In church last Sunday, the Reverend even mentioned you in his sermon and Kallie brags all over town about her big brother, the 'Hero Soldier'.

Kris still comes by every day after school for a quick visit, but she doesn't come for Sunday dinner anymore. Her Great Aunt from Cooper is staying with them now, and she said her mother wants her home on Sundays.

We finally got all the apples done, we made so much that it wouldn't all fit on the shelves down stairs, so I gave two cases of quart jars to the church, for the needy.

You should have seen Reverend Riley's face. It was worth all the work just to see him speechless, possibly for the first time in his life.

Don't worry about us saving you some. There will be plenty when you get home. I've cooked so many apples lately that Kallie won't eat anything with apple in it anymore.

How is the food there? You still haven't said anything about it since you've been there. Are you getting enough to eat? We both know what a fantastic appetite you have and my growing boy needs to eat well. Make sure you eat some kind of vegetable every day. Now, I mean it!

Kris is much too busy with schoolwork to be spending much time with Gary, so just put your mind to rest on that. I'm sure you'll remember what it was like for you last year. More school work than you know what to do with.

We got our first snowfall of the year a couple of days ago. It melted almost as fast as it fell, but at least we know Old Man Winter is on his way. I sure wish you could send us some of that warm sunshine.

By the way, how are that nice boy, Martin and his wife doing? You let him know that his little family is in our prayers.

I need to make a cake for the fall bake sale, so I should get busy with it. I think I'll make an applesauce spice cake. Well, I've got to do something with the stuff, right.

Write again soon. We love your letters. We love you too.



P.S., I promise not to send any more pajamas. I didn't realize that they would supply you with those too.


Dear Mom,

October 3rd.

I'm still so exited. You'll never guess what I did today. I jumped out of an airplane and parachuted into an empty field! It was fantastic! I never thought anything could feel so good. It was flying free as a bird. I can't wait to do it again. My heart is still pounding so hard in my chest. Copyright 2016 - 2023