“I’m not a prude.”

“The porn stars didn’t bother you?”

“Not at all. We’ve all got to earn a living, and we all have ways of earning it. What I don’t agree with is putting everything in one big box, and calling it neatly wrapped. I was thinking for the sultry line get adult entertainers to work with it. As you go down his different lines, you’ll see what appeals to some, and not others.”

“No prude?” he asked, not caring about O’Brian’s cosmetics anymore.

“I’m not a prude.”

Richard stared into her green eyes and smiled. “If we had a client who happened to be a porn star, and she wanted our help to expand her production career, it wouldn’t bother you?”

“Not at all.”

“Watching sex all day?”

Temperance chuckled. “Would it bother you, boss?”


“Are you sure? You seem to be hung up on me liking it.”

“I just want to know your limits.”

She leaned forward a little more, resting her hands on his thighs. “I don’t have any limits.”

They stayed like that for several seconds. She smelled like cinnamon and spice, which he found to be a heady combination.

“No limits?”

“No. What about you?”

Richard slid his fingers into her hair, and gripped the length tightly, drawing her closer toward him. “I’m a man without limits.” Pulling her to him, he closed that small space between them so that she stood pressed between his thighs.


His name came from her lips in a moan. “What?”

“We’re crossing that line.”

He chuckled. “We crossed that line earlier today.” Running a finger across her lips, he couldn’t help but wonder what they would look like wrapped around his dick. They were so plump and soft. Pulling her in that last little inch, he slammed his lips down on hers. Even perched on the edge of his desk, he was taller than she was. She gave way to his mouth, opening her lips, and he plunged right in, deepening the kiss. She tasted of mints and coffee, a heady combination.

She gave a moan, and her hands moved up to cup his waist.

They had indeed crossed whatever line held them, and he didn’t care. All he wanted in that moment was her, bent over any surface so that he could get her. She was so fucking sexy, and he wanted that surrounding him. From the moment Temperance had come to work for him, she’d been driving him crazy. There was a time when he never called the club whores to work to service his need, but now he did it on a regular basis. The only reason was because he couldn’t have this woman. If he could have Temperance, he wouldn’t go to anyone else. She fired his need unlike anyone else.

“No, we can’t do this,” Temperance said, breaking from the kiss.

Her lips were already red and raw.


“You’re my boss. I don’t want this to get weird.”

Grabbing her hand, he pressed it against his cock. “This is already more than I can bear to take right now.” He stood up, wrapping his arms around her, capturing her ass, and pulling her close. Richard rubbed his cock against her stomach, letting her know exactly how hard he was.

He wasn’t small, not at all.

Growing up, he’d always been bigger, taller, wider. By the time he was ten years old, he had no choice but to wear adult sizes, as his own age wouldn’t fit him.

At thirteen, he was already having sex with girls older than he was, and he even fucked a couple of women. Richard liked his size, but he also knew that with it came the pain that women experienced. Sex always had to be careful for him, even when he wanted to get down dirty and rough.

It had been a long time since he’d felt this yearning, this ache to be with someone.

Tilting her head back, he claimed her lips, and spun them around, lifting her up so that Temperance was on the desk in front of him. He lifted up her skirt, scoring his nails up her thighs, finding that she wasn’t wearing pantyhose. Fuck, his cock thickened even more if that was possible.

All this time he’d thought her smooth thighs were because of some tights or stockings, when in fact, it was just her skin.

When the skirt wouldn’t go up anymore, he broke from the kiss, trailing his lips down her collarbone, and then over her shirt. He sucked her nipple through her shirt, happy that she wasn’t wearing a padded bra.

Her tits were so large, and he wanted to see them. His hands were busy though. He grabbed her panties, and tore them right off her body, leaving her juicy pussy exposed. The scent of her musky cunt was making his mouth water.

Moving onto the next breast, he sucked her nipple into his mouth so that she had twin wet patches on her shirt. It was one of the hottest things he’d ever witnessed, and one he wanted to see again.

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