” in a threesome and this truly shocked the girl.

[TL: Priestess Miejue is a character in the Condor trilogy, known for being fierce.]

Although Li Jingjing was very curious as to how Yang Chen had acquired the video, she was very used to Yang Chen’s surprises and tactfully chose not to ask. With the heavy burden in her put down, she spoke with a much lighter tone, “Big brother Yang, will you be free in these following days?”

“What’s up?” Yang Chen asked.

“I want to bring you somewhere, but I don’t know if you’ll agree. Actually, there’s another reason I’m asking you, it’s because I need to borrow your car to move some things……”

Borrow a car to move things? Any cab on the street could do that, but Yang Chen naturally wouldn’t believe that it was for such a simple reason. There must be a place she really wanted to bring him.

As a specialist at buying breakfast, Yang Chen had no reason to decline the request of a girl who didn’t even know how to lie. He straightforwardly agreed to it.

After having a great chat with Li Jingjing, Yang Chen stretched his back and was about to go upstairs to shower and sleep. Although the relapse of his sickness from killing people was now under control, experience told Yang Chen that it was necessary for him to have adequate rest.

At this point, Lin Ruoxi walked down the stairs with a small wallet and looked around. She couldn’t find Wang Ma anywhere, and had no choice but to ask Yang Chen, “Where’s Wang Ma?” Copyright 2016 - 2024