“You’re a pig, right? You get that.”

“Does your boss let you get away with that mouth, or has he discovered you’ve got a hot, sexy side?”

She groaned, grabbing a pillow, and putting it over her face.

“That’s not exactly the answer I was going for.”

“It’s complicated, Jay.”

“Is that why you slammed the door to get into the apartment?”

“I didn’t slam anything.”

“Er, you did, and you weren’t quiet about it either. It was an almighty slam.”

Peeking around her pillow, she watched as he did the action as well as if he knew all along what he was doing. “It wasn’t like that.”

“It was. I’d just been about to give Friday the update that she was boring me, and you interrupted me. Completely messed with my muse.”

“How am I even friends with you?”

“I’m adorable, and I’ve never been mean to you.”

That was true. She’d been friends with Jay ever since playschool. Their parents had been close, and she had been close with Jay. Even throughout school, and then into high school, he’d stuck by her side. She’d been the chubby, awkward kid, but he didn’t drop her. Everyone knew not to mess with her unless they wanted to face his wrath. He took care of her. They ended up going to the same college, and yes, he took her virginity, which was the creepy part of their relationship. Temperance hadn’t been able to handle the feelings he’d inspired, and she’d cut it off before he had the chance to. They had gotten past it. Their friendship came before anything else. Jay fucked around, and she had the occasional dates. Unless it was serious, they had each other. To this day, Temperance had never had a serious boyfriend, and she doubted she ever would.

She let out a sigh. “I did something stupid.”

“How? You’ve been at work all day.”

“That was the problem. My boss, Richard, he wanted me to stay behind. He has this new account, and I can’t tell you about it, so don’t ask. Anyway, something has been a little different today, and we crossed a line.”

“You crossed a line? Sounds exciting.”

“Be serious for a second, Jay. Honestly, it’s scary.”


“I slept with my boss.”

Silence fell in their small apartment, and she chanced a glance at Jay to see him frowning. The moment he caught sight of her staring, she groaned. “You think badly of me, don’t you?”

“What? No?” He shook his head. “Of course not.”

“You’re being weird with me, Jay. Please give it to me straight.”

“You slept with your boss?”

“There wasn’t any sleeping taking place. We had sex. Hot sex.” She sighed. “Mind-blowing sex.”

Jay nodded, and a second later he stood up. “This is the boss you’ve been talking about a lot, right? Richard Bruce?”

He was acting strangely, almost as if he was jealous, but that couldn’t be the case. Jay was never jealous. He complained about other women being jealous but never about her.

“He’s my boss, Jay.”

“It’s not like that. You’ve been attracted to him long before now, right?”

Biting her lip, Temperance had to think, and she knew the truth. “I guess, yeah.”

Jay nodded.

“Is something wrong?” Temperance asked.

“No. It’s not.”

“I made a huge mistake. I’m going to have to give in my resignation letter.”

“How was it?”


“The sex. How was it?” Jay poured them both a glass of wine, offering her one, which she took. She needed everything to help her come to terms with what the hell had just happened in her life.

“It was … amazing. I mean, it was only in the office but he knows what to do with his hands, and mouth, and it has been so long.” Her cheeks heated recalling the way he held her ass, riding her pussy as he did.

“I’m happy for you. What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t have a clue.” She groaned, dropping her head back against the couch. “I’m going to have to quit.”

“Well if you do, you know I’m here.”

“You’re supposed to be supportive, and tell me not to worry about it.”

“I’ve never visited you at your office, have I?” he asked. “I don’t know who this Richard is?”

“Huh? No, I don’t think you have. You’re always dealing with numbers, and clients.”

“Yeah, it shocks the fuck out of women when they find out an accountant has blown their mind.”

“It makes a change for me to be the crazy one, and not you.”

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