Her nails scored over his chest, and he gripped her ass beneath her skirt, knowing he’d leave marks with how hard he held her.

With his hold on her ass, he made her start to ride his cock. He looked up from between where they were joined, to her beautiful eyes. She had these starling eyes, which were like gemstones. He found himself captured by them.

“Fuck me, Tempe.”

“This is so far across the line,” she said, moaning.

“Over the line. We’re fucking miles across over it.” He’d never fucked an employee, and even though he’d dreamed of taking Temperance, he never truly believed he’d do it.

With the taste of her still in his mouth, and the feel of her cunt wrapped around his dick, he didn’t care.

Right there in his office, he watched her tits swing in front of his face, as he continued to fuck up into her pussy.

Releasing her ass, he sank his fingers into her hair and pulled her down, to claim her lips. His orgasm was so close, and the way she rippled around his cock, Richard couldn’t hold back.

Holding her hip, and the back of the head, he took the both to the floor with her beneath him. He didn’t once release her lips as he rode her hard, fucking inside her with abandon, giving her everything.

Only when he screamed her name, as she did the same with his own name, did reality start to set in. He spilled his cum into the waiting condom, and the moment the pleasure began to ebb away, he pulled back, staring into her eyes.

The line had been crossed, and Richard didn’t know what the hell to do.


“Come on, Jay, you’ve been blowing me off for weeks,” Friday said.

Jay stared at the girl he’d been trying to stop coming to his apartment. He’d met her in a club one Friday night, they’d had sex, and for a short time, she became the woman he saw on a Friday. Usually, he only saw women when Temperance was no longer home. He missed her, and with her working for the big hotshot, it had been impossible to actually get her alone.

“I’m not in the mood.”

“You’re never in the mood. Have you found someone else, or do you have some hard-on for your fat roommate?”

Gritting his teeth, he took a step away from Friday. The apartment had a lot of pictures of him and Temperance. His friend wasn’t slender. Temperance possessed curves that some women deemed fat. He loved her shape, and spent most of his time wishing he could hold onto those lush curves. She was at least a size sixteen, but he didn’t care. He loved Temperance no matter her size.

“I’m not going to do this with you. I want you to leave,” he said.

Just as Friday was about to open her mouth, he heard the front door slam. Temperance was home.

Chapter Three

Temperance slammed into her apartment and started to pace the entrance hall. “What the hell have I done?”

“Tempe, is that you?”

She looked up to see her best friend, Jay. She shared her apartment, and Jay was a bad boy accountant, or that was what he told her. They’d been friends for the longest time, and shared a lot together.

“Yes, it’s—” She cut off when she saw a red head coming out of his room. The other woman wore a revealing dress that did nothing to really cover her body. “Erm, okay.”

“Tempe, this is Red. Red, this is Tempe,” Jay said.

“I have a real name. Emma is my real name, and I’m leaving. I can’t believe you would pick her over me. You’re an asshole, Jay, and you can find someone else to fuck and be your girlfriend.”

“What? No, no, no, I’m not his girlfriend. I’m just his friend. We room together.”

“Weird,” Red said, before leaving.

“Weird? How are we weird? It’s normal what we do, right?” Temperance asked.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s pretty weird. We’re not young anymore.”

“So? How does it have to be weird? I’m twenty-nine years old, and so are you. We’re both not attached.”

“Yeah, I don’t really care what my Friday night is thinking.”

“Friday night?”

“Yeah, you’re usually over at your parents’ house, on a Friday night.”

Temperance rubbed her temple. “Please tell me you’re not one of those guys who label their women based on the day of the week you screw them?” She moved toward the couch and slumped down. Her night was going from bad, to great, to worse. The bad boy accountant image fit Jay perfectly.

“Does it matter? She thought I was being insulting only calling her Red, when I have her in my phone as Friday.” Jay pulled out his cell phone, pulling up the other woman’s information, and showing it off to her.

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