Several police vehicles responded with their sirens blearing. He called for the crime team to respond.. He explained how he had found the officer and the back door. The fingerprints on the car wasn't helpful due to they were smeared but the found two good sets of finger prints on the kitchen island where someone had hid behind it then using their hands pulled them selves up again and one the back door as they exited out of the house. David suggested the prints to be run locally first including anyone would had to provide theirs for work claiming he knew his wife Linda had to have hers on file to be able to give narcs to her patients. The officer who was stabbed had to undergo two surgeries but would be alright

David moved a rocking chair into the family room to feed and rock Davy to sleep in the evening while some of the family played card games and watched tv. Gramps would sit in his chair and work on his crossword puzzles Most of the family took turns on getting acquainted with Davy Joe. Mary Rose remembered back when David's sons was little and enjoyed watching her brother bonding with his new baby boy.

Early the next week the investigating team got evidence from overseas that both knives replacement had been ordered and was on their way to America as they spoke. The person who had ordered them stated that somehow they had fallen into the trash compacter by mistake probably they were knocked off of the kitchen cabinet when one of her room mates was cleaning and didn't realize it before turning on the compacter. The name of the person ordering the replacement knives was Margret Ann Newhouse address was a house on the upper part of town. They ran her name in the local hand print data base. They were surely a match.

The sergeant made sure not one of the Flanagan family members was at her house when she was arrested. After Margret was booked her six lawyers went in front of a judge and got her released under her own accordances. The bail was set at 1.5 Million dollars. David was afraid she would try to kill the baby again or maybe another member of his family was in hair crosshair. while she was out on bail she tried to catch a plane to overseas and was put into custody and this time again she was release. this time he ordered her to wear an ankle bracelet. She also ordered to check in with a court appointed liaison.

When she didn't show up for her appoint they ran a check on her ankle bracelet. The liaison notified the judge. He ordered the police to do a welfare on her. They found she had somehow got out of her restraints. The police order a APB out on her. She had fled the country to avoid prosecution. It took almost a year for the authorities to get her back in the United States to stand trial for one count of Premeditated murder. two counts of attempted murder, assault on a police officer. one count of fleeing to escape capture, one count of destroying a tracking devise. She had two attorneys to help with each charge. Copyright 2016 - 2024