He leans down and places a soft kiss on my lips. I melt into him, missing his touch. His hand rubs my baby bump, and he pulls back.

“And now we have this. Our love made this little miracle, and we’re going to be bound together for the rest of our lives. Tied to one another in every way possible.” He reaches in his pocket and takes out a small box.

My hands go to my mouth, and I look up at him in shock.

“Madeline, I bought this for you after the night of the fundraiser when I first saw you. I had it with me on the island, and I’d hoped you’d leave there wearing it.” He takes a deep breath and continues. “Things changed and didn’t go according to plan, but I came here today to kick in the front door and drag you out if I had to. Then that plan changed, and here I am, holding you and finding out I’m going to be a dad. This ring has been with me through all of this, and it’s time I put it on your finger where it’s meant to be.”

He opens the box and pulls out an enormous emerald-cut diamond solitaire. I don’t know much about rings, but I know this sucker would make Kim Kardashian jealous.

“Oh, Kenton,” I mumble around my hands, unable to move.

He gives me a shy smile like he knows the ring is a breath away from being obnoxiously big. “I just wanted to make sure everyone knew you were taken.” He pulls my hand from my mouth and slides it on. “There. Perfect.”

I stare at it, seeing it sparkle in the light, and I’m stunned silent for a moment.

“Wait. Did we just get engaged? You didn’t ask me to marry you.” I cock an eyebrow at him in question.

“Men only ask when they aren’t sure of the answer they’ll receive. There’s no alternative to you being with me, Madeline. So there’s no point in asking.”

He leans down, kissing my mouth to keep me from saying anything else. And his lips and tongue are so thorough that he dissolves whatever feeble protest I would have tried to make. He moves down to my neck, nibbling on me as he goes, and kisses down between my breasts.

“I never got the chance to taste all of you on the island, but I’m taking care of that right this second,” Kenton says, moving lower down my body.

He places a soft kiss on my baby bump before shouldering between my thighs. I tense them a little, shy at the thought of him seeing me there.

“Relax, sweets.”

I look down between my legs and see him give me a wicked smile after using my nickname, a name I’ve missed so much these past eight weeks. Then he looks down, staring at my pussy and licking his lips.

Before I can stop him, his mouth is on me, and I have to grab a nearby pillow to put over my mouth. The feel of his warm, wet tongue on my pussy is so incredibly good that I nearly pass out when he sucks on me.

“Fuck,” I mumble into the pillow, and I hear Kenton laugh.

“That’s it, sweets. Muffle those screams. Wouldn’t want your brothers to hear what I’m about to do to you.”

His hands come up and dig into my thighs. I’m sure I’ll have bruises, but I’m so far gone with pleasure that I can’t be bothered to care. I want him gripping me, holding me down. It’s a reminder that he’s here, that I’m not without Kenton anymore.

I bite into the pillow as I feel my legs start to tremble. Dear God, the orgasm he’s building me to is going to rip me in half. His tongue moves back and forth from my opening to my clit. Back and forth, back and forth. The easy rhythm is driving me insane, and I’m going to climax any second.

Kenton brings his fingers up and thrusts two inside me, quickly filling my small channel and forcing a grunt from me.

“I want it,” he growls and goes back to sucking on me.

Between his mouth and the steady rubbing of his fingers on an oh-so-perfect spot inside me, I’m clawing to peak. I grip the pillow tighter and bear down on his face, screaming my orgasm into the cotton.

I nearly come off the bed from the intensity of it, but Kenton holds me tighter and doesn’t let me move an inch away from him. My shouts are borderline hysterical, and I’ve never felt anything so intense in my entire life.

Ripping the pillow away from my mouth, I gasp for air, thinking I’m going to pass out.

Kenton nuzzles my sensitive sex, rubbing his nose and mouth against my wetness, coating his face. I should be embarrassed, but all I feel is drained. It’s like someone just sucked the life out of me.

I start to laugh as I think how Kenton’s mouth did exactly just that. Sucked me dry.

“Are you happy, sweets?” he asks, kissing up my body.

My eyes are half-closed, and the smile on my face would rival the Joker’s. All I can do is nod; completely depleted of any energy.

I feel his cock pushing against my entrance, and I wonder at what point he got naked. I don’t remember him removing his clothes, but I’m pretty sure a bulldozer could drive though this room and I wouldn’t sit up to watch.

He pushes into me, and in one long thrust, his hard shaft is rooted in me. Suddenly, before I can grip onto him, he pulls out completely and moves back between my legs.

“Kenton,” I start, but his mouth goes back to my pussy, cutting off my question.

He sucks on me for a few more moments, getting me close to edge faster than I thought possible. Just when I’m ready for my second climax, he moves back up my body and thrusts inside me again.

“Oh God,” I moan, feeling his full size inside me.

“I can’t stop wanting to taste you.”

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