But that boy came whom I slapped.

“Why you came here “ my mother sent me inside and asked them.

“see you given happiness to my father now tell your mother to give happiness to me at today night ok. Don’t even try to send her anywhere .bitch daughter will become bitch daughter only.” He said and went out.

My mother falls on her knees..

“Maa I will go “I said to my mother .

“No plz don’t go outside he will kill you. It’s danger now whole village will keep eye on you. So be here I will try my level best to save you ok” as my requested and I said yes .

I ran to room and locked my self...

It happened now my thoughts come on love because I am girl who don’t deserve love. .my thoughts were broken by my mother shouting....

“See only I will do what you all want plz don’t trouble my daughter. Plz “ my mother was requesting them but they are not listening to her..

“I went outside the room “ I saw they went to kill my mother .

“Plz don’t do anything to my mother I will do what you all say “ I said to save my mother.

“ no you will not do this. I want see you as a daughter in law of good house plz don’t do this “ my mother requested me...

“ take this saree and get ready I will come in with in half an hour don’t try to act like smart in front of me ok. As he said and went .

“dont do this plz come I will send you somewhere “ my mother said .

“they will kill you maa I will do anything for you maa “I said went to room again.

But how can I give myself to unknown I will end my life before anyone touch my body..

As I took poison in my hand to drink .

How is this .

Waiting to know your feedbacks..

Love you all

❤ Kavita❤

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