Crystal-blue water streams down off a rock ledge, creating a pool of water below. There are large smooth rocks around the edge, and the sun streams down onto them. The sand is white, and I can see to the bottom of the pond. It looks to be about waist deep, and I lick my lips in thirst.

“Think it’s fresh water?” I ask, wondering if we can drink it.

“Probably brackish. A little salt and a little fresh. But I brought plenty of water,” Kenton says, giving my hand a squeeze, so I look up at him. “I used to be a boy scout.”

I roll my eyes and try not to think about how good it feels to hold his hand. And how good his bare chest looks with the tan he got today. His olive skin is a deep brown already just from an afternoon in the sun.

There’s sweat trickling down his chest, and I watch a drop roll down and across his thick waist. Jesus, he could play football with how big he is. My eyes roam back up his body to find him smirking down at me. He’s caught me staring, and I look away so he can’t see my embarrassment.

“You look like you could stand to cool off, too. Let’s take a quick dip.”

He pulls me towards the edge of the water, and we slip off our shoes. I drop his hand and walk in, hating that I’m not holding his hand anymore but needing the small distance. I’m beginning to like him touching me far too much.

I’m surprised by how cool the water is, but it feels amazing after stomping around in the jungle. When I walk out and get to just above my waist, I feel Kenton coming up behind me. I sink down the rest of way, cooling off my hot body and trying to hide it as well. I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly shy, as if coming to this secret part of the island has made this much more intimate.

I watch as he dips off, and then he smiles at me. He looks like he’s about to say something, when I cry out.

“Ouch!” I shout, nearly leaping out of the water.

Kenton is beside me in a heartbeat pulling me into his arms. I climb up his body, fear pounding in my chest as I look down at the water and all around us.

“I think you just stepped on a shell,” Kenton says, looking at my foot.

He’s got me cradled in his arms, and I see just a tiny scrape on the side of my foot. I feel ridiculous looking at the red mark and feel dumb for overreacting. But then I realize that I’m in Kenton’s arms again, and I can’t bring myself to regret it. I like being here.

“Just a little nervous,” I say, looking at him through my lashes.

“You’re safe with me.”

He doesn’t release me. Instead he walks us to where the water is deeper and the waterfall comes down. We near the spray of the water, and the sound is loud but somehow soothing. I keep my arms around Kenton’s neck, and he adjusts my body. The water is deeper here, up to his chest, so I probably couldn’t touch the bottom. He moves my legs so they’re around his waist, and his hands go to my thighs to hold me up. My center is pressed against his stomach, and I can’t help but wonder what I would feel if I slipped a little lower.

“Lean back,” Kenton says, and his voice is thick. It’s deeper than it was before, but I don’t question him and do as he says.

The waterfall comes down gently on my hair, and I arch my back to get closer, the cool water feeling so good on my hot body. It’s made even hotter because I’m in his arms. I feel one of his big hands move to my lower back to support me as I slip a little lower on his body.

I feel what can only be his hard cock against my ass, and I freeze. If I didn’t know better I’d say there was a baseball bat floating around this pond, but the way it’s pressed against me and demanding attention, I have no doubt it’s all Kenton.

When I look up, I see Kenton’s eyes are hooded, and he’s got an expression on his face that can only be described as hungry. Before I can say a word, his mouth is on mine.

When our lips meet, it feels as if a fuse has been lit and there is an explosion coming. His tongue sweeps into my mouth, not waiting for an invitation. His hand moves to my ass, and the steel rod of his cock moves between us. He grinds me against him, and before I know what I’m doing I’m working my hips with his hands. My arms go up around his neck, and my lower body works his cock like a stripper pole.

I’ve never in my life acted like this. Something about being alone on an island with a man like Kenton has my base instincts reacting to him. I spread my legs wider to give him what he wants. My hands are moving down and rubbing his chest as his mouth devours mine. His tongue is warm and strong as he takes the kiss. My hormones are skyrocketing, and I feel bold. Bold enough to trail my hand down his stomach and to his swim trunks.

His full lips never break the kiss as my hand reaches inside them, and I find the length of this shaft. My small fingers have a hard time encircling all of him, but when I manage, I give him a hard squeeze, and then it happens.

“Fuck,” he nearly roars as he breaks the kiss.

It’s then I feel warmth around my palm, and I realize I just made him cum. Holy shit, I’m like a sex goddess. One touch and I made this guy go off. I wonder if it’s always this easy for girls to do this.

Before I know what’s happening, his lips are back on mine and I’m lost to sensation again. I still have my hand on his cock, and it hasn’t gone down at all. Isn’t that supposed to happen after a man cums? Maybe he didn’t and that isn’t what happened.

It’s then his mouth moves to my neck, and all-new sensations start going through my body. He licks me in a place I didn’t know could feel so good, and I shiver. Copyright 2016 - 2023