Sure, O’Brian’s cosmetics were the best quality, but now he wanted to expand, and he also wanted to make a ludicrous advertisement that starred not only actors and actresses, but also both porn stars and real life people, since his cosmetics reached far and wide. They were so expensive, though, and only the rich would spend a ridiculous amount on them. Once Richard had the account, and O’Brian as part of his bigger brand, he’d make sure everyone would be able to have them.

Richard didn’t believe in cutting the market in half so only the wealthy could have what they wanted. He knew what life was like out on the streets, being dirt poor, and having others look down on you because of it. That wasn’t going to be the way he worked.

He glanced over at Temperance, who was sitting at his right side, making notes. She was always so efficient. He’d made a fool of himself earlier today with his reaction to her brother. At first he had thought that she had a boyfriend, and he’d become aroused. The way Temperance responded to him, he knew she was attracted to him. They had also crossed a line. He didn’t know why he’d told her about Tina, but they had been dancing around this for a long time. The tension was building between them.

“What do you think?” O’Brian asked.

“It sounds like a lot of work for makeup,” Richard said.

“Please, this is my product. I’m telling you, it’ll reach far and wide. Miss Harris, what about you?” O’Brian offered his supposedly warm, winning smile toward her.

“I’m sorry?” Temperance looked at him and then back at O’Brian. “I’m not sure I follow.”

“Is that an O’Brian I detect on your beautiful face?”

Temperance shook her head. “No.” She said it so the O at the end sounded long and drawn out. Richard couldn’t help but smile.

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t wear O’Brian products.”

Richard saw the change in his potential client. “Why not?”

She looked toward him, and Richard raised a brow. He didn’t give a shit if she insulted the egotistical bastard.

“Erm, they’re too expensive.”

“So you don’t get paid enough?”

Richard smirked.

“Actually, I get paid a great deal for the job I do. What I don’t like is wasting the money on a bunch of foundation when it’s all the same.” She pressed her lips together, looking sick.

He found it to be one of the funniest things he’d seen all day. “What my very efficient PA is trying to say is that you’re currently a limited market. The wealthy are more than happy to buy expensive products whereas women on a smaller income couldn’t afford it.” Richard started to get into his line of marketing the man’s product to the masses, and within time, going for the entertainment industry using it as well. He saw he had already captured O’Brian’s attention, and he just needed to draw him that final bit with the figures.

Once he had O’Brian, they signed on the dotted line, and Richard had now acquired another element to his empire.

“Well done,” Temperance said, later that night.

It was a little after ten, as the meeting had run on for a lot longer than Richard anticipated.

“I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Yeah, right. You’re an expert in getting what you want. You had that completely covered.” She packed away the files, and together they made their way toward leaving the conference room. They made their way back toward his office, and Richard went straight to his safe.

Taking the folders from her, he placed them inside, and locked them away ready for tomorrow morning where he’d hand them to his lawyer.

“It took you commenting about your foundation to finally draw him in,” he said, wanting to give credit where credit was due.

“But I didn’t lie to you about that or about anything. I don’t wear O’Brian products.”

“Is it because they’re overpriced?”

She pursed her lips. “Mostly. In the beginning it was because they were too expensive. All foundation works. Then I met the guy behind the makeup, and I didn’t like him, so I won’t buy any of his stuff. He’s already got enough ego as it is.”

“I don’t have to market him, just his product.”

“I couldn’t believe how he wanted to market it with porn stars, and regular people. Seriously, I feel like I was dealing with an amateur. There are ways to handle different products.”

“Are you a prude?” he asked, leaning against the edge of his desk. Temperance stood in front of him, so close that their legs were almost touching. Copyright 2016 - 2023