Jamie groaned and continued to suck my nipple, subjecting me to a torrent of delicious torture. I could never have imagined that my breasts and nipples could be so sensitive and be the source of such endless pleasure. The way he treated my body sent me out of my mind. Where did he learn to do all this? Where did sweet, innocent Jamie go?

Suddenly, the temperature in the bathroom rose a thousand degrees. I felt like I was on the verge of hyperventilating. My body was hot, as if I’d been running in a cornfield under Bellwood’s August sun.

I let out a little yelp when Jamie released my nipple. My breath was ragged. My skin covered with a light sheen of perspiration.

He lowered me slightly until we were eye to eye. He pressed his mouth to mine, his eyes staring straight into my soul. “Can you feel me? Hot for you?”

I honestly didn’t know what to say. I didn’t usually talk much during sex. My ex wasn’t the chirpy type either.

“Well?” Jamie pressed. “Can you see it? Can you feel me? I’ve been longing for this moment since forever. You’re my fantasy girl, Simone. Always.”

Clearly, his obsession with me wasn’t healthy. “You’re crazy.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m crazy for you.” Jamie put me on my feet. He pulled down my jeans and panties and flung them away as if afraid I was going to change my mind. He fished something from his jeans pocket before shedding the rest of his clothes. It was a packet of condoms.

“Do you always carry that in your pocket?” I absentmindedly asked.

His wicked smile reappeared. “Only since you moved in.” He tore open the foil with his teeth and sheathed it on his straining cock with one, slick movement. It was rather unnerving to see him do it so quickly and easily. The Jamie before me was certainly not the same sweet Jamie I used to know.

I wondered if he had plotted to get into my pants since I arrived. What else was he up to? Another realization struck me. Was this shower malfunction also part of his devious plan?

So, I asked him.

“Guilty,” he answered. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. Our naked bodies pressed against each other, his cock throbbing on my belly.


He quieted me with another hard, mind-boggling kiss. “No, you can’t change your mind. I’d go crazy if you did.” He pulled my thigh up and positioned himself at my opening. Before I could take another breath, he penetrated me.

Fuck! I gasped again.

Jamie groaned. He thrust and thrust until he buried his whole length into me. I was so full I thought I’d explode if he tried to shove deeper. Jamie was huge, and I hadn’t done this in a long time. Suddenly, I got a random flashback to when Sam and I did it for the very first time. I was so fucking stuffed.

“Simone, are you okay?” Jamie sounded worried.

He wiped the tears off my cheek. I didn’t realize I was crying.

I nodded furiously. My laugh was shaky. “I’m fine.”

“Did I hurt you?”

Yes. A bit. But I wasn’t going to tell him that. The pain hurt so good, so I shook my head instead.

Jamie laughed with me. “For a moment, I thought…” He stilled, and his jaw twitched. His cock pulsed inside me. Hot, throbbing, as if it possessed its own life. “Fuck…” He went speechless for a moment. “I… You feel so fucking good.”

So good it had to be sin, I thought. Since when did sex feel this amazing? I’d only had one sexual partner in my life, and in the last few years of our marriage, it had become more of a chore than a pleasure. And now being intimate with Jamie had opened my eyes to the fact there was other flavors than vanilla.

Jamie pressed his forehead on mine. Our lashes touched as we gazed into each other’s eyes. Jamie moved, slowly, giving me the chance to adjust to the size of his cock.

My pussy contracted around his rock-hard erection. I became wetter and wetter as he fucked me in shallow, sly thrusts. God. The pleasure. New heat burned inside me as my every vein seared with liquid fire. Jamie never stopped watching me the entire time. He maintained eye contact like he wanted to watch every reaction I had.

A dozen strokes, and I was already tethered at the edge of orgasm. He noticed this and pumped another dozen strokes, which made me climax.

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