Jamie put his arm next to me, blocking the exit. “No more games,” he said, his voice husky. “I want you. I’ve wanted you since like… forever. You don’t know this but you’ve always be the perfect girl for me. You. Only you. Always.”

With that, he closed the distance between us and lowered his head, kissing me.

I knew I should push him away and stop this foolishness before it got out of hand. I don’t know what I was thinking. I couldn’t think. The moment he pressed his lips onto mine, my mind was wiped blank.

His lips were warm, and his kiss was so passionate, and it had been a long time since somebody had kissed me that way. My common sense vanished, and my basic instincts took over.

If I were asleep all these years, then I was awakened now.

Like Sleeping Beauty opening her eyes after the prince kissed her and freed her from the dark witch’s curse, Jamie’s kiss liberated me from the chain Sam put around me.

That moment my sex drive resurrected.

Jamie grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the shower wall.

He deepened his kiss and forced my mouth open with his tongue. He went all French. Jamie melted my frozen brain.


He silenced my peep with more hot kisses that stole my breath. I sagged in his arms. My knees weakened. I trembled when he parted his lips.

“I want you.” Jamie brushed his lips over mine as he spoke. “And I won’t take no for an answer.”

With that, the last defense in my common sense crumbled to pieces. I kissed him back.

He kissed me hungrily and unbuttoned my blouse, yanking it off. He paused when he saw my black bra. His eyes widened, and his breath stalled in his throat. He took a hard inhalation through his teeth.

“You’re so beautiful.” His voice was an octave lower than usual, a ghost of a whisper. “So fucking beautiful. You’re all I wanted all these years.”

I felt him slide a finger under the strap of my bra and pull it off. His eyes feasted on my naked chest, and the intensity of his gaze seared my skin. He caressed me, lovingly and gently. He seemed to be enjoying every second he undressed me.

He cupped my breasts and squeezed them as he licked the side of my jaw, my neck, and the shell of my ear.

The sensations made my body shiver. I couldn’t take being kissed there.

Sensing my weakness, Jamie deliberately sucked my earlobe. A morsel of pleasure exploded. I jerked and lost my balance. He caught me and pinned me against the wall. Jamie stared at me again. I looked away as he cut his gaze to my breasts. I don’t know why I was embarrassed. It wasn’t like I’d let myself go all these years; I’d taken good care of myself. Maybe because Jamie was only the second man who’d ever undressed me, fervent awkwardness enveloped me.

Jamie noticed it. “What’s the matter? You have nothing to be shy about. You’re perfect. Everything about you is perfect.”

He slipped his hands under my buttocks and casually lifted me as if I weighed nothing.

I squealed and quickly held onto his shoulders. I’m no pixie; I’m a full-figured woman, and I’d never dreamed a man would lift me in a romantic context. Jamie was stronger than he looked. “Jamie,” I protested, “put me down.”

He only laughed wickedly.

“I’m not a kid anymore, Simone. I want you to see me as a man.” He buried his face in my cleavage and inhaled a deep breath. His expression was that of a man who was deeply intoxicated with lust.

“You’ve made your point. Now put me down,” I said.

Jamie ignored me. He sucked my breast hard enough to leave a mark on my skin. He licked me and treated me like I was newly acquired property. I thought it kind of romantic in a perverse sort of way. I grabbed his head and threaded my fingers in his hair. I closed my eyes as a fiery sensation lashed at the base of my spine. He was wicked. The way he played with my sensitive bud, the way his tongue caressed and flicked, his teeth grazed, and his mouth enveloped my flesh would melt any frigid women and leave them craving more. Jamie released my nipple and sucked the other.

I gasped.

A new blast of pleasure burst from every nerve ending.

I arched my back, and my head hit the tiles. My pussy grew wetter with every suck, and before long, he had me crying from the overload of pleasure.

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