Tyler was becoming frantic. For the past twenty-four hours he had been dialing Lee's home number, and there had been no answer. no is he with?

Tyler agonized. What is he doing? He picked up the telephone and dialed once again. The phone rang for a long time, and just as Tyler was about to hang up, he heard Lee's voice'. '."! How are You?, ' the hell is this?"'s Tyler."?' There was a pause. ', yes." Tyler felt a twinge of disappointment. ' are you?",' Lee said.

"I told you I was going to. have a wonderful surprise for you."?' He sounded bored. ' you remember what you said to me about going to St. Tropez on a beautiful white yacht?" about it?" would you like to leave next month?' 242 ' yo , serioust ' bet I am.", I don't know. You've got a friend with a yacht?"'m about to buy a yacht."'re not on. something, are you, judget ' ... ? No, no!

I've just come into some money. A lot of money.". Tropez, huh? Yeah, that sounds great. Sure, I'd love to go with you.' Tyler felt a deep sense of relief. ' Meanwhile, don't ...' He couldn't bring himself even to think about it. ''ll be in touch with you, Lee.' He replaced the receiver and sat on the edge of his bed. ' love to go with you.' He could visualize the two of them on a beautiful yacht, cruising around the world together. Together. Tyler picked up -the telephone book and turned to the yellow pages. he offices of John Alden Yachts Inc. are located on Boston's Commercial Wharf. The sales manager came -up to Tyler as he entered. ' can I do for you today, sirt Tyler looked at him and said casually, ''d like to buy a yacht.' The words rolled off his tongue. His father's Yacht would probably be part of the estate, but Tyler had no intention of sharing a ship with his brother and sister.

243 ' or sailt ' ... er ... I'm not sure. I want to be able to go around the world in it."'re probably talking motor." must be white.' The sales manager looked at him strangely. ', of course. How large a boat did you have in mindt Blue Skies is one hundred and eighty feet. ' hundred feet.' The sales manager blinked. '. I see. Of course, a yacht like that would be very expensive, Mr. - ..." Stanford. My father was Harry Stanford.' The man's face lit up. ' is no object,' Tyler said. ' not! Well, Judge Stanford, we're going to find you a yacht that everyone will envy. White, of course.

Meanwhile, here is a portfolio of some available yachts. Call me when -you decide which ones you're interested in.' Woody Stanford was, thinking about polo ponies. All his life he had had to ride his friends' ponies, but now he could afford to buy the finest string in the world.

-He was on the telephone, talking to Mimi Carson. ' want to buy your ponies,'Woody said. His voice was filled with excitement. He listened a moment. ''s right, the whole stable. I'm very serious. Right.' The conversation lasted half an hour, and when 244 Woody replaced the receiver, he was grinning. He went to find Peggy. She was seated alone on the veranda. Woody could still see the bruises on her face where he had hit her. tpeggy ... I She looked up, warily. " have to talk to you. I ... I don't know where to She sat there, waiting. He took a deep breath. ' know I've. been a rotten -husband. Some of the things I've done are inexcusable. But, darling, all that is going to change now. Don't you see? We're rich. Really rich. I want to make everything up to you.' He took her hand. ''m going to get off drugs this time. I really am. We're going to have a Whole different life.' -She looked into his eyes, and said tonelessly, ' I promise. I know I've said it before, but this it's really going to work. I've made up my minding to a clinic somewhere where they can cure nt to get out of this hell I've been in. Peggy .. e was desperation in his voice. ' can't do it with- "Out you., You know I can't.' he looked at him a long time, then cradled him in ra s. ' baby. I know,'she whispered. ' know. 111 help you ...' 245 It was time for Margo Posner to leave. Tyler found her in the study. He closed the door. ' just wanted to thank you again, Margo.' She smiled. it's been fun. I really had a good time.' she looked up at him archly. ' I should become an actress! He smiled. ''d be good at it. You certainly fooled this audience! 11 did, didn't IT "Here's the rest of your money.'He took an envelope out of his pocket.

"And your plane ticket back to Chicago." you.' He looked at his watch. ''d better get going! '. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything. I mean, your getting me out of prison and all! He smiled. ''s all right: Have a good trip."! lie watched her go upstairs to pack. The game was over. Check and check mate. Margo Posner was in her bedroom finishing packing when Kendall walked in. ', Julia. I just wanted to She stopped. ' are you doing?"'m going home.' Kendall looked at her in surprise. ' soon? Why? 1 246 was hoping we might spend some time together and get acquainted. We have so many years to catch up on.". Well, some other time.' Kendall sat on the edge of the bed. ''s like a nuracle, isn't it? Finding each other after all these years- Margo went on with her packing. '. It's a miracle, all right! ' must feel like Cinderella. I mean, one minute you re living a perfectly average life and the next minute someone hands you a billion dollars! Margo stopped her packing. " said ..." billion dollarst '. According to Father's will, that's what we each inherit. Margo was looking at Kendall, stunned. ' each 4 get a billion dollarst ''t they tell yout ','Margo said slowly.'They didn't tell me.'There was a thoughtful expression on her face. ' know, Kendall, you're right. Maybe -we should get better acquainted! 4111., Tyler was in the solarium, looking at photographs of yachts, when Clark approached him. ' me, Judge Stanford. There's a telephone call for you."'ll take it in here.' 247 _711,@ It was Keith Percy in Chicago. ".' J have some really great news for you!" 60ht ' that I'm retiring, how would you like to be appointed chiefjudge?' It was all Tyler could do to keep from giggling. ' would be wonderful, Keith.", it's yours!" ... I don't know what to say.' What should I say? ' don't sit on the bench in a dirty little courtroom in Chicago, handing out sentences to the misfits of the world?' Or '1l be too busy sailing around the world on my yacht?" soon can you get back to Chicagot ' will be a while," Tyler said. ' have a lot to do here.", we'll all be waiting for you.' Don't holdyour breath. '-bye.' He replaced the receiver and glanced at his watch. It was time for Margo to be leaving for the airport. Tyler went upstairs to see if she was ready. When he walked into Margo's bedroom, she was unpacking her suitcase. He looked at her in surprise. ''re not ready.' She looked up at him and smiled. '.

I'm unpacking. I've been thinking. I like it here. Maybe I should stay awhile.' 248 He frowned. ' are you talking about?- You're catching a plane to Chicago., ''ll be another- plane along, judge.' She grinned. ' I'll even buy my own., ' are you saying?' 4YOu told me You wanted me to help you play a little joke on someone ' "Well, thejoke seems to be on me. I'm worth a billion ..' Tyler's expression hardened. ' want you to get out of here. Now." you? I think I'll go when I'm ready,, Margo said. ' I'm not ready., Tyler stood there, studying her. ' ... what is It u wantt I She nodded.

"That's better. The billion dollars I'm supposed to get. You were planning to keep it for yourself, right? I figured You were pulling a little scam to Pick UP some extra money, but a billion dollars! That's a different ball game. I think I deserve a share of that.' There was a knock at the bedroom door. ' me,' Clark said. ' is served.

Margo turned to Tyler. ' go along. I won't be joining you. I have some important errands to run.' Later that afternoon, packages began to arrive at Rose Hill. There were boxes of dresses from Armani, 249 - sportswear from Scaasi-Boutique, lingerie from Jordan Marsh, a sable coat from Neiman Marcus, and a diamond bracelet from Cartier. All the packages were addressed to Miss. Julia Stanford. When Margo walked in the door at four thirty, Tyler was waiting to confront her, furious. ' do you think you're doing?' he demanded. She smiled. ' needed a few things. After all, your sister has to be well dressed, doesn't she? It's amazing how much credit a store will give you when you're a Stanford.

You will take care of the bills, won't yout ' ...".' She reminded him. ' the way, I saw the pictures of yachts on the table.

Are you planning to buy onet ' none of your business."'t be too sure. Maybe you and I will take a cruise. Weill name the yicht Margo. Or should we name it Julia? We can go around the world together.

I don't like being alone.' Tyler took a deep breath. ' seems that I underestimated you. You're a very clever young woman." from you, that's a big compliment." hope that you're also a reasonable young woman." depends. What do you call reasonablet ' million dollars. Cash.' Her heart began to beat faster, ' I can keep the things I bought todayt ' of them.' 250 e oo t k a deep breath. ' have a deal.' d. I'll get the money to you as quickly as I can. going back to Chicago in the next few days.' He k a key from his pocket and handed it to her. ere's the key to my house. I want you to stay there wait for me. And don't talk to anyone! right! She tried to hide her excitement. Maybe Id have asked for more, she. thought. ''ll book you on the next plane out of here.' _4 What about the things I bought ... T "I'll have them sent on to you.' Good. Hey, we both came out of this great, didn't 3 *,E, He nodded. '. We did! Tyler took Margo to Logan International Airport to see her off. At the airport she said, ' are you going to tell i kr,'the others? About my leaving, I mean.' 10 I'll tell them that you had to go visit a very good nd who became ill, a friend in South America! e looked at him wistfully. ' you want to know thing, judge? That yachting trip would have been un.' Over the loudspeaker, her flight was being called. ''s me, I guess! ' a nice flight.". I'll see you in Chicago.' Tyler watched her go into the departures terminal 251 and stood there, waiting until the plane took off. Then he went back to the limousine and said to the driver, ' Hill.' When Tyler arrived back at the house, he went directly to his room and telephoned Chief Judge Keith Percy. ''re all waiting for you, Tyler. When are you coming back? We're planning a little celebration in your honor." soon, Keith,' Tyler said.

"Meanwhile, I could use your help with a problem I've run into."

"Certainly. What can I do for yout ''s about a felon I tried to help.

Margo Posner. I believe I told you about her." remember. What's the problemt ' poor woman has deluded herself into believing she's my sister. She followed me to Boston and tried to murder me." God!

That's terrible!' -'She's on her way back to Chicago now, Keith. She stole the key to my house, and I don't know what she plans to do next.

The woman is a dangerous lunatic. She's threatened to kill my whole family. I want her committed to the Reed Mental Health Facility. If you'll fax me the commitment papers, I'll sign them. I'll arrange for her psychiatric examinations myself." course. I'll take care of it immediately, Tyler."'d appreciate it. She's on United Airlines Flight 307. It arrives at eight fifteen tonight. I suggest that 252 ave people there at the ai Mort to pick her up. be to be careful. She should put in maximum Item rity at Reed, and not allowed any visitors."111 see to it. I'm sorry you had to go through this, Tyler.' There was a shrug in Tyler's voice. ' know what they say, Keith: "No good deed, no matter how small, unpunished."' goes ed At dinner that evening Kendall ask "Isn't Julia join Ing us tonightt Tyler said regretfully, "Unfortunately, no. She asked a ke ae to s y good-bye to all of you.

She's gone to ta care o a friend in South America who's had a stroke. f t was r at her sudden.' t the will has not been.. ia has given me her power of attorney and wants to arrange for her share to go into a trust fund.' ant placed a bowl of Boston clam chowder in ront o Tyler. A "Ah,' he said. ' looks delicious! I'm hungry *... tonight.' nited Airlines Flight 307 was making its final roach to O'Hare International Airport on sched- metallic voice came over the loudspeaker. ies and gentlemen, would you fasten your seat ts, pleaset Margo Posner had enjoyed the flight tremendously. 253 -She had spent most of the time dreaming about what ' was going to do with the million dollars and all the clothes andjewelry shehadbought. Andallbecause I was bustedl Isn't that a kick! When the plane landed, Margo gathered the things she had carried on board and started to walk down the ramp. A flight attendant stayed directly behind her. Near the plane was an ambulance, flanked by two paramedics in white jackets, and a doctor. The flight attendant saw them and pointed to Margo. As Margo stepped off the ramp, one of the men approached her. ' me,' he said. Margo looked up at him. " you Margo Posnert ', yes. What's ... T ''m Dr. Zimmerman.' He took her arm. ''d like you to come with us, please.' He started leading her toward the ambulance. Margo tried to jerk away.

"Wait a minute! What are YOU doing?' she demanded. The other two men had moved to either side of her to hold her arms. ' come along quietly, Miss. Posner,' the doctor said. '!' Margo screamed. ' me!' The other passengers were standing there, gaping. ''s the matter with all of yout Margo yelled. ' you blind? I'm being kidnapped! I'm Julia Stanford! I'm Harry Stanford's daughted' 254 course, you are,' Dr. Zi Intnerman said sooth- 1191y. ' calm down.' e o Th bservers watched in astonishment as Margo @"was cam ed into the back of the ambulance, kicking screaming., side the ambulance, the doctor took out a syringe d pressed the needle into Margo's arm. ',' he id.

"Everything is going to be all right.' sy ou must be crazyl' Margo said.

"You must be

,Her eyes began to droop. e ambulance doors closed, and the ambulance c, away. Tyler got the report, he laughed out loud..He uld visualize the greedy bitch being carried off. He uld arrange for her to be kept in a mental health ity for the rest of her life. Now the game is really over, he thought. rve done it! The old man would turnover in his grave fhestillhad one -- #'he knew that I was getting control of Stanford Enterprises. I'll give Lee everything he's ever dreamed of.

Pcrfect - Everything was perfect. The evcnts of the day had filled Tyler with a sexual f @xcitement. I need some refie . He opened his suitcase -and from the back of it took out a copy of Damron's VFp. Guide. There were several gay bars listed in Boston, He chose the Quest on Boylston Street. I'll skip dinner. 255 t, What ril go straight to the chib. And then he though an oxymoron! Julia and Sally were getting dressed to go to work. Sally asked, ' was your date with Henry last night?' 61me same.9 ' bad, huh? Have the marriage banns been posted yet?" forbiff Julia said. ' is sweet, but ... 9 She sighed. ' isn't for me.' she might not be,' Sally said, ' these are for you.' She handed Julia five envelopes. I They were all bills. Julia opened them. Three of them were marked overdue and another was marked Tiurd NOTICE. Julia studied them a moment. ', I wonder if you could lend me ... 71 Sally looked at her in amazement. ' don't under- stand YOU- 9 ' do you mean?, ''re working like a galley slave, you can't pay your bills, and all you have to do is lift your little finger and you could come up with a few million dollars, give or take some change."'s not my. money." course, it's your money!' Sally snap*. ' Stanford was your father, wasn't he? Ergo, you're entitled to a share of his estate. And I don't use the word ergo very often.' 256 it. I told you how he treated my mother. Hen't have left me a dime.' ly sighed. '!

And I was looking forward tong with a millionaire!' They walked down to the parking lot where they Wt their cars. Julia's space was empty. She stated at in shock. ''s gonep 4A worked your car here last nightt re you sure you pa Sally asked. '." stole it!" Julia shook her head. ',' she said slowly. "AZ ' do you meant IMq-;". She turned to look at Sally. ' must have repos- it. I'm three payments behind.",' Sally said tonelessly. ''s just nderful.' was unable to get her roommate's situation out her mind. It's like a fairy tale, Sally thought. A 22 who doesn't know she's a princess. Only in this ' knows it, but she's tooproud to do anything t it. It's not fair! The family has all that money, she has nothing.

Well, if she won't do something t it, I damn well will. She'll thank me for it. @r,,'That evening, after Julia went out, Sally examined box of clippings again. She took out a recent news- article mentioning that the Stanford heirs had se back to Rose Hill for the funeral services. 257 If the princess won't 90 10 them, Sally thought, they-are going to come to the princess. write a letter. it was She sat down and began to addressed to Judge Tyler Stanford.

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