Sarah nods her head in agreement, which is a good thing, because in no way was that a discussion. It was a fact. We plan on cumming in this prime pussy multiple times a day until we can get her pregnant.

I look over at Logan and we both have the biggest grins on our face. I’ve never been so happy in my life. My family is complete.

“Looks like it’s time to take that ass cherry, bro. We aren’t stopping tonight until her ass and pussy are overflowing with our cum. I’m ready for both of us to fuck her together so she’s going to need a good hard anal ride to work her open. Go easy, but make her know it’s yours. Meanwhile I think she needs to lick my messy cock clean.” Looking down at my still hard cock I’m thankful there’s not any of her cherry blood left, only my cum and hers.

“It’s about fucking time,” Logan shouts. “Get on all fours, princess; I need to see my prize.”

CHAPTER 7 *Logan*

Watching Luke fuck Sarah was one of the most amazing moments in my life. To see them, my family, together in this way was how we always envisioned it. It was perfect. Sarah was so beautiful as she took Luke’s cock, and even more beautiful when she came. I can’t wait to see it again when I’m inside her.

Luke pulls out of her sweet cunt and a huge gush of cum spills out. “Holy fuck. Baby, that is so pretty. Turn over on your tummy and scoot to the end of the bed. Knees up, asshole on full display. Luke is going to sit in front of your face and you’ll lick him clean. Meanwhile this pink pucker is mine.”

We all move into position and I kneeled behind her round, lush ass. I can see her head bobbing up and down. Luke has his head thrown back and his eyes are closed. Her sucking noises around Luke’s cock put me more on edge. This feels so natural, sharing her this way. I grab her ass roughly with both hands and spread her wide. Her asshole is so pink and pretty and begging me to eat it. I dive face first without hesitation and moan at her sweet taste. I don’t lick her anywhere else because this sweet spot is all mine. Sarah is moving her hips and moaning around Luke’s cock – so loud I think we could get her to cum just from ass play.

“Bro, she’s sucking my dick down. Keep at her ass, man. She fucking loves it,” Luke marvels.

I pull back to spit on it and then stick my thumb straight in. She lets out a mix between a squeal and a moan and I take it as a good sign. “Looks like we’ve got a little butt slut on our hands. You fucking love it, don’t you, princess?” Sarah moans some more and wiggles her ass, begging for attention. I pull my hand back and give her cheek a nice loud smack. A red handprint blossoms right away as she gags on Luke’s dick.

“You’ll get your attention, baby. Let me work this ass a little more and big bro will give you his cock.”

I pull my thumb out and spit on her ass again. I slip two of my fingers in this time and start pumping. Sarah works her hips and makes all kinds of noises. I reach down and stroke my cock and lube it up with all the pre-cum that’s dripping down from the head. I’ve got so much cum leaking out of my cock that I know this is all we’ll need for my dick to slide home. Just to be safe, I slide into her warm snug pussy and take three quick thrusts to get my cock fully wet before pulling it back out.

By the time I’ve got a third finger in her ass I look up to see Luke has Sarah by the hair and is thrusting into her mouth.

“Sarah, baby, you’re being such a good girl. Taking Luke’s cock all the way to the back of your throat and having three fingers fuck your virgin asshole at the same time. We’re so proud of you, baby. It’s time to make that ass mine, princess. Open up and let me in.”

I pull my fingers out and line up my slick cock. Sarah reaches around and grabs her ass cheeks, spreading them wide for me. I push my cock in and feel the head of my cock pop though her tight ring. She lets out a little cry and Luke is there to calm her down. He makes soft noises and runs his fingers through her hair. Her face is lying on his lap, and she has her eyes closed tight.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” Luke coos. “Just let Logan get in there and then we can both fuck you at the same time. Don’t you want us to fuck as a family?”

Sarah takes a deep breath and nods her head.

“Yes, I do. I want both of you fucking me at the same time. I want to be filled up with cock and cum. Do it, Logan. I’m ready.”

With her acceptance I slide my cock in until I’m bottoming out and balls deep. “FUCK.” My vision is blurry and sweat has broken out all over my body. I’ve never in my life experienced anything so perfect as being inside this sweet hole.

“Just give her a few pumps and then I’ll get inside too, man. Try to hold off until then. I know how you feel. It’s like a goddamn dream, isn’t it?” Luke says.

“Fucking perfection,” I answer as I pull out almost all the way before pushing back in. Sarah is taking all ten inches of me in her virgin ass like a champ. She feels so good. “Good girl, baby,” I whisper to her. “Such a good girl.”

I feel Sarah tense up and I know she’s going to cum. Jesus, she’s so quick to orgasm. We’re going to have to teach her to control it, make it last longer so she can cum harder. Right now, though, since it’s her first time doing anal, I want her to cum as often as she can.

“Go ahead, baby, cum for me while I’m in your ass,” I demand.

I hear her cry of release and feel her clench around my cock. I’m able to make it a few more seconds before I look up to Luke in desperation. “It’s time.” Copyright 2016 - 2024