“love what is meaning of it. Some people’s says attraction, heart to heart connection. Affection, trust, many more but in my life there is no space for it. Because I don’t know who is my father its just happened because of my mother who makes every man happy. Yeah she is bitch. Every day she sleeps with different person so I did not even know who is my father. My mother kept me in hostel from last 20 years. I was out of all this but today I came back to my mother place. When I went to sit inside the bus all boys are just looking at me because one women already said in bus that I am whose daughter.

I was walking on the road to reach the house my mother. One boy came in front me and asked me “hey you are so beautiful how much you will take to one night “ I slapped him.

“dont You dare to say me like that “ I shouted.

“I hope you did not forget who’s daughter you are. Then let me tell you that you are bitch daughter . Who makes every men to go to heaven. So you should also same and don’t worry baby today might I will come “ he said smirking at me I just wanted to kill him but I am girl what I can do. and I am new to this place.

I reached my house I already saw so many mens coming out if my house when they saw they are smirking at me. I just ignored and went inside. I just ran to my mummas room but when I opened it shit I saw my mother romancing with one men. I just ran to my room and locked myself in room.


“How are you “my mother asked me.

“I want to go “ I said as I don’t want to live here.

”what happened to you here “ she asked me .

“its hell I can’t become like you. I don’t want to be plz I want to go out of it “ I said crying .

“I can understand and I don’t want to throw you to this work don’t worry you can leave “ My mother said I hugged her.

“I lost my parents at young age. But lot of boys were raped me then I became like this “ my mother said I looked at her face crying .

“maa one day I will come and make you to come out of this. My promise to you maa “ as I said and took my bag to go .

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