“Did you cum?” I ask on a moan as he licks me in the same place again.

“Yes,” he growls, and I feel powerful again. “And I’m about to again.”

I squeeze his length in my hand again, and then I feel my pussy clench. Like she’s longing for him.

He moves his mouth from my neck, and his eyes stare into me as he reaches between us and takes my wrist. For a second I think he’s going to take my hand away, but after an intense moment he starts moving it up and down. He’s using my hand to jerk himself off, and for some reason, that dirty action turns me on.

He lets go of my wrist for a second and reaches up to my bathing suit. He pushes one of the triangles out of the way, then the other, before putting his hand back on my wrist. His eyes penetrate me there, his stare fierce and almost angry. I see his jaw clench, and I wonder if he’s trying to keep himself from putting his mouth on me there. God, what would it feel like to have someone suck on me?

I should be shy about showing him my breasts, but this feels so good, I don’t stop to think about it. I want him to see me, and most of all I want him to want me. Knowing that I turn him on makes me feel like I have control over this situation, and I feel myself becoming bolder.

I use my other hand to untie the string of his trunks, giving us both better access to him. When he’s somewhat free, I tilt the wrist holding his cock and move it to my pussy. I’ve still got my bathing suit bottoms on, but I rub him against me there and feel the thick head against my clit. I close my eyes at the feeling, the hard pressure so perfect.

After a few moments of rubbing, I need more, and I reach between us again. I’ve still got one hand on his shaft, and I use the other to pull my bathing suit to the side. I just need skin on skin and I’ll cum. I know it. Just the tip against me is all it will take.

“Madeline,” Kenton says, his eyes looking down in the water between us.

It’s not a warning, but there’s an edge to his voice. One that makes me clench again.

“Use me,” he finally says and nods.

I rub his naked cock against my clit, and I start to shiver. This whole thing is like a dream, and I don’t ever want to wake up. I move him slowly up and down, the wide head perfect against me. It’s only a few strokes and I know I’m getting close, so I dip him a bit lower so he’s at my entrance. He doesn't push forward, doesn’t try to go inside me. Instead he remains still as a rock, allowing me to use his cock to get me off. The power makes me feel drunk, and I move him back to my clit, rubbing it twice before I slide him back down to my opening. It’s like I’m teasing a bull with a giant red flag, just waiting to see what will break him.

When I repeat the move, two swipes on my clit and then to my opening, I feel his arms start to tremble. He wants to fuck me, and I want him to, but he’s trying to hold back. For now, I need to cum. My own body demands it. I’m just afraid that once this moment is over, the spell will be broken. Maybe it won’t be so bad and this will all be totally okay. At least that’s what I keep saying in my head as I near my climax.

“Kenton,” I moan as I press the hard vein of his cock to my clit and feel it throb.

His whole body tenses up, and I feel his warm seed spill between us as I cum with him. My pussy clenches, wanting to be filled, sad that it’s empty. My orgasm rolls through my body, the heat searing my veins, and when I come down, I’m limp.

It’s as if I’ve expended all my energy in getting us off and now I need a nap. I rest my head on Kenton’s chest, just needing to be held for a second.

“Relax, sweets. I’ve got you,” he says, kissing the top of my head.

What in the hell just happened?

Chapter Six


I take long, deep breaths, trying to calm myself. I didn’t know something so intense even existed or that someone could have a need like I just had. I’ve known I wanted her from the moment I laid eyes on her. Felt it to my core that she belonged to me, not caring how fucking crazy that sounded. But when she touched me, when I saw her light up with desire for me, my core fucking shattered. She was it, and I only have days to make her see. And I’m praying she doesn’t find out about my manipulations to get her here with me. But right now, in this moment, I don’t have one regret. I finally have her in my arms, right where she belongs.

I feel her breathing start to even out, and I look down at her closed eyes, wondering if she’s asleep. I don’t move, not wanting to break this moment. She’s finally letting me hold her close without fighting back. I can’t pull my eyes away from her, watching her breathing go in and out, with her hair covering us both. Her bathing suit top is still half-off one of her full breasts. My mouth waters with wanting it. I want to put my mouth on every part of her. See what she tastes like everywhere.

Slowly her brown eyes flutter open, a sleepy smile spreading across her face. “I always dream of you,” she half-whispers, making warmth spread through me. She’s probably giving me something she doesn’t want me to know. She’s wary of letting me know the depth of her desire for me, that she feels this pull like I do.

I’ll lock myself around that need and use it to pull her deeper into me as fast as I can. Time isn’t on our side. I’ve stolen these few days, maybe even only a few hours, and I have to make every one of them count if I want to bind myself to her.

Her eyes widen, and she hurriedly sits up, trying to pull away from me. I don’t let her, pulling her back to me.

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