She stayed recovering from her injuries for the next week and a half. Stephanie visited her every day that she didn't have to work. Samantha told her that her mother's name was Ruby. Stephanie remembered that one friend of her mothers talking crazy about doing whatever he did to Ruby and Samantha he could do to them.

That was too much of consequances not to be related to her in some way. They had plenty of room at the house for Samatha to be able live with them. When Samantha was released from the clinic Stephanie took Samatha home to meet her grandmother. Samantha had her birth certificate with her. She showed it to Stephanie's grandmother.

Granma Martha went into her closet and came out with a book of some kind enclosed in the same kind of patch envelope. She asked Stephanie to bring the patches to her. They sat around the dinning room table.

Stephanie read the letter to Samantha and showed her the baby picture. Samantha excused herself to retrieve the brown envelope. She opened the envelope In it was many pictures of her of all ages and some of her mother Ruby.

Grandma Martha said to both of them sweethearts my book, Samantha's envelope and the patches tells all about our family. I have one daughter. Her name is Marsha . When she was almost a young woman she started seeing a young man.

They would meet at the football games then sneak into the motel on the closed highway to have sexual relations with each other. Then his father found out and wouldn't let him see her anymore. That young man never knew that Marsha was pregnant.

Marsha gave birth to Stephanie. She was alright for awhile then she became sick. I'm not talking psychical I wished that was the case for so many years now. One morning I was waken by her hands around my neck. She almost strangled me to death.

She told the police she thought I had done away with her mother. She told them her name was Ruby. I don't know where she got that name from. She ran away. I didn't see her for a long time. One time she called me while she was at a hospital and told me that she had just given birth to a little girl.

Then out of nowhere she changed back into Ruby and was cussing me out. I did some checking and found out that she had another little girl. Every time she came back she thought Stephanie was Samantha and it was so hard to keep straight plus her illness came and went from the drug abuse. Some of her needle marks she couldn't have done on her own. Copyright 2016 - 2023