Thomas and Karen packed their belongings and left early the next morning before Victoria woke up. They left Victoria's and Madelyn's Christmas presents in the guest house. One of Victoria's present was a picture of her and Buffy on the garden's bench with a note saying they were going back home to take care of Madelyn's grandfather Henry. Edison. The son of a relative that invented the light bulb. His mansion was located on Cliff Hanger Ridge, a six hour drive from Louisville where their little Victoria lived.

The next week Madelyn called them and apologized. She told them that the big wheels at work was causing a lot of un due stress. She asked if Victoria and her could come and visit them or could they come down to Louisville since Luke was off on a business trip in London. He wouldn't be back for a week. They thought she needs somebody to take care of Victoria besides they were missing her something terribly.On the way back to Louisville they talked about what to tell Victoria about Buffy if she asked.

That was the first thing after kissing them was where is my Buffy. Grandpa told her that she was taking care of grandpa Henry. Grandma Karen told her that Buffy is now grandpa Henry's nurse aide. While Victoria helped grandpa to take the things out to the guest house Karen and Madelyn had a really heart to heart talk. She told her mother that things was so unhappy at Luke's work plus his boss had started this group which he wanted all of his employees and their spouses to join. With Victoria still little she wasn't sure if she could spend that much time.

Karen asked her what was the group about. All Madelyn could tell her it was a new adventure where they would spend their weekends plus summers doing things together. He called it further bonding. Luke was upset about her not being one hundred percent into the group and Victoria seemed to be in the way all the time anymore. She didn't know why he did that to Buffy. Karen could tell when her Maddy was lying to her but she was a grown woman and it was really none of her business, it was strictly Luke's and Madelyn's business.

The week went by fast. she made sure that Victoria did her homework then they read out of the children's Bible before bedtime. Whenever Karen looked out the window or walking to the guest house she could see Buffy and Victoria running around as if they were playing tag. She didn't have to wondered if Victoria missed Buffy as much as she did. Copyright 2016 - 2023