She had really bad looking welts on her back.. She said under her breath look you all have ruin me for life. I hate all of you. the next day when she was taking care of Stargazer she thanked him and God for being the only ones that cared for her. She knew God had a hand in it due to the fact horses are creatures of habit. If Stargazer had seen her eating carrots while she gave him his then he would have automatically give her one but she had never eaten one in front of him. In fact she wasn't too keen on carrots herself.

It was finally O Hallow's Eve and everyone was getting the ranch for the coming of the true master. Madelyn crept upstairs to Victoria's room and turned on the CD player with the chants of the true master. She then sneaked out the back door and found her in the horse barn which was suppose to be empty until Victoria's wedding in just a few hours, She gave her a pair of her jeans and top then handed her a envelope with so much money in it and told her to go back to Porky Pine Hallow and get Grandpa and Grandma and leave quickly.

Master Ahriman had a couple of people watching her while she was living there and didn't know who they were. tell them to grab their animals, some personal belongings and run for your lives. Victoria dressed in her jeans She put Stargazer's blanket and saddle on him and gently lead him through the side door into the forest's path and didn't look back. her mother was wearing a sheer top that revealed to Victoria she had just as many welts on her back also.

At the top of the hill she looked back to see if any one was following her and noticed someone dancing in front of her room's window. She couldn't make out who it was with the shade drawn. She knew it was her mother pretending to be her. She took off as fast as Stargazer could go to make as much distance as she could between them and master Ahriman's cult. She knew if she got caught she would be the sacrifice to his master Lucifer. She would be hung up like they had pigs the gutted and her blood would gush into the ground in Lucifer's pit . then they would kill Stargazer just for the fun of it.

As she was getting further away she saw a rest stop that was full of trucks and horse trailers. One of the horse trailer's hands had just loaded their horses back into the trailer. She lead Stargazer into the front portion of the trailer which could be use for an extra horse. She took his saddle off of him and gave him a carrot. then she tied his head down where they wouldn't be noticed and closed the side door. The group got in and left. She didn't know where they were going but any where was better than Fingers Lake , New York. Copyright 2016 - 2023