The moist clench of her sex seemed to demand it from him. The heat of her...

As he lunged his body over hers, his chest rubbed against her stiffened ni**les. Her back arched to him, her br**sts jutting.

Elemental drives ruled him. His gaze was drawn to the tender flesh between her neck and shoulder, just under the line of her shining pearls.

"Holly...can't stop myself."

"Don't stop!"

"Mine." He sank his fangs in her.

Her arms fell limp over her head, her body quiescent as he rutted over her. She screamed with pleasure as she helplessly came.

Her sex clenched around his cock, milking it for the seed he could finally give her.

Mindlessly snarling against her flesh, he plunged into her again and again. The ache, the pressure, the throbbing inside...

He was crazed with the need to ejaculate, thrusting, grunting, driving. He released her neck, throwing back his head to roar as his come began to shoot from him. His back bowed from the force of it, jetting out in wave after wave.

He'd claimed her. Holly's last.

He collapsed over her, heaving his breaths against her marked neck.

Once he'd begun to gather his wits, he leaned up to see how badly he'd hurt her, an apology on his lips. "Holly, I..." He trailed off at her expression.

She looked even hungrier for him.

"Is that all you've got?" she said, her voice a purr.

His eyes went wide, then narrowed. "Oh, I've got more, baby." He clutched the back of her neck. "A lot more."

"Then let's see it." Her claws sank deeper into his ass.

He hissed in a breath, and his c**k pulsed inside her. "Later, I'm gonna do you nice and slow, but right now I just need to bend you over things and see what this sexy little body of yours can do...."

"Try to keep up, demon."


He'd exhausted her. Holly lay sleeping soundly beside him, her slim arm stretched over his chest as he sifted his fingers through her hair.

Cade had been merciless with her, making her come over and over. But he wanted her to remember this night for the rest of her life.

He kissed her shoulder where he'd bitten her, glad to see it was rapidly healing. Her transition was indeed complete. She was an immortal. His little immortal.

He'd claimed her. There was no going back, even if he wanted to. And he did not want to.

In the morning, he'd remember why this had been unwise, but for now, he blocked out all doubt, allowing himself this night.

Awash in satisfaction, he'd been grinning, or on the verge for the last half hour. Prim Miss Ashwin had thrown one over on him, making the ancient demon feel like a weak-kneed lad. She was a wanton, holding nothing back from him.

Even as she wore her dainty pearls.

He'd never imagined a sense of completeness like this. And what if he'd gotten a babe on her? Again, he grinned. My female and my kid.

If Holly thought that Cade could try her patience, imagine what his demon spawn would be like.

Maybe Valkyrie daughters and demon sons...

His phone rang, casting him back to his much bleaker reality. He dragged himself from the bed to answer it, knowing who it would be.

Rök had been checking in several times a day. And never with good news....

Cade asked, "What do you have?"

"Not a lot. It's like they're being tipped off, every time we get close to Néomi."

The deadline was drawing near. With every night that his crew couldn't find the vampire's Bride, Cade's hopes dwindled. Should he keep his crew scouring the city?

Or begin planning his riskiest idea ever: an assault on a sorcerer's fortress.

"We'll give it seven more nights."

"I'm...happy?" Holly said aloud, with a frown. Yes, for the last week at the cabin, that's what she'd been feeling. Contentment.

As she straightened up, waiting for her computer to charge in the car, she found it hard to concentrate on cleaning. That's a first.

And she might even be more than merely happy.

Holly's parents had had that kind of love so rare that one only read about it. Maybe it happened more often than Holly thought.

Maybe it's me.

Her demon had only been gone an hour - he was out ice fishing - and already she missed him, missed his booming voice and heavy footsteps. She craved his addictive scent - cold and pine and Cadeon.

Earlier, he'd said, "If I go through the trouble of catching, cleaning, and cooking fish, then you will go through the trouble of eating it."

For him, she was going to...try.

The last week with him had been incredible. She regularly experienced what a day was like broken up with bouts of sex. In fact, Cadeon did just find her wherever she was and take her.

He was insatiable. Even in sleep he grew aroused. His erection would stiffen against her backside, and as he softly growled in her ear, he'd rock it against her.

She'd woken him more than once for a good seeing to, which clearly delighted him to no end.

The strangest thing about sex - she didn't have any bizarre quirks with it. This was the one area in her life where she was normal.

Well, if you could call her need to be overpowered by a demon normal.

Cadeon had also continued her training, working with the sword - and with the diamond. She could break her stare three out of ten times, but only if he threatened her computer.

They played hunting games and hide-and-seek. Her night vision was nearly perfect, and she could leap twenty feet into the air with the ease of an afterthought. He'd taught her to rub pine needles over herself to mask her scent, and she'd become so stealthy that she could actually stalk him from the trees.

And she continued her own work, pushing to finish her code so that when this quest was over with, she could do nothing but enjoy her demon.

Only two things marred this time. The first was his secretive calls. Outside, she'd hear him snapping in Demonish, pacing back and forth amidst the spruce trees. Then when he returned, he was always distant with her, taking time to relax again.

The second was his attitude about the future. His full-court press across the country of Canada had...cooled.

Even after she'd been claimed, he didn't speak about the future, evading the subject if she brought it up. At first, she'd had insecurities, wondering if she'd done something to disappoint him or put him off.

But that was ridiculous. They were good together, better people than they were apart.

No, she felt confident that he wanted her as much as she did him.


"Did you miss me, halfling?" he asked from the door.

She ran and leapt into his arms. "Terribly."

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