Tyler Stanford signed the commitment papers putting Margo Posner in Reed Mental Health Facility. Three psychiatrists were required to agree to the commitment, but Tyler knew that that would be easy for him to handle. reviewed everything he had done from the very ning, and decided that there had been no flaws his game plan. Dmitri had disappeared in Australia, d argo Posner had been disposed of. That left Hal Baker, but he would be no problem. Everyone had an 4h,','.Achilles'heel, and his was his stupid family. No, Baker ,:jwu never talk because he couldn't bear the thought of 7 from his dear ones. his life in prison, awayf Everything was perfect. T he minute the will is probated, 1`11 return to Chicago pick up Lee. Maybe we'll even buy a house in 4t Tropez. He began to get aroused at the thought. Wkv',@`,We'll sail around the world in my yacht. I've always te to "'Wan d see Venice ... and Positano ... and Capri We'll go on safari in Kenya, and see the Taj Mahal 259 together in the moonlight. And who do lowe all this to? To Daddy. Dear old Daddy. ''re a queer, Tyler, and you 111 always be a queer. I don't know how the hell anything like you came from my loins.' Well, who has the last laugh-now, Father? Tyler went downstairs to join his brother and sister for lunch. He was hungry again. ''s really a pity that Julia had to leave so quickly,' Kendall said. ' would have liked to have gotten to know her better."'m sure she plans to return as soon as she can,' Marc said. That's certainly true, Tyler thought. He would make sure she nevergot out. The talk turned to the future. Peggy said, shyly, ' is going to buy a group of polo ponies."'s not a group!' Woody snapped. ''s a string. A string of polo ponies."'m sorry, darling. I just ' it!' Tyler said to Kendall, ' are your planst We are counting on yourfurther support ... We would appreciate it if you would deposit I million US dollars ... within the next ten days."?". I'm going to ... to expand the business.

I'll open shops in London and in Paris.' 260 hat sounds exciting,' Peggy said. ' have a show in New York in two weeks. I have K d ' run down there and get it ready.' A ''.' to do with your share of the estate?, all looked over at Tyler. ' are you going ', mostly. There are so Tyler said piously, Y worthy organizations that need help.' e was only half listening to the conversation at the table. He looked around the table at his brother and "":.sister. If it weren't for me, you'd be getting nothing. '@-"Nolhing! He turned to look at Woody. His brother had @t, become. a dope addict, throwing his life away. Money ''t help h* Tyler thought. It will only buy him more '40pe He wondered where Woody was getting the Tyler turned to his sister. Kendall was bright and successful, and she had made the most of her talents. Marc was seated next to her, telling an amusing [email protected],Anecdote to Peggy. He's attractive and charming. Too he's married. And then there was Peggy. He thought of her as 0 Why she put up with Woody was beyond e must love him very much. She certainly hasn't tten thing out of her marriage. He wondered what the expressions on their faces would be if he stood up and said, ' control Stanford ..... Enterprises. I had ourfather murdered, his body dug up. I hired someone to impersonate our ha#sister.' He 261 smiled at the thought. It was difficult holding a secret as delicious as the one he had. After lunch, Tyler went to his room to telephone Lee again. There was no answer. He's out with someone, Tyler thought, despairingly. He doesn't believe me about the yacht.

Well, I'll prove it to him! When is that damn will going to be probated?

F/I have to call Fitzgerald, or that young lawyer, Steve Sloane. There was a knock at the door. Clark stood there. ' me, Judge Stanford.

A letter arrived for you.' Probably from Keith Percy, congratulating me.

"Thank you, Clark.' He took the envelope. It had a Kansas City return address. He stared at it a moment, puzzled, then opened it and began to read the letter. Dear Judge Stanford, I think you should know that you have a hay sister named Julia. She is the daughter of Rosemary Nelson and your father. She lives here in Kansas City. Her address is 1425 Metca4(Avenue, Apartment 3B, Kansas City, Kansas. I'm sure Julia would be most happy to hear from you. Sincerely, A Friend Tyler stared at the letter disbelievingly, and he felt a cold chill. ' he cried aloud.

"No!' I won't have it! 262 now! Maybe she's a fake. But he had a terrible beling that this Julia was genuine. And now the bitch is comingforward to claim her share of the estate! My h re, y a T ler corrected himself. It doesn't belong to her. I can't let her come here.

It would ruin everything. I would have to explain the other Julia, and..

He shuddered. '!' I have to have her taken care of. Fast. He reached for the telephone and d. ialed Hal Baker's number.

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