He knelt down in front of her, dragging her to the edge of his desk, and tilting her back, so that she had no choice but to rest on her hands.

“Oh God, Richard, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to taste this pretty pussy. You’re already wet for me, baby. You want my tongue on this pretty clit?” He didn’t give her a chance to respond before he was swiping his tongue through her cream, moaning as her taste exploded on his tongue.

She was so sweet and musky. He wanted more. Sliding his tongue inside her, he fingered her clit. She was so slick that her cream was spilling out of her cunt and leaking down to her ass.

“Yes, yes, yes, just like that. Oh, wow,” she said, rubbing her pussy all over his face.

Removing his fingers, he gripped the edge of her shirt and tugged, so that buttons sprayed all over his office. His cock was to the point of pain where it was stuck inside his pants, and he quickly released it, rubbing the pre-cum all over the tip and sides of his dick.

Flicking his tongue over her clit, he couldn’t resist dipping inside her.

Creating a little pattern, he caressed her clit with his tongue, and then slid down, fucking inside her so that her cum dripped onto his tongue for him to swallow. One hand was on his cock, and the other he glided up her body, cupping the lace bra she wore, and pulling it aside. Her tit spilled out, and he started to play with her nipple, pinching it. Temperance arched up into his touch, her body clearly on fire for what he needed.

She looked so fucking inviting. Her legs splayed open, getting eaten by her boss. It was how porn movies started, and he had to say, she was the best star he could ever want.

“Do you like that, Temperance?” he asked. “You like being spread over my desk, giving me what I want?”

She moaned in answer.

Plunging two fingers inside her pussy, he tongued her clit, wanting her to ride his hand and face to completion.

He wanted Temperance to think of nothing but him, to wipe every single memory of everyone she’d ever been with before.

Sucking on her clit, he used his teeth to create a little more pain, and then soothed out the pain with the flat of his tongue. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk, holding on tightly as he sucked her pussy, loving the taste of her cum. She was fucking juicy, and he wouldn’t need to use lubricant to get inside her.

“I’m going to come,” she said, gasping as her pussy started to spasm around his fingers, tightening.

Richard was relentless on her pussy, wanting her sounds of pleasure. She’d be screaming his name by the end of the night, and he wasn’t going to stop now.

Pulling a condom out of his pocket, as he always kept them on him, he teased her clit as the last waves of her orgasm started to fade away. Tearing into the foil, he worked quickly, sliding the condom down his length. He used both hands, and within seconds, he was standing between her thighs, running the tip against her slit, coating his dick.

At her entrance, he stared into her green eyes as he slowly started to press inside her. She was so tight, but he was also so big. Her pussy was still contracting, and with each tug of her fading orgasm, she took him a little deeper.

“Fuck, you’re big,” she said.

“That’s it, baby, talk dirty to me.”

He’d only ever seen her as prim and proper. This was a new side of her, and he liked it.

“Fuck me, Richard.”

“I am.”

“No, fuck me.” She levered herself off the desk trying to take more of his dick. He removed his hand from the base of his cock, and held her hips.

“Shit, stop, Tempe.”

“No, you’re being gentle. Don’t be gentle with me. We’ve crossed that line now, Richard, fuck me.”

Damn! He wanted her so much. Holding onto her hips, he slammed in deep, and she took all of him. Every single inch of his cock, and he groaned, loving the warmth of her pussy surrounding him.

She was so hot, wet, and tight.

Temperance wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs were wrapped around his waist, squeezing him tightly.

“You’ve been under my fucking nose all this time.” He had to wonder if she was limited to only one man. Watching Temperance come apart had to be one of the hottest things he’d ever witnessed.

“What?” she asked, frowning.

“Nothing.” He pulled out of her, and slammed within her, watching her cry out. Kissing her neck, he drove in her again, loving the tightness of her. “Come on, Tempe, ride my dick. Take what you want.”

He lifted her up from the desk and walked the few steps back toward his office chair. Lowering himself into the chair, he pushed her shirt off her body, reaching behind her to flick the catch of the bra. Her tits spilled free, and he threw the shirt and bra to the floor. At the same time, she tore his shirt out of his pants, and started working open the buttons.

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