His mouth lands on mine, and his tongue pushes inside. My taste passes between us and I moan, clenching around his cock. It’s dirty and yet somehow so intimate that I cling to him, loving the taste of us together. I want to taste his cock right now, but I want to keep us connected like this.

He breaks the kiss only to move down enough to take a nipple in his mouth. His thrusts are hard, and it feels like this has been years in the making, not two months. But I knew after the first time we made love that one time would never be enough. Once with Kenton was merely a tease, and now I get a lifetime to make up for that.

I feel his teeth graze my sensitive skin, and my nails grip his ass, begging him to go deeper. Our first time on the island was slow and sweet. This time it’s ravenous. I want to breathe him in and taste his passion for me. I open my mouth on his shoulder and bite down a little, feeling my climax approaching like a freight train. I don’t know if I can take another one like before, but my body isn’t about to stop it.

When it hits me, I shout against his skin, trying to muffle my orgasm. The pleasure rolls through my body, and I feel his cock grow thicker and start to pulse. He’s cumming inside me, and for some reason, that makes my climax even hotter. Knowing that my body is giving him what he needs and he’s giving me the same makes it feel perfect.

Being with Kenton feels like I’m finally complete. Being in his arms and under him is what I’ve been dreaming of since the moment we met. I kiss his shoulder where I bit him and he rubs all over my body. It’s like he can’t keep his hands off me, and I’m more than okay with that.

“God, I missed you,” he says, looking down at me. His eyes are so soft yet intense. It’s all-consuming having him look at me that way. Like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about.” I cup his face with my hand and can’t help but look at the rock he’s put on my finger. “And we’ve got a lot to plan. A wedding, a baby. It’s all so much.”

“Whatever you want, sweets. It’s yours.”

“I think I want more of you between my legs,” I say, biting my lip. I never knew that could be so amazing, and I think I may be addicted after just one time. If it’s like that every time Kenton goes down on me, I may not ever let him up.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

He starts to move, but I grab his shoulders and laugh. “Let’s get out of this house first. I want you to take me home so I’m not worried about someone hearing us.”

“Home,” Kenton says, rubbing his nose against mine. “I like the sound of that.”



Three years later…

My eyes are closed, and the sun is beating down on me, but the cool breeze and the sound of waves has a permanent smile on my face. That and the fact that Madeline is draped over my body in the hammock.

We decided to come back to the island for our anniversary, and it’s been a week of nothing but the two of us. We came here for our honeymoon right before our daughter was born. We spent a few days out here and enjoyed the quiet, making up for the first visit being cut short. This time we wanted to be lazy and not have to worry about anything but making love.

Our little girl, Ophelia, is staying with Madeline’s brothers while we’re away, and we have no worries that she’s keep them in line. She’s the one who runs our house. Well, she runs me anyway. It’s kind of cute to see the two beautiful females in my life argue.

Madeline and I had been talking about having another baby, wanting to take it slow, but not wanting them too far apart. So we decided our first trip here was good luck, so certainly a second trip couldn’t hurt.

I reach into the cooler beside me without opening my eyes or having to move anything other than my arm. I grab a beer and twist off the top, pressing the cool glass to Madeline’s back. She squeaks and then playfully slaps my chest. I take a drink, and then offer it to her, letting her take a sip.

We’re both still naked from when we made love earlier. Neither of us bothered to put clothes back on. I plan on taking her at least once more on this before taking her back into the hut and starting all over again.

“The hammock was a good call,” she says, handing me the beer back and lying back down on my chest.

“Definitely an added bonus.”

I had some of the workers from the hotel come out and add a few things since I knew we’d be out here for a week. This was one of my better ideas.

“I think we should get one of these for back home,” she says, her hand moving to my cock.

I’m still hard from the last time I took her, but her hand on me never fails to get a reaction.

“I think if we had one of these back home, we might have the cops called on us.”

Madeline leans up, straddling me, and sinks down onto my thickness. She’s slow to lower herself, neither of us in a rush to a climax. We’re just making love when we feel like it, lazily moving together. I hold her hips and move inside her as the breeze blows the swing a little. It’s paradise.

“We might give Mrs. Conner a heart attack. You know how she likes to look at your ass.”

I raise my eyebrow and give her a smirk. “I only want one woman looking at my body. And she’s currently riding my cock.”

She leans down and places her lips on mine, smiling as she kisses me.

“Good answer,” she says, sitting back up.

I reach up and cup her breasts, squeezing them and plucking at her nipples. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

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