Anyway, enough about me, how is everything at home? I finally got a letter from Kris today. I miss you all so much. I'll write to her as soon as I'm finished writing to you.

It was great getting your package. Thanks loads for the brownies. I shared them with the guys and they all agree yours are the best in the world. But isn't that what I've always told you.

Mom, please don't send any more pajamas. I won't be needing them here and it was really embarrassing in front of all the guys.

You see everyone here is so homesick that when anyone gets something like that from home, they all crowd around to watch you open it. I really got a kick out of Kallie's letter and drawings. They were great.

I'm sending her a letter along with this one. I will let her know that it's fine if she wants to sleep in my bed, but just don't let her get into my things, O.K.

I also got a letter from Gary yesterday, so I hope I'll find time tomorrow to write him back. I'm glad he took the job with his dad. It will give him something to do. He sounded bored and lonely in his letter.

He promised me that he would keep an eye on Kris for me, but the more I get to thinking about it, the more I don't like the idea, so I'm asking you to keep an eye on him.

Well I got to go. I've got at least two more letters to write tonight and lights out in one hour. Write soon, and thanks again for the stuff. Hey, save me some of that applesauce.


Your Loving Son


My Dearest Son,

September 29th.

I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting along with your Sergeant, Mr. Bell. Just try to be as polite as possible, don't talk about him like that behind his back and mind what he tells you. You'll see, things will work out in the end, they always do.

Kallie is so excited about the letter you sent her. Thank you for being so understanding. She is feeling a lot better about you being gone for so long now. I'm so proud of you. You're turning out to be a fine young man. But what else would you expect from such a wonderful mother like you have.

It's all I can do to keep from busting at the seams with pride when anyone else asks or talks about you, and tells me what a smart son I have to be doing things the way you are. Copyright 2016 - 2024