Kendal Marie Harrison spent most of her twenty six years of life being a loner. she was raised by her only God fearing grandma. She was taught not to make waves. If someone did her wrong she just turned her cheek like the bible had taught her to do. At break time she wasn't on her cell phone like the popular group of nurses in fact she didn't have a cell phone She just recently bought one. She had been looked over several times in favor for one of the popular nurses. The office would tell her it was because she didn't have a cell phone for them to reach her at all times of the day and night.

All of the nurses in the emergency room knew each other, some were more of a friend than others. It seem no matter what the circumstance was there was one nurse who went after Kendal's throat than any other nurse who worked at the Mid City hospital. She had lost track of how many times one nurse had either hit or pushed her but one time Kendal fell down a flight of stairs. The only nurse Kendal was really friendly with a nurse who was married to one of the city's homicide detectives. She was the head of the evening emergency room . She wanted to call the police and have her face charges on assault but Kendal begged Belinda Leah Flanagan not to.

She took a few days off to heal. Belinda came to her apartment on her lunch break every single day. After that day they started calling each other by their nicknames. Belinda wanted to be called Linda and Kendal wanted Linda to call her Marie. They started having lunch together. Linda told her about her extended family and all of the cool things they did on family outings.

Kendal wished that she had a large family like Linda had. Kendal asked her priest why some families was large and others wasn't. He told her that God has his reason. He asked her how her brother was doing. She told him that John her brother was doing alright., that he also has to work one full time at the hospital and a part time job at a local urgent care clinic. He likes to be able to take his girlfriend on weekend getaways.

Kendal was just the opposite. She was more of a homebody, she would crawl up in a chair and read almost any kind of a book. She didn't have to deal with the bullying. Even though she was average looking and her IQ was average., people make fun of her and her clothing being too old for her age plus she didn't wear makeup and feel makeup is a waste of money.. Copyright 2016 - 2024