It was his and Jay’s time to show her how much fun could be had between the two of them.

“Do you like your ass being fucked?” Richard asked.


That was all the answer he got.

Sliding his fingers inside her cunt, he found her already soaking, and when she finally took the dildo and was riding it, Richard knew it was time for her to take his dick.

Leaving the dildo inside her ass, he climbed off the bed, and grabbed two condoms. “You’re going to need one of them.”

Jay tore into the condom, and Temperance pulled off his cock.

Richard rolled the latex over his dick, using some more lube to rub all over his dick. Once he was completely slick, he climbed back on the bed.

Temperance was kneeling, and he caught her chin, kissing her lips. “Are you ready for this?”


He slid his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss. “Then climb on Jay. Let him put his cock inside you.”

She straddled Jay’s thighs, and Richard rubbed the lube over his cock, working the length as he watched the other cock slide deep inside her pussy. He would need a mirror across his bed. He wanted to see every single reaction on her beautiful face, and right now, he didn’t have that.

“How does she look?” he asked.

“Her eyes are closed, and she’s biting her lip. Now she’s looking at me,” Jay said. “That’s right, baby, look at me with those pretty green eyes.”

Richard moved in behind her, cupping her hip as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder. “Does he feel good inside your pussy?”

“Yes. So good.”

“Get him inside you, and I’ll ride your ass.”

She groaned out, arching up into his touch.

Jay gripped her hips and seated her completely on his cock. Richard claimed her lips, devouring the squeal she gave out.

“Hold her ass open for me,” Richard said.

Jay took hold of each cheek of her ass, spreading her wide. The tight little puckered hole was gaping a little from the toy he had used, and Richard hoped she hadn’t closed up for what he was about to put his cock there.

Wrapping his fingers around the length, he pressed the tip to her anus, and started to push inside her. Her muscles were a little loose from the dildo he used, so it wasn’t that hard to get into her.

She gasped. “Fuck! You’re too big.”

“Every man wants to hear that,” Richard said. “It’s okay. Getting the tip in is always the hard part. Now we get to the fun part.”

Inch by inch, he pressed inside her ass. She was incredibly tight, and even Jay cursed. “Fuck, man, even I can feel you. You’ve made her pussy so damn tight.”

He pushed in the last few inches, and Temperance cried out.

“That’s it. I’m in, baby.”

“It’s too much.”

“Just give it a second. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

She was gasping, and Richard worked his hand between them, touching her clit. He didn’t care that he was touching Jay in the process. All he wanted to do was make Temperance feel good.

Seconds passed, maybe even minutes, but he didn’t stop his teasing. Her body changed. She started out quite tense, and unnerved, but then she started to rock. Her ass squeezed his dick, and her pussy grew slick with her cream.

“Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop, man,” Jay said.

“I’m going to let her come. You’re going to come all over his cock, and then we’re going to ride you until we come, do you like that?”

“Yes, God, yes.”

“Not God, baby. Richard.”

“And Jay. Don’t fucking forget me.”

“I won’t,” she said, gasping.

He needed to get a lot of mirrors around the room. Richard didn’t want to miss a moment of fucking her, and the only way to do that was mirrors.

Using two fingers, he worked her clit, feeling the tremors of her impending orgasm as her ass started to pulse around his cock, squeezing him.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me. Let me feel how much you want it.”

She screamed his name, and then Jay’s. Her ass going even tighter, and from the combined pleasure and pain on Jay’s face, he imagined her pussy was just as tight.

Richard kissed her neck and nodded at Jay. “Fuck her.”


Temperance had never known pleasure like it. Jay and Richard were both large men. Richard a little bigger than Jay, but either way, she wasn’t complaining. She had a dick in her pussy and in her ass. The pleasure was out of this world, and the orgasm Richard had just teased her to, was the start of many to come. Neither man would ever let her go without receiving at least one orgasm.

Jay still held onto her hips, and he started to pull out of her pussy. Richard was still teasing her clit so little aftershocks were making her sensitive to each touch, each caress. Copyright 2016 - 2023