He leans down and gives Sarah a kiss on the lips then sits her up and slides down to the end of the bed where she and I are joined. I hold still while Sarah spreads her legs wide and Luke slips between them. His cock is hard and he looks like he’s ready to burst any second.

I help Sarah lean back against me and I hold her up while Logan works his cock inside her tight pussy. I lick up her neck and kiss the sweet spot under her ear. I want her to relax and I whisper to her, “Your ass is completely full of my cock right now, baby.” I hold her gently by the throat with my left hand and my right reaches down to pet her clit. Luke is slowly working his cock in so we don’t hurt her. “You’re doing so good, baby girl. We are so proud of you for taking both of us. You’re not a virgin anymore, Sarah. Luke and I took your sweet cherries. You belong to us now.”

Sarah whimpers and works her hips. She’s greedy for it, and as soon as Luke is inside her, she’ll get everything she wants.

I continue petting her clit and I can feel the moment Luke fills her with his cock. Sarah lets out a deep breath and Luke and I groan at the same time. “You did it, baby sis. You took both of your brothers’ cocks at once. Feel how full we make you? You love it, don’t you? Whose are they? This pussy and ass… whose are they, baby? I want to hear you say who you belong to while you’re stuffed full of cock.”

“Yours. Both of yours. My pussy and ass, my body, my heart, it all belongs to both of you.”

“That’s right, princess. Now lean forward and hold on to Luke. Let us fuck you and fill both your holes up with cum.”

Sarah leans forward and Luke and I start out slow. We alternate our thrusts, ensuring that she’s constantly full of dick. We’re all in a cloud of ecstasy and sensation.

We thrust harder and Sarah rides both of us. I’m on the edge but she’s begging me to pound her ass harder so I keep going. I look to Luke for help but he looks like he’s struggling to hold on as well. Our eyes meet and he nods. We’ve got to get her off before we both bust a nut.

Luke leans down and bites one of her nipples. Hard. Sarah lets out a scream and I slap her ass repeatedly until she starts cumming. Her orgasm hits her hard and she’s still screaming as we both thrust in at the same time and empty our cocks. I can feel my balls draw up and give her ass every single drop of my seed. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I feel myself go into her. It is the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had and I can tell that Sarah and Luke feel the same way. We are a sweaty, cum-covered heap of bodies and I have never been happier.

I pull out at the same time as Luke and see Sarah go limp on top of him with her legs wide open. She has cum pouring out of both holes and, as drained as my cock is, I feel myself get hard again.

I go over to my pants and grab my phone. “What are you doing?” Sarah asks and Luke just smiles.

“Stay still, princess. I want to commemorate this moment.” I get close and take a picture of just her pussy and asshole swollen with her orgasms and covered in our cum. “I’m making this my goddamn home screen picture.”

“Send that to me, bro. I want to do the same thing.”

“You can’t have a picture of my pussy and ass on your phone! What if someone sees it! I’m so embarrassed!” Sarah squeals and buries her face in Luke’s shoulder.

I lie down beside them and get her to look at my face. “Princess, do you think either of us would let that happen? And honestly, who gives a fuck? You’re ours now. Your body belongs to us.” I look back at the picture on my phone and smile. “I’d tell you I’ll jerk off to this every day, but I plan on fucking you so much I won’t have any alone time to do it.”

Sarah looks at me shyly and says, “Maybe you could jerk off in front of me.” She has a huge blush on her cheeks and I look up to see Luke smiling.

“Looks like our girl is a pervert. I fucking love it.”


Spreading my legs wide I slide my finger over my clit and take a quick picture with my phone. Then I slip the same finger between my lips and take another before readjusting my skirt. Luke said if I was going to keep working in the office, I could only wear skirts. Logan, of course, demanded no underwear, getting a grunt of approval from Luke. I pretended the idea annoyed me but secretly I loved it. I had to let them think they were winning some battles, but Luke wouldn’t be winning the one I have in mind now.

One month after my brothers made me theirs, they had a ring on my finger. Another month after that, I found out I was expecting. Both of them have been trying to get me to quit working in the office but I’ve been fighting it. I plan on staying home once our little one is here but right now I like being here with them.

Unbuttoning the top two buttons of my blouse I send the two pictures I took to Luke. Since we found out I was having a baby, Luke’s lovemaking has changed. Now he’s even more gentle than Logan. I still sleep tied to the bed, and I would often wake to Luke rolling on top of me and thrusting into me hard and quick. He would bite my breast and demand my orgasm until he came deep inside me. Then he would roll off me to let Logan slide in after him. Logan would worship my body with his slow tender loving. Now Luke just worships like Logan too. I need both. My gentle lover and my demanding one. I will have them both. I just have to poke the beast.

I hear the beep of Luke’s phone go off in the next room and I feel my pussy clench with excitement. Suddenly the door flies open and Luke is filling the doorway.

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