Chapter 127-1: I forgot to tell you

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Lin Ruoxi was very displeased to hear these words, what did he mean by her being unable to start it up yet he could? Can cars even differentiate who the person starting it was? Or was he implying that she wasn’t as good as him?

The woman who had been proud since childhood was immediately angered. She coldly snorted and said, “Here’s the keys, let’s see how you’ll start it up.” While saying that she dropped the keys into Yang Chen’s hand.

Yang Chen caught it naturally, as if this set of keys didn’t represent this luxury car that was worth millions, and was instead just an ordinary car.

After opening the door to the driver’s seat, Yang Chen pressed on the hood release switch, and the car’s hood popped up.

Lin Ruoxi watched what Yang Chen did, and was both skeptical and astonished, “You…… what are you doing to my car?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes at her, it seemed like this woman wasn’t that intelligent after all, he said, “What else could I be doing? When a car breaks down it obviously needs to be inspected and repaired.”

“You know about this car?” Although Lin Ruoxi wasn’t very knowledgeable about cars, she at the very least knew what grade this car that she liked was. She absolutely wouldn’t believe that Yang Chen, a fellow who didn’t even have his own car would know how to repair a luxurious car like this.

Yang Chen ignored her, then moved to the front of the Bentley and leaned over it to look at the engine and its surrounding mechanical parts. He looked over it once more, then fiddled with some parts around before carefully thinking and said, “Did the engine immediately stall after getting started?”

Lin Ruoxi thought it over, and this was indeed the case, so she nodded.

“Did you just pump gas in today?”

Lin Ruoxi was rather surprised inside, he hadn’t even started the car, how would he know anything about the condition of the engine? Furthermore, how did he know that she pumped gas this morning!?

“How…… How did you know?”

“You must’ve pumped at a different gas station from the usual, right?” Yang Chen followed with another question.

This time around, although Lin Ruoxi truly didn’t wish to believe it, Yang Chen did know about cars, because this morning, as she was afraid of being late for a meeting, she had indeed pumped at a gas station she had never pumped at before

Oh my god, could it be that other than selling mutton skewers, he had been a car mechanic before!? Lin Ruoxi naively thought inside.

Yang Chen sighed in relief, he had figured out the cause, and said, “This car of yours has higher requirements when it comes to the petrol you pump in, the gas you pumped in today must have had high levels of ethanol, which is why it can’t even be started. British cars, especially a luxurious one like this are much more susceptible to weird problems like this, while crappy cars usually don’t have this problem.”

“What you mean is that the car isn’t broken, and only the gas is the problem?” Lin Ruoxi finally understood.

Yang Chen nodded, “Yep, it ate something it doesn’t like, and is throwing its temper at you.”

This metaphor nearly made Lin Ruoxi laugh, but being conscious of the strained relationship between them, she immediately held her laughter back. She nodded indifferently, “I understand, I’ll call someone to deal with it tomorrow, let’s go home.” As she said that, she walked off towards where Yang Chen’s car was parked.

After getting onto Yang Chen’s car, Lin Ruoxi sat upright and motionless, totally silent. Being used to this woman being uncommunicative, Yang Chen drove off.

When they stopped at a traffic light just before the expressway, a roaring silver-gray Maserati GranTurismo stopped beside Yang Chen’s car. Inside the car was a handsome man in sunglasses who wore a red flowery shirt with his chest exposed. When he noticed the milky-white BMW M3 beside him, he blankly stared at it for a moment, next, he saw the side view of Lin Ruoxi’s perfect face from the half-open window and his eyes lit up.

The first thing that he thought of was, the driver in the BMW must be a little white face(leecher). No matter how he looked at him, he didn’t look like a rich man. Furthermore, the disparity in appearances between him and the woman beside him were too great. While feeling disdainful in his heart, he revealed what he believed to be a charming smile. He lowered the car window and shouted, “Bro who’s driving the BMW, wanna race?”

In front of the red light which had lasted for approximately two minutes, the bored Yang Chen glanced at him, “Is there anything in it for me?”

“From the upper expressway, all the way till its third exit, that will be the end point. If you win, I’ll give you twenty thousand, if you lose, that lady over there must have a drink with me.” As he said that, the man looked at Lin Ruoxi with a naughty charm.

Lin Ruoxi creased her brows, then slightly shook her head at Yang Chen. She had been through all kinds of romantic hints, to the point where she felt numb and didn’t want to bother responding.

Yet Yang Chen nodded after pondering a little. He said, “Fine, but the bet has to be changed. If you lose, stop your car and let me give it a kick.”

“F**k! You think you’re superman! Kicking this? Aren’t you afraid of breaking your leg!? This is a Maserati! You think it’s salad!?” The man disdainfully shouted.

Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered to argue, “If you don’t want to compete, then get lost.”

“Okay, let’s compete then! You’re done for! My car has been modified! Your woman belongs to me tonight!” The man loudly laughed, then started to step on the accelerator. The Maserati GranTurismo’s engine began to roar again.

Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen. If they weren’t at an expressway, she would’ve chosen to get off immediately. “If you want to go crazy why use me as the wager! What do you think I am!?”

Yang Chen faintly smiled, his eyes were fixed on the traffic light in front.

“It’s precisely because I don’t like you being treated as a wager, so I have to bet with him. Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of yielding my wife to others……” Copyright 2016 - 2024