Grandma looked at Samantha's birth certificate and she told both of the young ladies you are not half sisters both of you have the same father and mother but poor Marsha was Ruby when she gave birth to sweet little Samantha. When Stephanie showed the picture of the man outside of the donut shop.

Samantha told them that's grandpa Galloway. When they lined up the pictures, grandma letters and grandma's journal told the whole story of a family torn apart by mental illness. Both of the girls called their grandpa. The next day he visited both of them.

He told them a story that he had been told on numerous times that their mother when she became manic that she had Samantha hide in various places and told him she had ran away. he looked around cities around the area for his little girl and came here and saw you.

Stephanie asked him that's why you called Samantha. He answered yes and then you told me you were Stephanie. I thought you had your mother's illness so I left the pictures for you to find your way home. he also told her he didn't know he had a older granddaughter. He told them God wanted us all to know about each other. Grandpa Galloway decided to move to their little town of Morley. Now both of the girls really have a family, they have both their grandmother and their grandfather to enjoy their favorite holidays and every Sunday going to church together, and most of all being a family

The End

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