She promised him they both would run away together. She didn't know how but she just knew they had to. She couldn't leave him behind. She knew they would kill him like they had other useless animals. She wondered when she would become useless also. She answered her own question yes he would and it wouldn't be too long.

Before she was let out of the stall she heard master Ahriman order all men to go inside the house. Her ordered Madelyn to go get one of the horse's blanket and come with him. He unlocked the stall door and demanded her to come outside with them. He told her to take her clothes off and he used the hose for the horses to shower her down. The water was very cold and the force of the water was extremely strong.

Her mother wrapped the horse blanket around Victoria then proceed toward the back door of the house and proceed up the back stairs to her room. There she took a very long warm shower. after dressing she was still shivering She just went to bed to stay warm. A little later Mrs. Whitman brought up a tray that consisted of a sandwich, hot tomato soup and some warm tea..

The tea pitcher held three cups of tea. she drank the first cup before she ate her sandwich and soup due to being famished. The next two cups she took her time drinking and reading a book that master Ahriman brought with him that had different and unusual recipes in it. he informed her through Mrs. Whitman they belonged to his family and should under no circumstances be altered.

Before she realized she had fallen asleep. she was sleeping when Mrs. Whitman came and picked up the tray. She locked the door on her way out. She never heard a stir that night but the way the house and yard looked the next morning she realized they had another party the night before like the one she witnessed. She wondered if she would have to act like a fool after she married him.

She knew the answered was yes and she didn't like running around without clothes on chanting or singing while waving an unusual flag around. At that moment she realized some of the lines she was learning was part of a chant. Miss Schnauzer had said it was the bible in his native language. she knew that was a total lie. At the time she didn't know what would exactly happen if she didn't marry him.

The next month whenever he was there she really did try to cook his meal exactly the way he wanted it and it still sisn't meet up with his expectations and she would get dragged out to the barn for corporal punishment. He finally told her if you don't get this right then it's useless on even taking you as my bride then you will be a sacrifice to my master the master of all. Victoria didn't understand what he was getting at and thought he was throwing as hissy fit like usual one evening before bed she looked in the full link mirror through her med cabinet . Copyright 2016 - 2023