“You want us both to move in with you?”

“The space is big enough, and we all know this is going to happen. You want us both, Temperance. There’s no need to deny it. Just let it happen. All three of us want this. I’m not going to rush you, and I’m happy to take our time, getting to know each other.” Richard pressed his head against hers. “Please.”

She’d never heard Richard say please, so she nodded. “Yes.”

“Yes,” Jay said, stepping up behind her. She sank against him, finding comfort in both men. In that moment she knew they both needed her.

Even as her fear of being with them both was great, her arousal was even greater. Taking both of their hands in hers, she stepped toward the fourth bedroom. She had noticed that the fourth bedroom had the largest bed.

Richard gripped her hand tightly, and she looked back at him. “This is not to rush you.”

“I’m not feeling rushed. Do you feel rushed?”


“Then do you not want to be with me, with us?” She released them long enough to enter the fourth bedroom. She hadn’t anticipated this tonight, but it just felt right. No matter her main doubts, it did feel right to her.

Turning toward them, she removed her robe, staring from Richard then to Jay, then back again. The robe fell at her feet, and she kicked it aside. She wore a sheer negligee as she loved wearing sexy night clothes. They were the most comfortable.

Pushing the strap of her dress down her shoulder, she stared at both men, even as the negligee fell to the floor. She walked up to Richard first, placing her hands on his sides. He only wore a pair of pajama bottoms, so he was naked for her to touch.

“Baby, I want to be with you, but only if you’re ready.”

“I’m ready.” She cupped his cheek, unable to believe that this was going to happen. They had been together for three weeks, and before that, she’d been part of both of their lives. Richard and Jay had found a friendship with each other. She loved being snuggled up with both men, and she knew they enjoyed being with her.

Lifting up on her toes, she started to kiss him, sliding her tongue into his mouth, and then caressing over his lips.

He moaned, wrapping his arms around her and drawing her closer.

Jay moved toward them. He stood behind her, pulling her hair off her shoulder, and kissing her neck. Tilting her head to the side, she gave him access as Richard followed, still kissing her back.

The feel of both men turned her on. Her doubts started to fade as they began to touch, Jay at her back, and Richard at her front.

Never did she imagine that this would be her life, her best friend, and her billionaire boss, yet this was what was happening.

“Let it happen,” Jay said. “Don’t overthink it.”

Her best friend at all times. Closing her eyes, she continued to kiss Richard, and at the same time, slide her hand down the front of his pajama pants. His dick was already rock hard tenting them.

Richard broke from the kiss, moving down her chest, and taking possession of one of her tits.

“I love your tits,” Richard said. “They’re so fucking big.” He cupped both of them, pressing them together, flicking his tongue over each nipple.

Suddenly, Jay started to move her back, and Richard followed, neither man letting go of her.

“Come on, it’s time to get on the bed,” Jay said. He climbed on the bed, and she saw he was already completely naked. “I’ve got room for you right here.” He patted the space between his thighs, making her laugh. “This has got your name all over it.”

She chuckled and climbed onto the bed. Just as she was about to turn, Jay caught her cheek, tugging her close. He took possession of her mouth, sliding his tongue inside. She was bent over, kneeling on the bed. Her legs slightly parted, and Richard moved in behind her, spreading the cheeks of her ass. His tongue slid over her pussy, and she gasped, pulling away from the kiss to look behind her. She only saw Richard’s body.

“Is his face against your pussy?” Jay asked.


Temperance looked down, and there was Jay’s cock. He was working up and down his length, the tip already glistening with pre-cum.

Taking his cock in her hand, she held him tightly, lowering her mouth over the head. She licked up the pre-cum and moaned as she took him into her mouth. She was halfway down his cock when she couldn’t take anymore.

Richard tongued her clit, sliding back to plunder her pussy.

“Fuck, baby. Your mouth is fucking heaven.”

Jay gripped her hair, and he started to thrust up into her mouth. She looked up seeing the pleasure on Jay’s face. It was so clear, and not something he could hide.

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