“Fuck, Tempe, I love you. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long.”

“Now we finally have her between us,” Richard said. His tongue played up, and she couldn’t help but tense as he started to lick her anus, wetting it. “You know one of us is going to be here, baby,” he said, biting her ass cheek. “Your body is just too fucking hot to deny ourselves.”

Two fingers worked into her pussy, pumping in and out.

“I want to taste her,” Jay said.

She was moved, pulled off Jay’s cock, and put to her back on the bed. Her thighs were pushed open, and Jay moved between her legs. He started to lick her pussy, sucking her clit into his mouth.

“You taste like heaven,” Richard said. He was kneeling beside her, and his pants were now off. Both men had done it while she’d been busy with the other. Wrapping her fingers around his length, she took him into her mouth, giving him the same attention that she had done to Jay. “Yes, fuck, yes. Take my cock.”

Temperance gasped as Jay fucked her with his fingers at the same time as he teased her clit.

The pleasure was intense, and she shook with each press of his fingers.

Richard pumped his cock inside her. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” he asked.

Opening her eyes, she looked up at the man who was turning her world upside down. She shook her head.

“Are you ready to have that ass teased open?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Good, Jay, would you like to do the honors?”

“Fuck yeah.”

The night had only just begun, and Temperance had a feeling by the morning, she was going to be struggling to walk.


“I have some lube in the closet,” Richard said.

Jay licked Temperance’s excess cream and moved off the bed. He walked into the closet, seeing an array of sex toys, dildos, and nipple clamps. He took the lube and walked back into the bedroom.

Temperance still had Richard’s cock in her mouth, and he was fingering her pussy.

“You found it?”

He held up the tube.

“Good, let’s get her nice and prepared. I think it’s only fair we start as we mean to go on. Do you want her ass, or would you like me to take it?”

“I’ll take her pussy. You’ve been inside her already, and it has been too long for me. I want to feel her again.”

He handed the lube to Richard, and they switched places.

“Let’s get her on her knees. I want easy access to her ass.”

Jay moved up the bed, sitting against the pillows, and Temperance moved between his thighs, gripping his cock. Her ass was in the air, waiting for Richard’s attention.

He was so turned on that he had to keep counting to calm himself down.

Chapter Eight

Richard ran his fingers over her rounded ass. He placed the lube on the bed, and gripped her ass, opening her up so that he got a good view of her anus and her cunt. She was so wet, and he dipped his fingers inside her, gathering her cream, and spreading it over her tight little asshole.

Each time he touched her, she tensed just a little, and he couldn’t resist prolonging his teasing to see her finally relax.

“I’m just going to grab a toy,” he said, leaving the bed, and finding the dildo that he was looking for.

Moving back toward his woman, he watched as she sucked Jay’s cock. Both of them looked in bliss.

He wasn’t about to be outdone, so he climbed back on the bed behind her. Opening the tube of lube, he squirted some all over her anus, and with his finger, he started to work over her ass. He pushed the lube inside, working past those tight muscles. Once one finger was inside her, he pumped in and out, then used a second finger to start opening her for his cock.

She was so tight, and he found it a turn-on to work her ass. He was going to be the first guy to have her ass.

“You’ve got such a nice ass, baby,” he said. An ass he could certainly grow accustomed to being inside.

When she took his fingers with ease, he gripped the toy, and removed them. Slowly, he guided the toy and started to work it in her ass.

She tensed up, and he paused, waiting for her to get used to the toy.

Richard had a great deal of patience, and he knew how to work a woman. Reaching between her thighs, he started to tease her clit.

“Holy fuck, man, what are you doing?” Jay asked. His head fell to the bed, and Richard used his other hand to start rocking the dildo into her ass. Once she had taken so many inches of the dildo, Temperance began to thrust up to it, moaning as she did.

He noticed she took Jay even deeper into her mouth, almost gagging on his cock. Her body took over, and he watched her, worshiping the way she fucked back.

Temperance needed two men.

She just didn’t know it.

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