Linda was married to the second son of the police commissioner. Her oldest brother in law was killed in the line of duty. The youngest brother in law of hers was a beat cop, and her sister in law was an assistant DA for the city. She enjoyed working under Linda. She had truly learned a lot from her. Kendal blamed herself for Linda dying. She should have rode with that patient while transferring the patient to another hospital. She couldn't do it. She had to pick her grandmother's medication up.. The pharmacy was going to close in fifteen minutes.

Dr. Gordon Shepherd in charge of all new hospital projects was looking into staffing a clinic the hospital was opening on January 2nd. It was for homeless and low income people who wanted to get off of alcohol and drug addiction. She remembered that Linda would help Dr. Shepherd recruit nurses to his new projects. Kendal wondered who was helping him now. She wasn't sure if he had anyone helping him yet with this new project. His project had just been approved. She knocked on Dr. Shepherd's office door

She volunteered to help him but he had already found a new assistant but he would put her on his nurses list for the new project. She agreed and signed up to being a nurse at the rehab clinic . He asked her if she realized it was a live in position. She smiled and agreed it would suit her fine. He didn't know that she was on the layoff list but now she had found another position which kept her job. She lived in a little one room with bath already. It wouldn't be too much different.

She could take off in between her Christmas work schedule and starting her new position on January the second. It wouldn't take but a day to move. She asked Dr. Shepherd when he had picked her room out if it could be in a front room with windows looking out at the square where they have concerts and Winter Wonderland land during the Christmas season. Dr. Shepherd said it had a bed and dresser drawers. The bath was a three fourths with a little vanity, toilet and a small walk in shower.

Kendal thought this will be great knowing Grandma could move into her little apartment by her brother and wouldn't have to go into a senior citizen facility or move out of town to another relative's home. When she got home she pack her personal items She told grandma everything and showed her a picture of what the outside of the building looked like. Copyright 2016 - 2024