When he pinned her arms over her head, his c**k slipped against her damp sex, making him shudder with want. She rolled her hips at the same time, almost dooming them both - because for one perfect moment, the crown had nudged right at her entrance.

His gaze trailed from her face to her br**sts, rising and falling with her hectic breaths. With a groan, he dropped his head to suckle her.

As his tongue swirled around one of her ni**les, he couldn't stop himself from rocking his c**k against her folds again, hunting her wetness for that connection again.

She was looking for it, too, undulating her hips. "Cadeon...please." She didn't know how to ask for what she needed.

"Does it ache inside?"


He drew his hips back to slip up and down...again that tightness began to glove him, giving him a maddening glimpse of what it could be like. "You need my shaft in you?" Why was he teasing her like this? When he had no intention of taking her fully? "But are you wet enough to take it?"

"I am..." she moaned.

At her ear, he whispered, "You want me to mount your little sheath? Ride you till you clench for my seed?"

At that, her head thrashed, her hair tossing on the fur. "Cadeon, why?"

He didn't know why he was goading her, pushing her. He needed something from her. As he suckled her breast, he tried to read his own instinct. An ache, a need for more than just plunging inside her.

No! The only thing he needed was the will to stop this.

But why? He couldn't permanently hurt her. She was an immortal. Wanted to be one because he was.


Holly, wet for him, begging him to take her...he tried to recall all the reasons this was a bad idea. But he'd wanted her for so long.

"Let my hands go," she murmured. "I'll be good."

He released her, his own hands trailing beneath her to cup her ass. "Ah, gods!" he bit out, when he prodded right at her soft core again. The scent of his female's need, those beseeching moans...they were triggers he couldn't fight. He was turning. "I'm going to...lose control."

Suddenly he wanted to bite her, to pump his seed inside her body, marking her as his own.

No! I can't have what I want... He began to draw away from her -

She seized his horns, clutching them tight.

"Uhhh..." he groaned, his eyes rolling back in his head. Too stunned to speak, to move.

She guided him back down to her body. "I need you inside me." When he tried to pull back, she gave a decisive yank.

Which meant - it was over.


"Release me..." His voice was a hoarse rasp.

When she'd first clutched his horns, he'd gone wild, shuddering his massive body over hers. Now his eyes appeared almost dazed as she held on to him. "Cadeon, I want you."

Using his knees to spread her thighs, he loomed over her, his breaths in her ear. "I didn't want to hurt you."

"I'm hurting right now!"

At once, he gripped his shaft to guide it into her. "Holly..." he groaned as he wedged that broad head inside. "I need to f**k you so bad."

"Then do it," she cried, arching her back.

Inch by inch, he pressed into her, stretching, filling her. "You're so little...so tight." His forehead was beading with sweat. His brows were drawn as if he was suffering pain, but his eyes slid shut like he was savoring it.

Holly needed this, was desperate for him, but it did hurt. If she'd done this before she'd become an immortal, she probably would've passed out from the pain.

Now she gritted her teeth, willing her body to accept his. To get this out of the way so she could have pleasure again.

He began to change above her, his horns lengthening in her grasp. His skin was altering as well. He'd said it would act as an attractant.

He hadn't told her it would make her crazed.

As his flesh slickened with sweat, it darkened into a burnished red color that made her feel frantic to lick it, to taste it.

She released his horns to caress his magnificent body, leaning up to flick her tongue against his chest and nip it. She grew wetter in a rush, and the pain began to ebb.

"That's it. I feel you taking me in." When he opened his eyes, they were black, staring down into hers. "You're goin' to be mine?"

"Yes!" This was more than sex, more than taking her virginity. He was claiming her, and she wanted it.

Possession - she read it lit so clearly in his burning gaze. "I'll never let you go now." His voice was low, almost frighteningly rough.

"I never want you to," she whispered.

By the time his shaft had delved as far as her body would allow, his appearance had altered utterly.

Firelight flickered over his seething muscles and his taut, dark skin. In this form, his face was harsher, more brutal but still starkly beautiful to her. His eyes were filled with hunger and promised wicked things. That armband above his bicep glinted in the light.

A demon with immortal need was seated deep and tightly within her. She was unafraid, wanting him for her own with a desperate ache.

At last, he drew back his hips and plunged forward, rasping, "Mine..."

She gave a cry in pain. Yet she heard herself saying, "Do it again!" After another long withdrawal, he thrust even harder. Pleasure began to drown out any discomfort as he drove into her again and again.

Holly didn't understand half of what was going on, just that everything was happening so fast. She was changing - her claws curled as she sunk them into his muscled ass, urging him on for more. She began panting as electricity charged the air.

He was changing - not only in appearance. His aggression was spiking, his manner with her rougher, more demanding. "Need you...to take more of me. Need deeper inside you." He was earthy, animalistic, making her want to be as well. "More!" He shoved harder.

She cried out in bliss.

"Arch your back."

As she did, he lifted her hips and wrenched her along on his shaft.

"Ah, yes!"

He tangled his hands in her hair, cupping her head with one hand. He looped his other arm around her back, clutching her ass tightly, holding her flush against him as he rode her. At her ear, he rasped, "You're goin' to take me good and deep...then I'll come for you."

She moaned at his words, writhing in his arms. "Cadeon..."

The pleasure was so intense, it bordered on pain.

But it was also unfamiliar, as if he'd never had sex before.

He'd never known how heavy and aching his sack could feel. He'd never had to grit his teeth from the throbbing pressure as his se**n rose in his shaft.

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